Ouran High School Host Club

For many years i have been interested in the world of anime, it is something that has become part of my identity. I found in my early years that anime was vast and so finding and narrowing what i viewed was difficult. There are various sights which give a scope of what is relatively good anime, it is unfair when an anime is downgraded just because it is not widely known, being honest to this i want to become a good blur for anime.

So first on the list:

A personal favourite of mine is Ouran high school Host club (Ouran), this Romcom is a perfect choice if you enjoy a crossdressing girl seducing other girls. Haruhi Fujioka is a poor student who gains a scholarship into the wealthy Ouran High School, and it is by some further event she is to live her days as a host in the host club. Haruhi is a blunt, oblivious and yet very sharp individual, she is considered the ‘normal’ being in this show, while she may not be the eye candy you suspect, she is still beautiful in her dedication.

Tamaki Suoh is the president of the Host club, and while he may look easy on the eyes you are easily laughing at his antics of eccentricness. Kyoya Ootori is the vice president who is primarily the ‘real’ president to many eyes, he is the financial maniac with one word on his mind. Profit. Mitsukuni Haninozuka (honey) a short bundle of joy, even though he be small he is a true man, true to my own heart he eats cake after cake and not gain weight. Morinozuka Takashi a silent giant and to me he is a cuddly teddy bear, loyal to a fault his stoic expression will certainly pierce your heart. Kaoru Hitachiin and Hikaru Hitachiin, very close twins and almost inseparable, not only do they prank their peers they prank the audience by constantly changing their hairstyles.  Although if you pay attention Karou has a softer voice compared to his brother Hikaru, for many people i have found the twins to be the most popular in the show. Though for me i would say Mori and Honey.

Bearer of bad news, there is only one season. But don’t go into a hole and pick mushrooms just yet, the manga is the saviour of the world. Manga is and will always be my saviour for my sanity, not only is the story expanded but there is a well planned out ending. I would recommend reading right from the beginning as i learned the hard way that there were extra chapters that were not placed in the anime. Don’t be dissuaded by the amount of pages you have to read, reading left to right you easily get into the story and before you know it you’re halfway through the whole manga. Every possible one shot story or mini arc you could think off is comically placed in the manga, however near the end there is a serious atmosphere. While there is a serious romance and more realistic lifestyle happening, there is still the comical element that will make you laugh, cry and laugh once more.

Definitely watch this is you enjoy school life comedy, where the touch of romance will brighten your day.



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