Yuri on ice

Yuri on ice is one of the newer animes to which i have to credit it has certainly made me laugh more than enough times, and that’s a hard task. This sport anime is concerned with ice skating, and while there are more than enough versions of ice skating anime, this one is in the top ranks of visual performance. Not only do we all feel as if we are skating ourselves, but we feel the pain of disappointed, excitement and overall emotion while they compete to become the best skaters.

As the titles discreets this anime is yaoi, and if you enjoy a very shy protagonist who somehow makes you love him more from his passionate displays then this is for you. For a certain variety of people this may not be the type of anime that you particularly enjoy, but i have to push that you should watch it. The story and the protagonist will easily shoot an arrow into your heart, and make you wonder why you never clicked onto its name before.

Figure skater Yuri Katsuki is a struggling athlete, who to the world is not widely known. Shy, a crybaby, soft, kind hearted, yuri is always self doubting himself. A pure mess. Yuri goes through a change that is brought by the whirlwind called Viktor Nikifolov.

Viktor Nikifolov is very eccentric and is a top olympic ice skater, he is the reigning champion in many competitions and he is the force to move this story along. He is dripping with good looks, and will make you giggle insensibly when he performs.

Yuri Prisezki, Yuri P to many, he is the eternal rival of our lovely protagonist. He is a younger skater but he makes it to the same rank and with sheer brilliance, he is certainly an eye candy on and off the stage.

There were certainly doubts on how this anime would take, but i believe having a male skater actually made the anime more interesting. As i stated there are other skating animes, but they all have a female skating, and by Yuri being the center stage he is the perfect model for inspiration. There is a distinctive gender blur when they are skating not only for yuri, this blur actually makes them more beautiful and captures your mind, only focusing on them. The visual skating is very close and you do learn certain moves, as sports anime helps you gain new information about sport you properly never would of thought twice about.Truth be told once i finished the anime i had wanted to drop everything i was doing and just skate for a whole day.

Because of the visual image and passion we gain for the characters you find yourself wincing when they actually make mistakes. Mistakes is what makes this anime more and more enticing, not only do we journey with them to conquer their faults but we see their success and sing and cheer along side them. It’s nice to see an anime let the character not actually be a natural at their sport.

A key tip for you all, watch the whole ending of episode 10, you are in for a treat.


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