Makura no danshi

This pillow boy anime is practically made to be eyecandy to its viewer. An underrated anime from only having four minutes each episode, it does not disappoint its audience. In each episode there is a variety of male characters who practically try to woo you, and the main theme of each conversation is the task to let you the viewer fall asleep.

Similar to Ouran host club Makura no danshi has each male flatter and charm us viewers. Eiji Kijnami a high school student, very nervous, shy but upbeat and can easily calm your personality.

Haruto Enokawa a child (a werid one this is) but he wants your attention and wishes to be by your side forever.

Kanade Hanamine is a very pristine and loving young boy but he is is arrogant and doesn’t mind getting under your skin.

Merry a very interesting young man, peppy and enthusiastic he only dreams of sleeping by your side.

Noa Sasayama a college student who charming and devious worries for you because you are not sleeping.

Ryuushi Emori a personal favourite, and you feel at home as you stare at the stars with him snuggling in your sleeping bag.

Shirusu Mochizuki and older gentleman with maturity who caringly waits as you slip into a deep slumber.

Sosuke Tanaka your boss essentially who after you have had one too many drinks is taken home in his lovely car.

Yayoi and Yonaga Chigiri twins who are very devious (much like hikaru and kaoru hitachin), they pamper you with sweet talk but equally made you laugh at their quarrels.

Yuuichirou Iida a older male who owns a food stand, one which you stumble into a have a very merry chat with him.

Yuu Maiki a mysterious individual who makes you wonder your own charm as he shyfully makes you blush straight to sleep.

Key tip, watch this as you are sleepy it is supposed to make you feel more relieved and calm.


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