Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun

If you enjoy an anime character bent on drawing anime for a living then Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun is the anime for you. Not only does this romantic comedy make you laugh, it also teaches you different techniques a manga artist would use. The best part is that each character is a basis for the main characters manga, and it is an ongoing joke on what they each portray. Chiyo Sakura is madly in love with the manga artist Umetarou Nozaki, and one of the funniest traits in this anime is that despite Nozaki writing a typical shojou/ slice of manga; he is completely clueless about love. On pure adoration i would ask you to watch this, not only will you feel like a master in the manga artist life, but you will fall in love with this pair of clueless individuals.

One of the nicer touches of this anime, is that it focusses on more than one characters lives. We are introduced to more and more people, mainly for them to become models for Nozakis manga, but also because they add golden laughs to each episode. The second best thing this anime has is that as Sakura goes through her trial of romance we as the viewer feel in her shoes, we undergo the journey with her and feel as if she is portraying our feelings at one point. Definitely watch this if you want a romantic comedy, it’s an original for me and i hope you will fall in love with it as well.

Chiyo Sakura, shy, quiet but bold, she is in love with Nozaki and in a misunderstood situation of her confessing her love, she is pulled into the life of Nozakis manga. Sakura is a dreamer and loves the idea of falling in love, she is small and loveable to the extent that we see her as a little sister.

Umertarou Nozaki, a passionate and oblivious boy, he is a manga artist who writes from a females point of view, calling himself the speaker for women. Ironically he cannot even see that Sakura likes him, it is from his clueless nature that makes you smile. Despite his impassive face we are given a whirlwind of adventures with him, him being the main instigator, there is something special about an anime if it get even the serious characters to make you laugh.

Mikoto Mikoshiba, a very very shy boy, who despite having a pretty face humorously gives out playboy lines and is instantly embarrassed the moment they come out from his mouth. The humour doesn’t stop there as he is the model for the female character in Nozaki’s manga, making his role in the anime even more funny.

Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun is one of the best underrated anime, it is very inspirational and for me i felt like i wanted to write a manga book afterwards. The episodes are very care free and you can easily follow along, but being a bearer of bad news, there is only one season. But do not be alarmed, there are Ova’s and the manga which gives more and more adventures of our lovely protagonists lives. Definitely read the manga, it builds more character development and it will make you love them more, difficult as that may be the manga only fuels the desire for more episodes.

A key tip for you all, once you’ve watched it go onto youtube and see Nozaki’s opening in Kashima’s voice.


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