Death Parade

If you enjoy watching a bartender pitting people against one another for the battle of their lives, then this is the mystery anime for you. Death Parade is a short 12 episode anime that will make you cry at the end. On a visual level it seems to be very normal looking and actually very funny, but within only a few seconds of this show you find the serious nature of this bar.

The bar is called Quindecim and in a certain sense it is purgatory, a place where people are to be judged and they either go to heaven, or they go hell. Each bar has a different bartender and for our opening scene Decim is our ‘newbie’ bartender, the aim of the bartenders is to pass judgement. And the most interesting thing is that judgement is made through games, so whoever wins at billiards for instance is presumed to go to heaven. But there are many twists to make you doubt what is right and what is wrong. For real judgement to be made they have to push out each persons background and account for how they act in a dire situation. That is the true the judgement.

Decim is the first bartender we see, emotionless, pale and very robotic he is a mysterious man. We do not ever learn about his history we only know he is a very detached man, and from what we can see he is very serious about his job. A very interesting thing about him is that he doesn’t like violence, despite his job entailing this.

Chiyuki is shy, and a very emotional character who is an amnesiac, we do not know much about her at first but she can be considered the assistant to Decim. It is through learning about her history and her journey with Decim that will make you cry.

This is a fascinating anime because while i did binge watch the whole series, not once did i skip the opening. Like a drug the opening was catchy and i caught myself singing it where ever i went. But, the best part about this is that the opening is very misleading to what the anime is really like. That happy go lucky tune is just another veil to the truth of the show. Despite this i implore you to watch this anime, as i guarantee your heart will crack with so many emotions, and i have to say for a 12 episode anime it ended very well.

A key tip for you all is there is a one episode prequel called Death billiards.




2 thoughts on “Death Parade

  1. I loved this, but I couldn’t have binge watched it. One episode or two at most was all I could emotionally handle in one sitting and then I needed processing time before I took on the next one. Still, it has some great moments and is well worth watching. Thanks for shairng your thoughts on it.


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