Polar Bear Cafe

If you enjoy cute animals working in a zoo and owning cafes, then this is the anime for you. Polar Bear cafe is an animal lovers dream, this slice of life show gives us a comical insight to animals working life. The most interesting aspect of this anime is that animals willingly work in the zoo, the zoo is like any other job and more specifically the animals love working there. I instantly fell in love with this show, not only from the cute animals but from the roller coaster ride you fall into as you journey alongside with them.

The Protagonist Panda is lazy, young and has his mind in the clouds, he accidentally finds polar bear cafe, who funnily is owned by a polar bear. Panda from inspiration finds a job at the zoo, and it is through his lazy nature that makes his character more loveable. Panda easily makes friends and becomes a regular to the polar bear cafe, his innocent humour and very blunt attitude only makes people flock around him more.

Penguin, rash, romantic and reasonable is a character who despite his pessimism is very funny and keeps polar bear and penguin in check.

Polar bear, funny and responsible is a character who plays on puns, he uniquely plays on words and can easily make you and the other characters laugh. And although the show is mainly being in his cafe, there is always something new going on to keep you on your toes.

Despite this show being a happy go lucky slice of life, there is a heart wrenching episode which did make me cry. I found that i was so engrossed that when they felt pain i felt pain, the fact this show can entice such feeling just goes to show the brilliance of it. Bearer of good news, there are at least 50 episodes for you to watch, so take you time to watch all of them and bask in the calm atmosphere of the show.




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