Hataraku Maou-sama!

If you enjoy a former overlord serving burgers at a nock off version of McDonalds then this is the anime for you. Hataraku Maou-sama! starts off as a world called Ente Isla is under the influence of Sadao Maou, this malevolent overlord is on the verge of being overthrown when he runs away. He runs through a portal to our world, only to lose all his power and in effect become an unemployed human. The funniest aspect of this anime is that the overlord has to work, and his serious attitude only makes you laugh harder as he offers a burger to his customers.

Sadao Maou is serious and cruel who works at Mc Ronalds, it is here that he learns the value of compassion. Maou is a hilarious character who brings his overlord personality into his work, he sees his coworkers in a similar light to his demon followers.  By having a former overlord become the manager to McRonalds, it makes the entire anime comedic and his serious disposition only make you laugh harder.

Shirō Ashiya, a mother hen and second in command to Maou is very dedicated to his overlord. Like a puppy wagging his tail, Ashiya follows his master around and essentially becomes a housewife for Maou.

Chiho Sasaki, innocent and in love with Maou works at McRonalds and becomes a valuable coworker to Maou. The funniest gag revolving around her is her infatuation with the overlord, despite her being way younger than him, she in her oblivious nature has fallen for a demon.

Emi Yusa is quick tempered and the legendary hero who is prophesied to defeat the overlord Maou. She consistently keeps the overlord in check and makes sure that he stays in the human world, though she is in a similar predicament of having to find a job in order to survive.

Definitely watch this anime for a good amount of laughs, as with every episode there is something new. By playing on the slice of life genre, this anime finds humour in everyday activities and doesn’t fail to make you smile. This anime has outdone itself and it would be a huge loss if you don’t watch it, so don’t hesitate to click on it.



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