Daily Lives of High school boys

If you wanted to understand how boys think and act in high school then this is the anime for you. Daily lives of High school boys is a slice of life comedy dedicated to the various interaction of boys coming to age. There is no concrete plot other than boys messing around in each episode, even if it doesn’t interest you, you should try it. I found it was hilarious when it followed different characters, and how they interacted with similar situations to the protagonists. This anime of course revolves around males, but there are female characters such as sisters and the girls school down the road. What makes this show more interesting is that most of the girls faces are distorted or covered by their bangs, by not showing their faces it adds a unique quality to the show. If this doesn’t get you hooked just listen to the ending and it will make you laugh more than you could ever believe.

Tadakuni is average and the most sensible of the three protagonists. He is mainly the person who gets the brunt of any pranks they pull, he is literally described by the other boys as the most normal and hence the least interesting.

Hidenori Tabata a geek and very much so an easy going boy, despite his logical mind he is very much so a romantic and the deviser of the pranks. Being the instigator of schemes he can be seen as the most perverted and yet the most the funniest of the trio.

Yoshitake Tanaka an easy going and less intellectual individual who is easily influenced. Personally he is the most handsome of the three and as we see he has the most interesting childhood. Trust me, when you learn about his childhood you will double over in laughter.

Although this show is whimsical in its plot, it is hilarious and i would definitely recommend it. It is only 12 episodes long so you can either binge watch it in one go or you can watch one episode every day or so, i binged it but that’s because i found it was too hilarious not too.

Fun tip for you all watch right to the end, as there is a small clip of the daily lives of high school girls that makes the whole show more interesting.


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