Brother’s Conflict

If you enjoy thirteen brothers pining over their step sister then this is the anime for you. This anime is practically a harem full of various characters who all in some way fall in love with their sister. Yes, even the youngest one at age 10. While the plot is questionable there are at least twelve (exempting the child) young men who you will fall in love with. The age range is from 31 to 15, giving you many men to pine over especially when they flirt their way into you heart.

Ema Hinata’s father married Miwa Asahina, forcing her to live with her stepbrothers, she moved with her talking squirrel. Yeah talking. The squirrel Juli deems anything male to be a wolf, and he is rightly spoken as her brothers are trying to date her. I may be speaking sassier than normal because i’m upset there is not another anime season, there are so many potential episodes and it saddens me i wont be able to see more. So on full recommendation watch this, its got every personality you could think of, so there is bound to be someone you like.

Ema Hinata, shy, easy going, and very flexible to the advances of her brothers, Ema is 17 and she is majorly younger than most of the men in the house. She for me was an air head, she easily let her brothers kiss her, or push her around, it felt like she didn’t have a backbone at all.

Juli, an animal, mad and generally Ema’s right arm, he scratches and bites any male that comes near her. Despite his efforts he is a squirrel and cannot do much to protect her.

In order of birth, Masaomi, age 31, a Pediatrician, who is laid back and seems to be the most moral of the brothers. He doesn’t show any signs of liking Ema until the ova or the special valentine episode. His love for her is more evident in the games, but don’t be dissuaded, this man holds many sweet lines making you swoon.

Ukyou, age 29, a lawyer, and a very pragmatical man who can be considered the housewife as he cooks, cleans and so on for the whole house. This mother hen may be a worrywart but just in the first 10 minutes of the first episode we already see his awkward tendencies toward the female gender. Making the whole scene hilarious.

Kaname, age 27, a flirts and a monk, he is a very traditional man who works for a higher being but despite this he is still a huge flirt. For most he is the favourite of the brothers, he constantly uses sweet lines to capture us. It is almost comical that this man is a man of buddha, but he is funny enough for you to forget this.

Hikaru, age 26, mischievous and a writer, he often dresses in girl clothes to get into the mood of the book he is writing. He finds enjoyment in pointing out the other brothers advancement on Ema, even more so to just entice some form of reaction for pleasure.

Tsubaki, age 24, voice actor and one of the three triplets of the family, he is most childlike and equally mischievous. He seems to have some sort of sister complex and through this is comes his love for ema, it is only when he realises he loves ema that his teasing increases.

Azusa, age 24, voice actor and the second triplet, he is the more mature of the three and is very quiet compared to Tsubaki. You will always see him scolding his brothers for their own good, but there is the self sacrificing element of him holding in his desires for his brother. Further into the anime he grips your heart as an incident occurs making you worry for his life.

Natsume, age 24, game creator and the final triplet in the household, he is the only sibling apart from Hikaru who lives outside the house. He loves his siblings and at first does not understand the love they all hold for Ema, that is until he himself starts to fall for her.

Louis (personal favourite), age 21, a hairdresser, who is very aloof and in the clouds more often than not. He is portrayed as the only brother who does not have a love interest in Ema, rather he protects her alongside Juli.

Subaru, age 20, student and a basketball finatic, he circles his life around sport and through this does not understand how to act around girls. His lack of experience only pushes him to be one of the most aggressive towards Ema in his love for her.

Iori, age 18 a student and model, he is very articulate to his flowers, which has a deeper meaning in the novels. His behaviour is very prince like and it seems his advances are one of the weaker ones, though he speaks through flowers and that does grasp a few hearts.

Yuusuke, age 17 a high school student at the same school as Ema, he is the only brother to have known her before the marriage. He fell in love with Ema early on and his punk like attitude only adds to his bad boy persona making you fall in love with him more.

Fuuto, age 15 a super star idol, he has the most arrogant personality and at first seems to hate Ema, though this is disregarded as hard to get.  He is top of the list of the most aggressive play towards Ema, though that does not seem to deter her.

Wataru, age 10, elementary school child, who states he wants to marry Ema, but clearly is not taken seriously because of his age.

Bearer of good news, there are two games and two novels that do continue the series, so do not worry about it stopping there, you can become Ema and chose a suitable ending of your choosing.

Fun tip, watch the ending because you get a full surprise of each brother sining together about their brothers conflict.


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