It’s film edition time! If you enjoy the supernatural and souls entering new bodies then this is the film for you. This anime  slice of life/supernatural film, is about a soul entering a new body and it is through a certain period of time that he is to be judged whether he stays in that body or not. The thing about this film is, you should have a tissue box ready as tears are mandatory when you watch this. I definitely felt my heart break when a certain bust of emotion is shown, it really gets to you on just feeling alone. Warning alert, there are some sensitive topics that can arise, as the plot surrounds a spirt being resurrected in a body that originally committed suicide.So it is not for the faint hearted.

Mysterious soul, this is the soul at the beginning who we see enter the lift to resurrection. With the aid of a spirit called Purapura he is to find what his sin was and accept what he has done and what he wants in the future.

Makoto Kobayashi, age 14, is the body the soul enters, this boy had committed suicide from an unhappy life at home and school. He was bullied, quiet, love struck to a girl who does not see him, and overall he closes himself in his art.

Purapura, ageless, looks like a child, yet he is effectively a Shinigami helping souls through their trials.

I absolutely recommend this film, not for the visuals (which are beautiful) but for the experience it will give you. This unique film teaches you the value of everyday life, to not through away small gestures of love but accept them.


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