Mob Psycho 100

If you enjoy a plain looking boy who resembles Saitama from One Punch then this is the anime for you. This supernatural/slice of life anime, focuses on Shigeo Kageyama (Mob) who posses a enormous amount of psychic power. While this anime holds a supernatural element, it does not slack in the comedy aspect. This good humoured anime has a mysterious set of percentages appear at the end of each episode, we are confused as to what this means, but trust me you will be gobsmacked at the reason why. I was apprehensive to watch this at first but from the first episode i was hooked, so do watch this and like me you can binge watch it. And to further entice you, the opening is so catchy you wont skip over it.  I certainly didn’t.

Shigeo Kageyama, age 14, stoic, he is a boy of pure psychic ability and very powerful at that. Mob is a very quiet individual who found at an early age that his powers were effected by his emotions and so he decided to become emotionless and not use his powers. Because he is conscious of his power and lack of body power, he joins the body improvement club. This is hilarious because all the the men in this club are big burley men who have muscles bursting from their shirts, so the image of mob in the middle for them will make you laugh your socks off. His main inspiration to becoming a body builder is to protect his little brother, Ritsu.

Arataka Reigen, age 28, a liar, and self proclaimed greatest Psychic of the 21st century, this is false considering he cannot even use an ounce of psychic power. The most hilarious aspect of this anime is the fact that Regien is the mentor to Mob, who fully believes this man has power. By finding Mob, Reigen had brought him to work for him in his agency the Spirits and Such Consultation Office.

Ritsu Kageyama, age 13, popular, clever and emotional, this boy has an obsession with Psychic power. Unlike Mob he finds violence okay, and he does not mind the idea of using a psychic power to hurt them. But don’t be dissuaded by his character as there is a deeper, darker meaning to his reasoning.

Bearer of bad news, there is only 13 episodes in the anime, but there is a manga that adds some more information to the series. So don’t be sad, there is more for you to enjoy, on a full recommendation do watch this as it very comical. For me at least i was kept on my toes till the very end, so trust me when i say there is a hilarious ending. Make sure you watch it all or else you’ll loose out on a good laugh.



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