Gugure kokkuri-san

If you enjoy fox spirits becoming a mother to an orphaned girl, then this is the anime for you. Trust me, if you enjoyed the look of Kamisama Hajimemashita, then this is a great off shoot to that anime, it does not involve the same characters but kokkuri-san is the spitting image of Tomoe. This supernatural comedy, is perfect for watching spirits play sibling, mother or pet to a human girl, it practically screams family. Gugure Kokkuri-san revolves around Kohina, a supposed orphan who in loneliness calls kokkuri-san, as a joke. The best part about this anime is the unhealthy situation in which Kohina states that she is a doll, though this is a farce she truly believe she is a doll in the human world. It is through her unusual personality that draws more and more spirits to her side, and sort of make a family in her home. While it may look like a show not worth watching, it truly does have a great flow and there is not one episode that i would say is bad. The kicker for me is the opening, it is catchy and i find myself swaying and doing dance moves of the characters.

Kohina Ichimatsu, age unknown, she is young and definitely an orphan as there is no adult to supervise her. It is through her orphan state that her obsession of ramen noodles comes into play, it is a gag throughout the anime that ramen is the only way she can function as as doll. The major flaw she carries is her belief that she is an emotionless doll, not much is said to why she is this way but it is concluded that it occurred as a coping mechanism from being alone for so long. One of the most peculiar moments in the anime is the form Kohina takes, and that is in the constant state of chibi form. Only on some occasion do we see her in normal anime state, but her chibi form adds a bit of spice to the whole anime.

Kokkuri-san, age unknown, a fox spirit and a mother hen who later on we find was actually waiting for Kohina to call him. He saw her progress of becoming a doll and took it upon himself to designate himself as her surrogate mother. His anime form is once again in a chibi state, but truth to be said he’s very cute in this form and admittedly i did like him more for this form.

Inugami, age unknown, and the second spirit to ‘haunt’ kohina, he did this because when he was an animal in the real world Kohina took care of him, and so his devotion to her grew. As expected she is a dog spirit, and the gag that follows him is his obsession to Kohina, she adds an element of a stalker/ obsessive boyfriend that makes you laugh more than once. As you have noticed i use he and she to describe inugami, and this is because inugami does not remember his original gender making her change to female and male consistently in the anime.

Shigaraki, age unknown, is a tanuki, he keeps to the stereotype of a lazy, drunk tanuki who does play tricks on others for his own amusement. When he is first introduced his animal form is rather disturbing, but through sheer embarrassment he changes to a cute chibi form. This chibi form is specifically used to have women fawn over him, as he is a womanizer. His womanizing ways go so far as to him hitting on inugami but only when she is is female form. But don’t be dissuaded by his character, he does do a noble deed as he is just as protective of Kohina as Kokkuri-san is.

One of the most comical thing of this anime is the character Yamamoto, who by all means looks like a typical alien. Despite his appearance no one looks twice, or doubts he is not human, this ignorance just adds more humour to the show.

Though Short this anime does not stop or waste any episode, there is always some for of humour concerning the doll Kohina. i would say if you enjoy Kamisama Hajimemashita, or Inuyasha then this is definitely something you should watch. Though it does not hold the romantic aspect or the proper plot line, it still holds a good humoured element that makes you like it. I certainly did not regret watching this.

Fun tip, there is an ova that has the characters play out the opening sequence in episode form.


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