If you enjoy a post apocalyptic japan, where supernatural beings are hunted then this is the anime for you. This action/ comedy anime is set after world war 3, where a crater called the black spot is home to outcasts of the world. Now it is from the radiation of this black spot that people get ‘fragments’ and are known to be needless, each fragment is special and contains some form of supernatural power. This anime is known for it’s immense fan service, so be aware of this when watching. The best thing about this anime is the comedy that comes about, while the whole situation is serious the characters find every gag they can see and use it to even win their battles. So if you enjoy a light hearted action, with super cool powers and super cool animation, this is a great find for you.

Cruz Shield, age 12, shy, smart and a coward, is the first person we see in the anime and who is the most ordinary so far. Cruz is a peculiar character as he is a boy travelling around the black spot in order to save his sister. Cruz is the centre of most of the gags in the anime, he is also the fourth wall breaker in the sense he points out all the flaws and obvious holes in the other characters. The most notable aspect of Cruz is that all the characters call him Yamada, this is because on some misunderstanding they can’t be bothered to call him his real name.

Adam Blade, age 20, egotistical, stupid and a pervert he funnily is a priest. Despite his priest garb this man is anything but religious, making Blade in effect one of the funniest characters. Now his fragment is zero, meaning he can copy another fragments power and use it whenever he needs. Blade in his pervert and silly manner, is the strongest character in the whole series.

Eve Neuschwanstein, age 20, forgetful and full of her self she is the partner to Blade. For her the funniest thing is her ability to not remember peoples names, it goes so far that she called Cruz yamada, and this is what he is now known as. Her fragment is Doppelgänger, basically a shapeshifter making her a very powerful needless. Don’t be fooled by her hard serious persona, as deep down as we find later she is a lovely, shy and kind girl.

Bearer of bad news the anime is only 24 episodes long, and it seems it made it all it’s time to the fan service than the plot. But, don’t be upset there is a manga that expands on the plot line and actually makes the whole thing more interesting. I’d say definitely read the manga, especially if you found the anime good, they developed the story way better than you could imagine. It’s a long read, but it is definitely worth it for the plot twists.

Fun tip, there are ovas that are like a one shot of the manga series after episode 24. So make sure you watch them.



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