Fruit Baskets

If you enjoy a mysterious family transforming into animals every time they are hugged by a girl then this is the anime for you. Fruit baskets is a romantic and harem style anime that on the surface has a very lighthearted theme but you find in the first episode the darker side of the plot line. In this anime when a male in the Sohma family is hugged by the opposite gender they transform into an animal from the Chinese zodiac. The Sohma families heritage is woven around the Chinese zodiac story, so a select few members of the family are bestowed an animal that they will transform to.

Tohru Honda is an unfortunate girl who through circumstances starts to live with the Sohma family, she in her clumsy state burrows her way into their hearts. Trust me when i say you go through a journey and you feel as if you are Tohru, she might relate to you in one way but she becomes the surrogate for us to feel involved. This is one of the best anime you could ever watch, not only is there a huge harem for us, but the backstory to each character breaks you’re heart and makes you fall in love.

Tohru Honda, age 16, selfless, an airhead and is perceived by many as non intellectual, she is someone who has a special charm of making them love her. Tohru has a very selfless nature, something that was attributed to her by her dead mother, Tohru often forgets her own health and that causes many to worry about her. For me Tohru is one of my favourite heroines, as while she is a slight airhead, she gives great advice and is not afraid to stand for what she wants.

Kyo Sohma, age 16, very rash and quick tempered he is one of the most emotional of the group. His zodiac transformation is that of the cat, he is the outcast of the family and he holds a very dark secret. Kyo is a boy who has people flock to him like sheep, he is likeable and it is through this that many of the other family members are jealous towards him.

Yuki Sohma, age 16, quiet, honour student, and a coward he is a pretty face but it is his dismissal attitude that makes people be distant with him. He is the perfect student and Yuki is jealous of Kyo, he wants people to love him but he is too scared of transforming into an animal. His transformation is that of a rat, so he is Akito’s favourite.

Hatori, age 26, responsible and the pillar of the family, he is the family doctor and becomes a surrogate uncle to many of the younger Sohma children. He has a mysterious power that allows him to erase peoples memories, so he holds the horrible memories of others and has to watch the people he loves forget who he is. Though he is cold, he is a very loving person and my favourite in the series. His zodiac animal is a funny one, he is the dragon.

Shigure, age 26, is aloof and he is often seen as the laid back character, he is someone who many of the younger Sohma’s don’t see as an adult. Shigure is a writer of a perverted novel, he is also the messenger for Akito, and as we see he is a very loyal dog to akito. Funnily his zodiac animal is that of the dog.

Akito Sohma, age 20, this person is the God of the family, Akito is the image of many traumatic instances to the family. Abusive, and cruel Akito is the person who is not afraid to beat and torment the family members. Akito is the worst character and someone who gets darker in the manga.

Bearer of bad news the anime is short and does not touch on the darker tones of the manga, but don’t be sad the manga has a way more developed story. Not only are the characters backgrounds made more apparent, but there are more characters who i have to say are hot and may make you evaluate who your favourite is. Spoiler alert it will make you cry.

Fun tip, subbed or dubbed the anime is fine either way, but personally i found the dubbed nicer.



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