If you enjoy the combination of mafiosa, normal robbers and immortal beings, then this is the anime for you. Baccano! is a very complicated anime, this supernatural/ crime fiction anime is constantly played out in different characters points of view, but that is what makes this anime special. The formation is around the 1930s and the plot is centred around a train; the Flying pussy. I know, i know, hilarious. The train at the beginning has all the main characters trying to rob it, by throwing us instantly into the plot we do not understand what is happening. However, the show organises itself by going back a couple years and explains in each episode about a different part of the characters lives and how they got onto the train. Trust me. You will have to pay attention, or else you will no longer understand the sudden jumps in the plot. But when you do understand and watch to the end, you won’t be disappointed, as there is a lovely story behind all the characters lives.

Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, easy going, kind, outlaws, are a thief duo who are very successful. This lover duo are one of the funniest characters you will encounter, they have a special charm that make many of the other characters want to be friends with them. Without fail these two do not falter in their charisma and in the end they bring the nicer characters together. To me personally, they are my favourites. Nothing can top their personalities.

Jacuzzi Splot, shy, a crybaby and is the leader to a gang in Chicago. This child is a huge crybaby, he states he cries for his men but that doesn’t stop him from being slightly annoying. Although he has his faults, he is a loyal comrade and a very kind leader. If you were in a gang, you’d want him for a leader.

Ladd Russo, violent, rude and crazy, he is a hitman of the Russo family. His violent nature comes from his obsession with killing people who think they are safe. He is one of scariest men to work for, you certainty wouldn’t want to temper him as he would shoot you dead till you’re covered in blood.

Bearer of good news there is a manga called baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad. Just a tip for you all, i wouldn’t watch this as a passing show, watch this with full attention as i said before you will get lost. While there is an infinite amount of characters to look at and listen to, it only makes this anime shine out even more. So don’t let the immense amount of information thrown at you turn you away, this should definitely be in your watch list.



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