Hoozuki no reitetsu

If you enjoy the idea of hell being a place full of fun, then this is the anime for you. Hoozuki no reitetsu is a supernatural anime which mainly focuses on hell in japan, and it follows a man called Hoozuki who works for king Enma. This show makes anything violent hilarious and fun, you’ll want to work in hell just for the kick of it.The plot is following the second in command Hoozuki, he not only teaches the employers at his office but the viewer as well and we start to see him as a great leader. The best thing about this anime is that it is not shy about refereeing to other anime, the funniest for me was the allusion to Lum Invader. Gags are a major part of this anime, and trust me when i say its worth the watch, to entice you more, it has a super duper cute animal part of hell. They are adorable.

Hoozuki, slender, handsome, emotionless, yet at the same emotional. He is a demon and effectively the backbone to hell, and despite his disciplinary attitude Hoozuki has charisma. He takes great pleasure in using violence as he values him job, Hoozuki is one of the funniest characters in the show. For me personally i like him, not only for his looks but his personality as well.

King Enma, kind, a deadly being, he is the most well known person in hell. He is a calm and a man who Hoozuki is not afraid to be harsh to. He’s like a kind uncle.Despite being well, the person to condemn people to hell.

Nasubi, an airhead, and one of the cutest employers in hell, he is defiantly my second favourite to Hoozuki. This child is a helper in child hell, and contrary to his clumsy work he is a great painter. He equality brings a lot of humour to the show.

Hoozuki no reitetsu is a great find, so don’t hesitate to watch it. You will be just like me and not skip the opening once, the happy go lucky theme is a perfect setting to how the whole anime is. Though it is short, you will enjoy everyone moment they give you, and by the end of it all. You might find going to hell not so bad. That is if you are a demon.



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