If you enjoy a harem full of boys who are trying to help a heroine regain her memories then this is the anime for you. This anime’s plot goes like this, the heroine has lost her memories and for some reason she finds her self teleported into different worlds, where she lives different lives. Apart from the fickle heroine, the men who surrounds her have drastically different personalities, so you have a good choice to pick from. If you thought this anime was normal, then think again, as there is a mysterious spirit called Orion who tries to help the heroine regain her lost memories. Peculiar i know, but he is basically the mother hen to the protagonist and we easily fall in love with his character. Apart from Orion, the most interesting thing is the idea of card suits, each character has an allocated suit and it becomes part of their identity. It adds a nice flavour to the show. One thing to note, don’t be fooled by any of the male characters, though they may look pretty, they all have some tragic background. So be prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster ride. I would say if you liked Ouran host club then this is a good recommendation to watch.

Heroine, age 19, an amnesiac who really does not develop a personality until the end of the show. Understandably she is confused and it is through her that we get to fall in love with the men surrounding her. Because she is unnamed, it adds a game element to the anime, therefore making it seem as if you are actually in the anime.

Orion, age 14, a mysterious spirt, who for some reason only the heroine can see, and it is through this boy that she is kept safe. Orion can be considered as the other protagonist as he is one who helps the heroine the most often. For me i see orion as a cute little brother, he is definitely someone you would want to protect.

Shin, age 18, childhood friend and aggressive, he is classified as the bad boy out of the group. Shin is the boy who seems to have a deep connection with the heroine and through some misunderstanding they seems to gain the best relationship out of all the other boys. His ending is one of the happier ones.

Ikki, age 22, a playboy, and seems to be a victim to his own fan club, Ikki despite his arrogant nature is a child on the inside. As a child he wished to be popular and his wish was granted, only the catch is he cannot keep a girlfriend for more than three months. But secretly it is his fan club who have made a pact, and told the girlfriends they cannot be his girlfriend for more than three months. And the consequence is bullying, as the heroine later finds out.

Toma, age 20, another childhood friend, he is kind and very very overprotective. For me he was the creepiest of the boys, trust me you’ll know when he turns creepy.

kent, age, 25, the intellectual boy who is emotionless, he is one of the only males who actually knows that she has orion guiding her. He is a favourite of mine, since he actually wants to understand the heroine rather then make her fall in love with him

Ukyo, age 24, is a mysterious character who appears to be the same in all the dimensions the heroine is transported to. The most significant thing about him is his split personalty, and you will find out why, it will break your heart. Ukyo seems to be the most compassionate of the group, he in the game actually has 6 bad endings. So just know, his story is a tragic one.

Bearer of good news, there are games called Amnesia memories, Amnesia later and Amnesia Crowd you can play that have the same plot as the anime and even has more characters to fall in love with. One of the good things about this anime is that the ending is ambiguous, so you can decide what ending she has, or rather who she ends up with. One thing for me was that the opening was so catchy, and visually i loved it.


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