Toshokan Sensou (Library War’s)

If you enjoy an a entire defence force fully dedicated to protecting books from censorship, then this is the anime for you. Toshokan Sensou’s plot revolves around a law being made that censors books, so burning books, banning and closing libraries are legal. The library Defence Force are the people who protects books, and they will use artillery if needed. What makes this anime special is Iku Kasahara, she is the only female in the defence force. Kasahara is inspirational, because not only is she protecting books but she strives higher than her male colleagues. One of the main reasons i went to this anime, is because i absolutely love books and it would break my heart if they were censored. I instantly felt like Kasahara, because i wold join the Defence force to protect the books. There’s no way i would let someone tell me i cannot read something because it is considered silly. If you’re a book lover, first read the manga. And second, don’t miss this show at all, you’ll fall in love with it and feel as if you become part of the defence team.

Iku Kasahara, age 23, tall, recless but strong, she is the only women to have ever made it on the Library Defence force. The best thing about Kasahara is her consistent arguing to her superiors, especially Dojo who is a good head shorter than she is. She originally joined the force because a man had saved her favourite book from being taken, and it is a comical thing that she tries to find her prince charming. Despite him being right next to her most of the time.

Atsushi Dojo, age 26, short, mean and someone who everyone trusts deeply. Dojo is Kasahara’s commanding officer, and it is with her that he constantly bickers with. Dojo is a very cherished character as while he seems to only be harsh to Kasahara, it is only because he doesn’t want her to fall in battle. Trust me, you’ll love him at the end.

Bearer of good news, Toshokan Sensou is a manga, so there are more events that happen. Also there are live actions movies which follow the manga, they are called library wars, Library wars: book of memory and lastly Library wars: The last mission, watch them in that order. There is also an anime movie called library war the wings of revolution. They all have different elements so it is worth watching them all. All in all, this is a brilliant anime/manga, as while the plot is serious there is a nice slice of romance in it. If you’re a book lover, definitely watch/read this.


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