Uta no Prince-sama maji Love 1000%

If you enjoy a huge harem of boys singing their hearts out to you, then this is anime for you. This idol and romance anime is perfect to watch if you enjoy men practically serenading you. The plot follows Haruka Nanami who enters the most famous music school: Saotome Academy. The school is separated between composers and idols, and those who succeed the exams debut in the real world. The main group we follow is STARISH, and it is through their love of Haruka that they come together to create rainbows of music. I personally like idol anime, so this was a great catch to watch. Even more so you get various males to fall in love with, each have different personalities so you have a great pick. Every opening and every ending you watch will make you squeal, i find any song they sing is perfect. One of the greatest things this anime does is it teases you the group song at the start of each season and it only fuels the excitement to the last episode where they sing the song properly.

Haruka Nanami, age 15, composer to STARISH, she is shy but confident. Haruka is considered the best composer, who literally creates music that turns the evilest hearts good. Haruka is a great female character, who despite gaining a huge, and i mean huge harem, she prides herself with her music.

Ittoki Otoya, age 15, idol, gentle and constantly happy, he is a very easy going character. Ittoki is kind and one of the first characters to meet Haruka. He is innocent but don’t let this fool you, he is a cute flirt and he can easily grab your hearts with his freshening voice.

Hijirikawa Masato, age 16, idol, calm, serious but very passionate about Japanese music. Masato is a man who pierces you with a cold gaze, but behind those eyes is a man who yearns to be acknowledged. He is certainly dripping with good looks.

Ichinose Tokiya, age 16, idol, a perfectionist, he is an idol who has lost his way. Tokiya, was an idol way before Haruka came to the school, he was actually an inspiration to Haruka and only pushed her further to compose music. Tokiya at first is cold, but he is later softened by his love for Haruka, and he eventually becomes a favourite in the STARISH group.

Jinguji Ren, age 17, idol, a player and a man of jazz, he is at first a smooth talker but later he softens and only loves Haruka. He at first never worked hard, but with the assistance of Haruka he finally learned the value of his voice. Ren is easily one of the first men you will fall in love with.

Shinomiya Natsuki, age 17, idol and a very soft hearted individual. Don’t be fooled by this mans appearance, he has a secret side to him. He has a split personality Satsuki. Natsuki and satsuki are my favourite characters, his caring attitude will certainty bring you to love him.

Kurusu Syo, age 15, idol, short tempered, stylish and one of the peppy characters. He is very much so the poster boy, he gives off the outward appearance of  an idol and is one of the easier boys to like straight away. The best thing about him is his dedication towards Ryuga Hyuga, a man who inspired him to become an idol, he becomes a more relatable character.

Bearer of good news there are games that lets you pick a love story ending with STARISH and various other idol groups. This may not be the cup of tea for everyone, but i say give it a shot. If you enjoy listening to OST’s or opening to random anime then you may like idol anime.

Just a cute tip, don’t be fooled by any of the idols personalities, they all have a tragic back stories, and in all three seasons each character is developed.


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