Yu Yu hakusho

If you enjoy shinigami’s, demons and a young boy who dies and becomes a spirit detective, then this is the anime for you. This supernatural anime creates a whole new world, filled with demons and tournaments, Yu Yu hakusho is a great catch if you enjoy action and adventure. The plot goes as such, Yusuke Urameshi dies and because he died too early, he is brought back to life to become a spirit detective. A spirit detective is a human who protects the human world from the demon world, he is sort of the supernatural police. I absolutely love this anime, it has action and it has a great plot, and because i’m such a romance buff i especially enjoy the romantic side. The best thing they have in this is the great sagas, i especially liked when they have a tournament saga, so there are plenty of fight scenes to enjoy.

Yusuke Urameshi, age 14, a delinquent, seems to be tough but really is a softy on the inside. At the beginning all we see is a boy who skips school and does not care for anyone, yet this is instantly thrown away as he dies to save a child. He becomes the spirit detective and essentially the leader to the group of friends he makes. Yusuke is a hard working boy who through trials and desperation defeats his opponents. And what i like about him even more is his comedic personality, he finds a joke in everything to lighten the mood. And i find that’s a nice quality to have.

Kazuma Kuwabara, age 14, clumsy, easily falls in love and the most underrated character in the whole series. Kuwabara comes from a family that’s attuned to spirits, so he easily joins yusuke on his escapades. He is the butt of many gags, even the series makes fun of him as he usually messes up in one way or another.

Kurama, age 14 (demon age unknown), fox spirit, he is devilish, handsome and a gentleman. Yoko is the spirit that has taken over another persons body, and so his human name is Shinichi. He uses flowers as his weapon and with his looks, he is a dangerous opponent. He is easily the favourite of the group.

Hiei, age unknown, demon, harsh, cold and very much so a tiny emo child. Hiei is the most mysterious characters but he alongside Yusuke has the most character development. Hiei has a sad past and you feel empathy for him despite his rude attitude. But don’t let his size fool you, he is a tough opponent and will kill you. I would definitely say he will be your favourite by the end.

Botan, grim reaper, she is the guardian of Yusuke, a sort of guide to how his job works. Botan is the most notable female character, she is quirky and adds a good amount humour to the whole show. Botan is not afraid of jumping into a fight she most likely cannot win, but the sentiments there.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga and a movie Yu Yu hakusho: Poltergeist report. And don’t be dissuaded by the amount of episodes there are, i would say you would want more by the end of it. Definitely watch this if you’re in for light humoured adventure anime, and watch it at a slow pace. You will love it.

Fun tips, there are small omakes you can watch, though their short they will make you laugh loads.


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