Macross Frontier

If you enjoy intergalactic spacecrafts fighting aliens, and music being the thing to save the whole world then this is the anime for you. This idol anime focuses on the macross fleet who fights the Vajra to save the human race. But the catch is that music is a way to distract and counter attack against these aliens, and i have to say the music is brilliant. This is only one of the many seasons to the macross world, but i would say this is the best macross along side macross delta. Though it is an action anime, it does not shy away from the romantic side, as the main protagonist has the two idols pinning for his affections. Macross frontier is perfect is you just enjoy Japanese music, the tracks they sing are top notch. The visuals of the show are amazing, and when the girls have concerts they sound incredible as well as look incredible. The best thing about this anime is the complication of music, it mixes both of the idols songs together in the battle finale and it gets you pumped. This anime is worth watching, and you will regret not seeing it once in your life time, i guarantee you will be listening to their songs all the time.

Alto Saotome, age 17, arrogant, rash and very angry when people think he is a women. Alto is the main male character, and he is the man that both Ranka lee and Sheryl Nome love. He is not my favourite male character as he seems to be ambiguous to who he likes more, and leads both of them on. Despite this, he is a great pilot and is is through him that he inspires the girls to save the galaxy.

Sheryl Nome, age 17, called the Galactic Fairy, she has a more mature sining voice. She for me has the better voice, and she looks pretty as well. Sheryl seems to be the more confident of the two idols, she is the one person who actually helped Ranka become an idol. Though she seems to have more experience with love, she is still innocent and it becomes refreshing when she tries to get Alto to notice her.

Ranka Lee, age 16, is called Super- Dimension Cinderella, she looks young, but she is lively and ready for anything. Ranka’s spirit is the most appealing and her songs are more relatable than Sheryl’s. Ranka is called cinderella because she came from nowhere in the world to a super star, and she seems to be the dreams of many young girls. Ranka like Sheryl tries to gains Alto’s affections but he does not seem to give anything away. Defiantly pay close attention to her, she has a major plot twist. You’ll enjoy it.

Bearer of good news, there are films The False Songstress and The Wings of Tsubasa both brilliant movies. They as i said have a complication of the songs that’ll you love, they even added in more songs for you’re enjoyment, so make sure to watch them. Also good news, there is an ova Macross FB7 Galaxy Flow Soul: Listen to my song! which has Sheryl and rank sing alongside the Macross 7 team. This is a brilliant anime and you will be missing out if you don’t at least listen to the singers songs.


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