If you enjoy hardcore rock music and a flitter of romance then this is the anime for you. Just as a prior reference, this anime contains very sensitive topics that might upset some people, so i would make sure if you were okay with subjects that include personal inflictions.  Now that’s been made apparent, NANA is a very tragic story of love and not only do we get one main female protagonist but two. The plot at first follows the life of Nana Komatsu who is on her way to live with her boyfriend. On the same train we meet Nana Osaki, who is moving to the city in order to start up her own band once again. While they met by chance on the train, they somehow end up in the same apartment and share a flat together. The pun of this anime is the two female protagonists have the same name, yet drastically different personalities. They both hold very different lives, as nana Osaki is more grown up but insecure. Where as Nana Komatsu is very clumsy, and she has not yet grown up in the world. This show takes us on a roller coaster ride, with tears flowing we watch both Nana’s struggle and on some level we feel their pain as well.  There are a lot of mature topics that are crossed, it becomes way more apparent when you hear the pain in Nana Osaki’s songs, with her feelings in her music it makes our hearts break. The best thing this anime did was every time they would end the episode on a cliffhanger while playing the end song, it was perfect. They had Nana Komatsu from the beginning monologue that she was reminiscing about the past, so everything we watch is a memory for Nana K. Definitely watch this, even if you watch it once it will forever be imprinted in your minds.

Nana Komatsu, age 19, clueless, kind and an airhead, she seems to pick bad boyfriends as well. She is called Hachi as a way to not confuse the two Nana’s, she is more like a pet to Nana O. Hachi goes through a stage of grief over her boyfriend troubles, however she learns through tears to be better. She then becomes a sort of surrogate mother figure to the other Nana, Hachi embodies the perfect mother. Though you might find her annoying at first, i find Hachi to be really inspiring, as though she has been hurt she still fights for what she wants. Hachi for me seems to be the real strong one out of the two.

Nana Osaki, age 20, leader of Blast, quick tempered and a little possessive. Nana O has had a rough life from the start, and that can explain the personal problems she seems to have. Her dream is to be the best musician, and she does this through sheer hard work. Nana is the character who seems to be the most sensitive and we as the viewer worry about her more.

Bearer of good news, the manga does go on for a few more chapters but it is not complete so you’ll have to wait for an ending. If you still need some pushing then just listen to the NANA soundtrack, it’ll make you excited. Just because this anime holds sensitive topics, don’t be anxious to watch it, i thought it was a great and you only have to watch it once to feel the impact of it.


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