Deadman Wonderland

If you enjoy people in a world where blood can be used a weapon to survive in prison, then this is the anime for you. This horror anime focuses on a special prison where ‘deadmen’ are pitted against one another in order to live the next day. The plot follows Ganta Igarashi, who is falsely accused of massacring his entire class, he is sent to wonderland prison. It is here where he finds out he is a ‘deadman’, a person who can manipulate his blood, and this prison makes certain to use his power. The main point is there are hunger game fights to the death everyday and if you loose, a wheel is spun to decide what is taken off you. And i mean, anything is taken off, from a liver to a persons eye, this anime has gore to the fullest. I personally don’t mind gore, so this anime is fine for me, if anything it made the plot way more intense. Deadman wonderland not only has a great mysterious plot, but the opening song is awesome. It’s so catchy. Oh and just as a tip you can watch this uncensored or censored, i wouldn’t say there is much that is shown but if you don’t like gore watch the censored version.

Ganta Igarashi, age 14, deadman name Woodpecker, innocent, naive and the most sane. Ganta was framed by a mysterious being and placed in deadman wonderland. He becomes part of the G-ward and has to fight for his life, and it is here he finds a girl called Shiro. He is slightly annoying at first but you feel his pain, as you understand he is not supposed to be there.

Shiro age 15, albino, very cute, innocent, and she is not a prisoner. Shiro is a mysterious character, she wears a bodysuit and has a happy go lucky personality. I personally like shiro, and despite her initial character introduction she is very powerful. You don’t live in a prison without being powerful.

Kiyomasa Senji, age 26, Deadman name Crow, violent, quickly tempered and very awkward around women. He used to be a police officer and despite his insanity has morals which makes Ganta and him become good friends. Senji is my favourite, not only because he is good looking, but because he is the only one who seems to accept the world as it is.

Bearer of bad news, this is only a short 12 episode anime, and thought it ends on a cliffhanger it is not the end. There is a manga that develops the story way better, it even finishes the story perfectly. I would definitely recommend reading the it, you will be missing out if you don’t and there is such a huge plot twist that will get you excited.



One thought on “Deadman Wonderland

  1. This one is definitely one where you can skip the anime. It doesn’t end and you are going to be stuck with a read the manga scenario anyway, so may as welll just do that in the first place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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