Bio-Meat Nectar

Manga edition time. If you enjoy horror survival manga where genetically modified BM meat turns the tables and starts to eat humans then this is the anime for you. Bio-Meat Nectar is very mature and the plot is very gruesome, but is worth the read. This manga follows Maaya Kan and his friends, who after an Earthquake in Japan are on the run from the carnivorous BM creatures. The BM creatures look like a carved animal, but it has loads of teeth, the creature was created because there were food shortages in the world. These creatures eat any recycled materials helping the environment, even better humans consume them as a new type of meat. Bio-Meat Nectar is basically a post apocalyptic manga, where instead of zombies there are BM creatures taking over the world. And trust me, you would not want to be near them, they will easily tear you apart. The best thing about this manga is that it follows four small children, and continues to follow them through adulthood. To make it even more spicy, there is a nice touch of romance right to the end. I would recommend reading this, it’s a brilliant apocalyptic piece and it is one of a kind.

Kan Maaya, country kid, brash, and the main character to the manga, he is one of the children who survive from the many BM outbreaks. Maaya is a boy who is not the brightest bulb, but he certainly is clever military wise, this boy has great survival instinct. Maaya adds nice humour to this dark dark manga, and with this we can easily feel like he is our friend as well.

Yuu banba, big, angry and actually a very soft boy on the inside, he is bullied mainly because he is big. Banba becomes the brawn of the group, rather than relying on others he uses brute force to survive.

Marino Kanomiya, quiet, lonely, and bullied by everyone even her parents. Kanomiya is a girl who is a natural in combat, and she grows to become a strong female character. She resents the fact that she was forced to be strong, she would much prefer to be girly and enjoy her life as a normal female girl. She is a great character, she for me develops the most and i can somewhat relate to her.

Shingo Tojo, stoic, clever and the son of the man who created the BM meat. Shingo is a boy who never got close to anyone, he found friendships to be superficial but later learned they last for a life time. He has the most complicated life, he hates his father but is too soft to kill him despite him destroying the whole world.

Bearer of bad news, there is not anime. But the manga is very long and you can read the whole life of these children, making you feel as if you are part of their group. Definitely read this, it’s just a great manga, you will be missing out if you didn’t at least read the first volume.


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