If you enjoy floating islands and a single girl being the saviour to an alternative world, then this is the anime for you. Munto is a fantasy/romantic anime that revolves around a power called Akuto, Akuto is human spirit, feelings, wishes etc made into physical power. The plot goes as such, a young girl has been prophesied to save the heavens, the parallel world to earth. The heavens was created as a sort of place that floated above the Earth, but while they coexist they are in different dimensions. It’s confusing at first but you’ll get it. A girl called Yumemi for an unknown reason can see these floating islands, and it is through her human spirit that she can restore the heavens. She is sort of a vessel of unlimited Akuto. Munto the prince of Heavens makes it his task to sought out this girl, and save his falling home land. For me, i love this anime, the art, the music and most of all the romance was breathtaking. Just the image of the clouds and the blowing winds made me fall in love with this anime more and more. Trust me it’s so visually beautiful. Munto is one of a kind, and it delves a lot into the romantic side, which i am such a sport for.  It’s very short, only 9 episodes so you can watch it in one go, i defiantly recommend it.

Yumemi Hidaka, shy, quiet and the vessel to unlimited Akuto. Yumemi is the main protagonist who through many struggles saves an entire race. Yumemi is very difficult to like at first, her character is sad and she seems to be a pushover. But she learns to be confident, and finds how to harness her own power, something i give her a lot of marks for.

Munto, prince to heaven, arrogant, kind and a leader. Munto is one of the many people who get Yumemi to come out of her shell, he would defiantly be a prince you would follow to the end of the world for. Just like Yumemi, munto grows on you and you see his kind charm about halfway through the first episode.

Bearer of bad news, there is only 9 episodes (2 ova’s if watching in Dub), and i was sorry to see there was not more done to this anime. Despite this, i do find it to be one of my favourites, so don’t feel put off.




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