Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

If you enjoy watching people waste time in school, then this is the anime for you. Tonari no Seiki-kun is a comedy anime, and it is essentially about two kids in school not paying attention in class. The plot follows Toshinari Seki, who for the love of all things holy cannot pay attention in class. In each episode he is crafting new projects to waste his time, and the best thing is, is that he does a pretty decent job. His seat mate, Rumi Yokoi despite her attempts cannot concentrate with Sekis inventions beside her. She adds a good amount of comedy from her reactions alone, and best of all when she tries to save her seat mate from their teacher she is caught instead. With each episode the antics of Seki grows, he seriously has a good skill to make anything from nothing, so the humour only gets greater. Each episode is really short, so it’s an easy going show that you could easily finish in one day. The greatest thing about this anime for me, was the opening and ending song. More specifically the ending song is catchy, in English and if anything will make you hum the tune when you’re bored.

Rumi Yokoi, quiet, shy but the main protagonist who easily gets pulled into her seat mates antics. Rumi is a hilarious character, not only because she reacts the correct way to seki’s inventions. But because she is so relatable, especially when she tries to save Seki from getting in trouble, only for her to get in trouble instead.

Toshinari Seki, mysterious, inventive and a master at wasting time. Seki uses what ever he has to make a mini volcano for instance, and it is absolutely brilliant. He can be considered a genius, but this is quickly disregarded as you realise he is actually not paying attention in class, at all. Seki unknowingly is the cause for Rumi getting into trouble all the time.

Bearer of bad news each episode are only 7 minutes long, so it really is a short anime. The good thing about this, is that you can easily watch it in one go. If anything i would suggest you to watch it, and if that does not persuade you, just watch the ending song, it captures the essence of the whole anime perfectly.


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