Jubei-chan: The ninja girl

If you enjoy a mysterious eye patch turning a girl into a master of swords, then this is the anime for you. Jubei-chan is a good sword fighting anime, so if you enjoy swords then this is a perfect find. The plot goes as such, that 300 years before the current time, a man called Yagyu Jubei had defeated Ryujoji. Jubei then tasks his servent called Koinosuke to bestow the lovely eye patch to his rightful successor. And finding its way to Jiyu Nanohana, she as a consequence has to fight her processors enemies. And get this, they lived for 300 years through sheer determination of defeating the successor. This anime takes dedication to a whole new level, i know i could never do that. Funnily this anime can be considered a magic girl anime, as the eye patch literally changes Jiyus whole body structure, so that can she withstand the power of the sword techniques. Though it might not have the fluffy fighting style of a normal magic girl show. This show is great for watching battles, and the sound track is on point whenever a battle is happening.

Jiyu Nanohana, age 14, eccentric, honest and very reluctant to wear the lovely eye patch. Jiyu is the main protagonist who through using the eyepatch becomes a somewhat fully grown women, who can use the hidden techniques of Yagu Jubei. She may be young, but she is fully aware that she is coming into something way beyond her power. She becomes the tool to freeing 300 years worth of hatred towards Jubei.

koinosuke Odago, age over 300, servant to Jubei and a comedic character through the series. He is the first one to find Jiyu and bestow her with the lovely eyepatch, and Jubei’s sword. He can be seen as a cheesy uncle to her.

Ayunosuke Odago, age over 300, loyal, good hearted, Ayunosuke is merely a child who is follow his fathers beliefs. This child is a guide for Jiyo as well as a younger sibling figure for Jiyo to want to protect. Just looking into Ayunosuke’s eyes would make you want to go all maternal on him.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season The Counter Attack of Siberian Yagyu which involves more characters and has more sword fights. Jubei-chan is a good anime, i would definitely recommend watching this if you do enjoy ninja’s amd samurai’s.


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