Tengan Toppa Gurren lagann

If you enjoy huge robots and massive battles that span into the galaxy then this is the anime for you. Gurren Lagann is one of the best mecha anime there are, its fight scenes are fantastic. The plot goes as such that Earth is being ruled by the spiral king, and it is him that forces humans to live underground. It has been this way for a for a few centuries, and is through this that the protagonists have never seen the sun before.  Kamia and Simon are both diggers, who are secretly digging for a way out. And it just so happens that they find a drill key that leads to a mecha; gunman. This is where the story intensities and it’s only the first episode. And it is here that the two boys go to the surface and join Yoko in creating Team Gurren. This anime does not lack in any genre, of course there are robots, but there is also the element of romance in the story. Gurren Lagann is the best anime, that will make you cry at least 3 times. And if it doesn’t, then you’re lying to yourself.

Kamia, age 17, eccentric, hotheaded and an inspiration to young simon. Despite his looks, kamia is a very caring person, he would literally move the stars for simon. Kamia is very intellectual, especially in the battle field, as he does not mind taking risks at all. He is a nice older brother character who will make you feel so many emotions in the episodes. The first being his encouragement to little simon, that the little boy has potential. Something that no one else saw. That’s true bromance.

Simon, age 14, young, short, shy, he is a very underrated character at the beginning. Simon is the main person who makes Kamia’s dreams come true, he is the main force to push kamia. Simon is very humble and so at first didn’t understand that he was a very inspiring person to Kamia. Simon was often bullied by others, so he always thought he could do no more. But mid season came, and well. He got a puberty update. Safe to say, he grew into his confidence nicely. Simon is easily my top favourite character in the whole series, his feelings literally pierce you like a drill.

Yoko age 14, rash, mature, caring, but most of all a great gunsman. The most notable thing about her, is that she is developed in many areas. At first it might shock you that she and simon are the same age, but puberty does hit some people a bit faster than others. But yoko is a great character, she adds alot of humour to the anime. And she also adds a lot of love triangles to the mix.

Bearer of good news, there are movies Gurren Lagann the movie: Childhoods end, and Gurren Lagann the movie: The lights in the Sky are stars Trust me you’re going to want to watch them after the series. Because honestly, the ending is cry worthy. If you haven’t had a good ending in a long time, just watch this and you will get it.  Mecha anime is always great so i would so recommend watching this if you like them, all in all it’s such a great find.


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