If you enjoy a dream state world where you can imagine anything and it will come true, then this is the film for you. Paprika is one of the most well known films there are in the industry. It is very much so inception styled, so if you liked the film then you have to watch this film. Paprikas plot follows the idea that technology has advanced so much, that little implants make it possible to go into dreams. In these dreams the therapist can see and understand why a certain disposition is aggravating the patient. The plot mainly follows the life of Chiba Atsuko, who takes on a different persona every time she travels into dreams. She changes her whole appearance to become paprika, effectively showing her own insecurities. Paprika is brilliant, not only is the plot great but it is colourful and vivid. The mix of the dreams and reality is brilliant, and because it is anime the concept of dreams becomes endless. I would push you to watch this if you haven’t already, it’s a guaranteed favourite.

Chiba Atsuko, serious, doctor and grounded, Chiba is the main character. She at first is someone who doesn’t have a great personality, but we see kindness when she cares for Tokia. Chibas alter ego is paprika, they are complete opposites so it is hard at first to understand how they are the same character. But we can see they both hold kindness and bravery, they just have different faces at the end of the day.

Paprika, funny, carefree and the character who spans most of her time in the dream world. She is Chibas alter ego, a completely different women. Paprika is a brave women who fearlessly faces what ever dream she has to enter into, in effect she is the protector to Chiba.

Tokita Kosaku, huge, kind, a NEET, and the most cutest character you will ever meet. Tokita, is in love with Chiba and it is through his love of her that he would risk his own life. He is literally the cutest.

Bearer of bad news, there is not any other anime series that attribute to this. The best you have is the actual film inception to quell the thirst, but don’t be sad you’ll like being able to watch the film any time you want. Paprika is a must watch if our haven’t seen it.


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