7 seeds

If you enjoy post apocalyptic books then this is the manga for you. The plot is about a selective group of individuals that were picked to live in an apocalyptic world. Unknown to them all, they all woke and found the world they knew no longer exists. There are five groups all named after a season, Summer A, Summer B, Spring Team, Fall Team and Winter Team. They have to cooperate with one another in order to survive. The manga specifically follows the groups, so all the characters are given time to develop. But the manga mainly focuses on Summer Team B, especially a young introverted girl called Natsu.  She like many others is bewildered at why she was chosen. And in a sicking realisation she finds that every other group has some sort of athletic ability while the Summer B group doesn’t, rather they are the backup group. The people who choose the groups, chose young individuals with some sort of survival ability. But the Summer B group has no such ability, instead they were chosen because they were unpredictable, because they were not special. But I like the Summer B group. They do not flaunt their abilities, rather they use methods that can be risky but it’s worth it. 7 seeds is a powerful manga, it is literally the under dogs trying to live. And best of all, the other groups do not know about one another. So a lot of drama and plot twists happen.

Team Summer B

Nastu Iwashimizu, age 16, painfully shy, introverted, was bullied and has trouble speaking out. She at first is a heroine who does not believe in her own abilities, but as we see she is a keen observer and that is what has kept the Summer B team alive. Funnily her name means Summer, so it’s sort of inevitable that she would be in the group. I really like Natsu, she grows into her true self, and she finds all the courage she never had.

Arashi Aota, age 17, hard headed, rash, whiney and most of all the boyfriend to Springs teams Hana. Arashi is very compassionate which is shown when he protects natsu, especially in her introverted days. The funny thing about him, is that throughout the manga he is searching for Hana, and he doesn’t even know if she is alive. For me this was very annoying, i mean sure it’s nice to have a goal, but i don’t need him whining about his girlfriend when the group is starving.

Seimimaru Asai, age 18, arrogant, rebellious, and loves to pick on Natsu. He is a typical case of play ground bullying, he secretly loves natsu which was obvious. He is a great person at cheering people up, if anything that is his superpower.

Matsuri Tendou, age 16, hyper, funny, nice and a girl who can make anything smile. She somehow has kept her cheery personality, but thats a good quality to boost the morale. She is my second favourite.

Chimaki Tamori age 19, creative, and obsessed with art. His personality somewhat creeps the others out, he finds anything in the world to paint with. He is usualy stoic and can be seen as rather lazy.

Hotaru Kusakuri, age 12, one of the youngest, clever and a psychic. Hotaru is kind and for some reason she can always predict the weather, it is plainly described as due to her strong intuition.

Kaname Mozunoto, age 37-8, he is the most skilled out of the group. He is the helper to teaching the others life saving tactics. Pay close attention to this mysterious man, he has more knowledge than what he is letting on.

Botan Saotome, was a police officer, she is sort of a tour guide for the group. Though Botan’s comments may seem harsh, she is really just looking out for everyone. She is sort of the mother figure.

Bearer of mutual news, the manga is not complete, but there is a good 100 chapters to read. Because some of the chapters change between groups, it’s good to take it bit by bit. As there is a lot of information that can be thrown at you, but don’t be dissuaded. It’s a great read and you will be like me happily waiting for the next chapter to come out.


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