Terror in Resonance

If you enjoy a thriller anime that focuses on the villains, and makes the good guys bad then this is the anime for you. Terror in Resonance is placed in a world where japan is under a terror threat. The only clue the police have are videos of two men who call themselves Sphinx, who take claim to the attacks. The two identities of the villain’s are hidden behind some power ranger mask. This anime is very dark, and you can unknowingly become attached to people you shouldn’t. The criminals have a reason to why they are attacking the city, and you will find it to be worse than you thought. Terror in Resonance goes over many themes, and not giving too much away i can rightly say you will be hit with a feeling bullet, you will cry so much. I find the ending to be just perfect. This is a must see anime.

Lisa Mishima, age 16, quiet, bullied and a girl who is immensely involved with Sphinx. She stumbles into a terror attack and through various reasons she joins them. It is mainly due to them pitying her life. She at first is very annoying, but it is not until the end that she finally gains confidence. Only at a huge cost.

Nine, age 17, cold, stern and exceptionally good at computing. Nine is one of the members of Sphinx, he for worse had to destroy any emotions in order to complete his duty. Despite his harsh look, he is a kind boy. He would risk his life for someone innocent.

Twelve, age 17, aloof, happy go lucky and bipolar. This is the boy you have to worry about, his personality changes all the time. He is clever, very clever especially in action scenes. While Nine is more indoors, Twelve is outdoors, he is more open to having people being involved.

Bearer of bad news there is not a season 2, but i believe the ending was more than enough closure. Terror in Resonance is a must see, even if you do not enjoy this genre, i would say watch it.


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