Psychic Detective Yakumo

If you enjoy a detective who instead of finding missing children finds ghosts, then this is the anime for you. Psychic Detective Yakumo is a great anime that twists normal detective shows. We follow Yakumo who through having one red eye, can see ghosts, and though he often seems to hate working he is the most caring detective you will come across. Not only do we get to guess who killed the ghost, but we see the torment they go through adding a new sense of sympathy for them. Because no matter who is asking for Yakumo’s help, there is a guarantee that someone has died. For once in this anime, the police aren’t made to be useless, so it adds a nicer quality to the whole show. And to make a cherry on top of the cake, the opening song is so good. I personally like psychic detective Yakumo, as it’s refreshing, this show tells us that to see dead people one has to be messed up in the head. And that’s a good idea. One has to be crazy, to see crazy. If i haven’t already perked your interest, i will push more so for you to watch this. As not only is there thriller, but romance as well.

Yakumo Saitou, age 20, lazy, stoic, blunt, sarcastic, he is anything from nice at the beginning. The thing that we learn about him is that he lives in his collages old Film club room. This only adds to the mystery of Yakumo. But once we learn of his ghostly nature, we see him in a new light. He is kind, caring, and passionate about helping those in need. Yakumo though tormented himself, will stake his own life to free those who are stuck in his world.

Haruka Ozawa age 20, kind, normal, but honest, Haruka is one of the few people who have stared into Yakumo’s eye and called it pretty. Haruka is the second protagonist, and she is the one who gets Yakumo to open up and be his true self. Though she does tend to fall into damsel in distress scenarios, she is great because of her persistence to be Yakumo’s friend.

Kazutoshi Gotou, police man, rough, kind, and a sort of father figure to Yakumo. Gotou is a very active police man, who for a change actually does some good work. I find him to be a favourite because funnily he ships Haruka and Yakumo, so he is like a fangirl inside the anime.

Bearer of good news there is a manga that extends more cases than the actual anime so make sure to give it a read. Definitely watch this, especially if you enjoy Detective Conan and so on.


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