If you enjoy spirits and talking stuffed animals then this is the anime for you. Kobato is a cute romance anime that finds something each episode to make you smile, be it through the naivety of the characters or the humour of stuffed toys. This is a CLAMP anime so the design is very similar to xxxholic, Tsubasa Chronicles and so on, it even goes so far to have a crossover episode with Tsubasa Chronicles. Kobato follows Kobato Honato who under certain circumstances has to fill a bottle with peoples healed hearts, and she must do so before the contract finishes. This show is very lighthearted, and the main characters innocence only makes all the ‘adult’ situations she falls into more humorous. To help guide her, she has a stuffed toy called Ioryogi, who can move about because he has a spirit inside him. Ioryogi is sort of like an older brother, and though he seems serious he is very humorous making the whole show better. Even better, the sound track is amazing. The ost’s hit all the feelings just right, for instance in the first episode she has to sing and it is amazing. She sounds so in sync. Kobato is a very easy going anime, but you learn about the darker themes in the last couple of episodes, and it is a tear jerker. They pulled so much into the last episode that i was worried it was going to end awfully, but they had made it perfect.

Kobato Hanato, age 14, naive, childlike but a very kind girl. Kobato has a contract and she tries so hard at everything she does in order to complete it. Despite her personality, she is a very capable person of making others laugh or smile. She is someone you would definitely want to be friends with.

Ioryogi, stuffed blue dog, bad tempered but a very kind person who is only there to help Kobato. he is a very mysterious person, not much is said about him in the anime, rather he is only seen to be the guard for Kobato. But in the last episode you see just how much he really cares for Kobato.

Kiyokazu Fujimoto, age 14, bitter, stoic, but once he categorizes you as someone close he will fight to the ends of the Earth for you. He is Kobato’s love interest and he is a hard cookie, it takes him forever to really tell her what he truly feels.

Bearer of bad news, the anime only touches on the basic plot so while it good on it’s own it does not have the amount of information the manga has. I say if you really want to understand Kobato’s past/contract and Ioryogi’s real past then you have to read the manga. The manga is deeper and much more informative so make sure you read. Just a tip, the plot may be different to the anime but it still has the same path.



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