Ghost Hunt

If you enjoy listening to Ghost stories and watching people with latent abilities then this is the anime for you. Ghost hunt is one of the best occult detective shows you can see, it is a must see if you partially enjoys film like paranormal activity. I mean it’s more like Detective Conan but ghost wise. Ghost Hunt’s plot follows a company called Shibuya Psychic Research who investigate occult occurrences in Japan. The show focuses not only on the victims of the occult, but on the employees of Shibuya Psychic Research. Mai Taniyama is the main protagonist who has the latent ability to find information in her dreams. Mai is a very head strong girl, who definitely has the right reactions when someone creepy happens in the house. Mai becomes my spirit animal in this anime. This anime is not only spooky but heart breaking as well, it takes you a moment to realise that with every case someone has died. And when the story of how they died comes to show, a tear or two may come to your eye. Ghost hunt is the perfect show to watch for the occult, so i definitely recommend it.

Mai Taniyama, 16, hot headed, young and a great developing detective. Mai accidentally breaks one of the Shibuya Psychic Research cameras and injuries Lin by accident so she repays her debt by working for them. It is in her adventures with ghost hunting that she learns of her latent abilities, also known as clairvoyance and she also posses astral projection.  Mai at first is seen to be weak and just a little child, but she embodies humanity, she is the emotional support of the group and that is a hard task to keep.

Kazuya Shibuya, age 17, cold, narcissistic, but also very protective of those he cares about. From the start you see that Shibuya is hiding something dark, and it is not till later in the series that we fully understand the truth.

John Brown, age 19, a priest, Australian and the funniest good natured character you will meet in this show. His accent is on point in the Dub, it is brilliant. Because of his occupation he is very kind and empathetic so he is more understanding when a ghost is haunting a place.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga so there is more character development for you to read. I will push you to watch Ghost hunt, it’s not scary, just the occult things that happen seem so life like.




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