Black Blood Brother’s

If you enjoy vampire anime with loads of sword fights then this is the anime for you. Black blood brothers is a nice slow paced vampire show of 12 episodes, and though the ending seemed incomplete, it is a nice thing to watch. Black Blood Brother’s follows the life of Mimiko Katsuragi a human compromiser who mediates humans and vampires. She is the ticket for Jiro and Kotaro to get into the Special Zone. The Special Zone is the only place where vampires and humans can live in peace with one another. This show is not that serious, it is more on the comedy side than anything. The humour is thanks to Mimiko who is a head strong girl not afraid to threaten vampires. One of the best things she did was constantly throw holy water on Jiro every time he annoyed her.

Mimiko Katsuagi, easily angered, rash, and a very independent girl. Mimiko is the main female character, she by pure compassion lets her clients Jiro and Kotaro stay with her till they find proper homes. She is very kind, but she can certainly dig her own heels in, but never less Mimiko is a very aspiring girl to be.

Jiro Mochizuki, a very old vampire, cranky, powerful and can be a pushover when it comes to Kotaro. Jiro is an old blood vampire, he is specifically weak against the sunlight and water which is evident when he smokes even under an umbrella. Jiro is a kind man when it comes to people he loves, and he will put his own life on the line.

Kotaro Mochizuki, age 10, the youngest old vampire, naive, has a high pain tolerance. At first appearance he seems to not be a vampire but human, and we are surprised he is Jiro’s little brother. He may be cute, but he was annoying.

Bearer of bad news, this anime is only 12 episodes long so there is no movie for it. And more bearer of bad news the ending seemed like it could have another season, and sadly there is not one. But i can gladly say you should watch it, it’s comedy is perfect and there are some great action scenes.


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