Watamote: No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!

If you enjoy shows where the main character is a NEET who realises she is not popular then this is the anime for you. Watamote follows a girl called Kuroki Tomoko who through playing constant Otome games, and watching various anime believed she would fly through High school. However the reality is that she is a social anxious individual, who can barely get a word out to a girl, let alone a boy. I love this anime. Watamote is very relatable if you are a shy, or a social anxious individual and you can understand her pain in every episode. Although every episode does give you second hand embarrassment, the amount of cringe is overwhelming. Watamote is perfect if you just want to laugh or be embarrassed. One of the best things this anime does, is when we hear Tomko’s inner monologues she is commenting that people should act like they do in otome games, and i can so understand her. She is rather obsessed with the idea that she will be popular if everyone else just acts the right way. Although even i have to say, there are some very embarrassing scenes that i had to pause and just relieve myself of the second hand embarrassment. But there has to be something special about an anime, that it can make you feel embarrassed and still want to watch it. Oh and to push you more into watching this, the opening song is killer. It is perfect and i did not skip it once.

Kuroki Tomoko, age 15, pervert, socially inept, NEET, pessimistic, and painfully shy. Tomoko in retrospect has no social life, she with exception of two people did not have any friends in middle school. Tomoko somehow in every episode embarrasses herself and causes those around her to effectively see her as odd. She is overcritical of other girls, which i found one of the worst things about the anime.

Kuroki Tomoki, age 14, soccer member, popular, and weirded out by his sister. Despite his attitude to Tomoko he as a young kid admired her so much, and arguable he still admires her. He is a boy who has many friends and will through his pride away to help his big sister.

Yu Naruse, age 15, best friend to Tomoko in middle school, girly, She is a girl who was like Tomoko but once high school hit she made a huge makeover. Naruse is an innocent character so she is a complete opposite to Tomoko. All in all, it’s hard to see how they became friends in middle school. I guess the power of loving anime brings opposites together.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga that extents a bit further than the manga does. Sadly there are only 12 episodes in the anime, so it ends too quickly for our liking.

Fun tips, watch all the endings, there are some little changes that correlate to the episode making them all unique. And you have to pay attention to episode 10’s opening transition. You can skip all the openings except for this one. The turn of the opening scenes to the opening is just so powerful. I do not recommend, i demand you watch episode 10 fully.


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