Beast Master

If you enjoy a wild child styled manga where if a boy sees his own blood or falls unconscious he becomes animalistic the this is the manga for you. This comedy manga follows a teenage boy leo Aoi, who despite his innocent nature can becomes very violet when angered. However with the help of animal lover Yuiko Kubozuka his bloodthirsty nature can be calmed and he easily follows her like a love sick puppy afterwards. The most interesting thing about this manga is that it focuses on taming an animalistic person. I like the concept of seeing past Aoi’s violent nature, and seeing his true naive person, it makes the romantic nature of the manga more powerful. I would say if you enjoy Beauty and the Beast, the you should read this manga. It definitely has the same story.

Yuiko Kubozuka, age 17, animal lover, strong, independent. The funny thing about her is that animals hate her, that no creature will treat her kindly. Which in some way makes no sense to how she can tame Aoi, but it can just be because she is maternal to animals.

Aoi Leo, age 17, naive, innocent, sharp eyes and has an animalistic nature when he faints or sees blood. He for as long as he can remember he has always been in hostile homes and remote locations so he has no idea how to interact socially.

Bearer of bad news, there is only a short manga but the story does get more interesting in the later chapters so read it slow and enjoy it to the fullest.


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