Black Lagoon

If you enjoy badass female lead characters who despite having a dark past can beat everyone in her path, then this is the anime for you. Black Lagoon follows a group of pirate mercenaries who smuggle goods in and out of South Asia. The Black Lagoon companies base is on Roanapur in Thailand, an island dedicated to harbour the worst criminals in the world. Despite the show following a man called Okajima Rock, the show really focuses on the female fighters and how they are so badass. Black Lagoon is a dark anime, there are no happy instances so keep in mind that is a lot of dark humour involved. There are a lot of dark themes, so don’t watch this if you do not enjoy twisted plots with children, vulnerable women and just plain assassination. But don’t let this dissuade you from watching it. I’m telling you, if you want to watch a show with great empowering female characters, then this is the show you should watch.

Rock, age 25, well mannered, humble, but he has a touch of darkness in him. Rock has a luck of an angel, he has managed to survive many hostages situations and somehow can live in Roanapur. Rock can be interpreted as our mind set in a world full of criminals. We are supposed to sympathise with him, but at the same time we see that he is crazy inside as well.

Balalaika, age 31, tall, Russian, military front, and very dark in how she handles situations. Balalaika is one of the many women who you do not want to mess with in this anime. She is a women who made a company called Hotel Moscow, and she used her past comrades in the army to make the group. They are scary. Balalaika being the main boss she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she has done so multiple times throughout the anime.

Revvy, age 25, Chinease/American, sarcastic, foul tempered, battle crazy and very blunt. She is nicknames two hands as she wields two guns every time she enters a battle field, and she is good with them. Revvy every time she is in a fight she has to go into a dark place, a place which makes her empty. Revvy may be young but she sure is a girl you would not want to even bump into, because she will not be afraid to shoot you there and then.

Edith Blackwater, age 24, nun, ill tempered, smoker, drinker and very trigger happy. She is part of the Church who monitors the international criminal activity in Roanapur AKA, the Rip Off Church. Eda is very similar to Revvy, which can explain why they seem to get along/hate one another. She is the complete opposite to a nun and this only makes the hole idea of her even more humorous.

Bearer of good news, there is a series 2 and a manga so you have a good range to read and watch. Black Lagoon is a must see anime, it is something that should be on the bucket list so i urge you to watch her.


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