Psycho Pass

If you enjoy the idea where a conscious thinking gun can assess whether you have a high crime ratio, then this is the anime for you. The plot follows a future police force in Japan, where the Sibyl System measures the minds of civilians and scans those who have a high Crime mentalities. This world has a watch scanner that one can keep in check in order for their crime rating to not exceed the bad ratio and be flagged up as a criminal. It’s very messed up. Akane Tsunemori is a new police inspector who is partnered up with an enforcer. An enforcer is a person whose crime rating is so high that they are essentially rabid dogs to the system. Each person is handed a Dominator, which is a specialised gun that only works when it is aimed at a person with high crimeCoefficients. It’s actually a very practical way of going about since there are no unnecessary deaths, but at the same time if you are hit with one you will literally explode. Psycho Pass is a great crime fiction anime, it really makes the idea of the police reliable. But it also questions the power that machines can have over humans, and that is something that will get you thinking for a while. As one of the main things that troubles Akane is the morality of the Sibyl System, as one person could for a split second think about a criminal thing and they are on the hit list. Not only does it make you question future technology, but the plot was very interesting, there were enough plot twists to make me binge watch the whole series.

Shinya Kogami, enforcer, skilled, fast thinker, detached and very understanding. He is the main protagonist of the first season, his story is actually a very sad one. Shinya takes on a leader like personality, but because of his position he takes a few steps back.

Akane Tsubemori, naive, stubborn, compassionate, and very true to her own morals and the law. Akane grows in the seasons and she learns who she is through all the hard ships. Her most admirable trait is her sense of justice and it not faulting once. Akane can be seen to be very rational even in dangerous situation, and she quickly falls out of the damsel in distress situation which i give her a lot of credit for.

Bearer of good news, there are two seasons so you can get a good feel of all the characters after some disrupting plot twists. There is also a movie Psycho-Pass: The Movie, which follows the aftermath of season 2 and gives you a sort of better ending. Trust me. If you love crime shows, then this anime is a must see.


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