If you enjoy a weird time loop where a man has to revert back to being 10 years old in order to change the future, then this is the anime for you. Erased’s plot follows a man called Satoru Fujinuma who for unknown reasons can go back in time, in order to save a girl he has always regretted not protecting. He goes back in time in order to stop a serial killer murdering his close friends to create a different future, not only is he protecting those in the past but those in the future as well. Erased is a complicated yet heartwarming anime, that really lets you get into the show when it is in a child’s perspective. Because of this ability to go back into the past, Satoru still keeps his older mentality despite him being 10. And having an older mentality he notices more things, he even impacts other peoples lives more, and not spoiling anything but i personally thought Satoru got the short end of the straw at the ending. This is a great mystery anime because who doesn’t love a time travelling anime, but also because of the consistent switch between past and present time.


Satoru Fujinuma, age 29 (age 10), rash, emotional, he regrets not doing anything to save his dead classmates. Satoru gains this ability to go back in time, and he dedicated this used time to save those he lost, he makes it his duty to find the serial killer that got away in the future. And so detective Satoru is on the case. I found him to get the worst ending, so i pity him alot.

Kayo Hinazuki, age 10, a victim to the serial killer, quiet, sad, she keeps to herself and is one of Satoru’s many regrets. She had a miserable past, but thanks to Satoru she has the potential to be saved and live a happy life.

Sachiko Fujinuma, mother of Satoru, sharp, loving, tough, she is one of the best if not only mums who actually do something. Sachiko is a lovely women who deeply cares for her child, she is a dedicated women who protected her child’s innocence during the serial murders.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga that the anime was was adapted from, so you can read it and watch the anime. I pressure you to watch this lovely anime, it is a good catch and you will enjoy the whole show.


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