Sukitte Ii na yo

If you enjoy watching a socially awkward teen who through a roundhouse kick gets a boyfriend, then this is the anime for you. Sukitte Ii na yo is an interesting anime that focuses on everyday problems in relationships, especially when one side of the relationship is anxious on how to express their feelings. Mei Tachibana has always believed that friends will always let you down, and so her lonely life at high school was a given. With a chance encounter, Yamato Kurosawa changed her life for the better with the two starting a relationship Mei is challenged not only with his feelings but her own as well. Sukitte Ii na yo is a lovely slice of life anime, it really sets the tone to what i love you means. And because of the anxiety Mei has during the relationship, i can relate a lot to the fears and doubts she has. If you want a sappy love story, then this is the perfect thing to watch, there is a lot of drama and it always keeps you on your toes.


Mei Tachibana, age 17, gloomy, lonely, observant, Mai is a girl who despite her quiet composure can act out to defend herself. Mai is shy about how she feels most of the time, but through her relationship she learns to truly express herself. One thing i love about her is that when she sees someone in a position she used to be in, she will give them advice so they don’t stoop to how she used to be. Mai is the best, she is blunt and will stick to what she believes in.


Yamato Kurosawa age 17, popular, jealous, forward and truly cares for those he loves. Yamato is a nice boy who truly cares for Mai, he is the person who brings her out of her shell. While he has good motives, the only problem i have with him is he is a sucker for a pity story. From the past to the present, Yamato has made it his duty to protect those in trouble.


Bearer of good news, there is a magna that far exceeds the anime and the story only gets better and better. I found the manga art to be brilliant as well, it’s just so alluring to the eye. It’s a brilliant story so i implore you to try and watch it, if anything it’s a nice easy watch so just relax and watch.


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