Penguin Revolution

If you enjoy a gender bender manga that concerns a girl who through seeing wings on a person back can scout the next idol then this is the manga for you. Penguin Revolution holds a very similar style towards Ouran host club, though the scenario is involved with idols rather than school slice of life. The plot follows a young girl Yukari Fujimaru who from her useless fathers debt has to find a job, and so she becomes the a manager to one of younger idols of the company PEACOCK. Fujimaru is a girl who through some weird situation has to act like a male for her to keep her job, though the reason may be silly she actually fits the role of her ‘manager’ role well. I love this manga because not only is the art work of it brilliant, but the story is great as well. The whole idea of having wings on real idols was brilliant, and the visuals they have are just beautiful. One of the funniest things about this is that Fujimaru has to keep her gender a secret, and let me tell you it is harder than you think. Penguin Revolution revolves around the whole idea of friendship and that type of love you have with family.


Yukari Fujimaru, age 16, can see wings on idols back, good cook, blunt, hardworking and works so she and her father can live happily. Fujimaru fell into an unfortunate situation because of her father, but really it was the greatest thing to happen to her because she gained true friendships. The whole idea of a 16 year old girl becoming a manager to a fellow youngster is very odd, but you see that she already has an adult mentality. Fujimaru works hard at everything she sets her eyes on, and i find her dedication to be beautiful. She is a great role model to look towards.

Ryou Katsuagi, age 17, Idol: Penguin Rank, tasked to dress as a girl at school, hot headed, dedicated, and has huge potential. Katsuagi is the idol Fujimaru has to be a manager for, and he is also one of the best friends she will ever have. Katsuagi like Fujimaru works hard at everything he does, and this is because no one takes him seriously when he is compared to Ayori.

Ayori Mashiba, Number 1 at PEACOCK, quiet, serious, shy, and a boy in need of help. Ayori is a very kind boy, who at school acts like a nerdy individual when he really is one of the best actors/ idols in the world. Ayori has a troubling past to which he keeps secret even from his friends, and it is Fujimaru and katsuagi who fight to save him from himself.

Bearer of good news, the manga is finished and i found it to have a good end. This is a brilliant find and i think if you enjoyed Ouran Host Club then this is a must read.


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