Penguin Revolution

If you enjoy a gender bender manga that concerns a girl who through seeing wings on a person back can scout the next idol then this is the manga for you. Penguin Revolution holds a very similar style towards Ouran host club, though the scenario is involved with idols rather than school slice of life. The plot follows a young girl Yukari Fujimaru who from her useless fathers debt has to find a job, and so she becomes the a manager to one of younger idols of the company PEACOCK. Fujimaru is a girl who through some weird situation has to act like a male for her to keep her job, though the reason may be silly she actually fits the role of her ‘manager’ role well. I love this manga because not only is the art work of it brilliant, but the story is great as well. The whole idea of having wings on real idols was brilliant, and the visuals they have are just beautiful. One of the funniest things about this is that Fujimaru has to keep her gender a secret, and let me tell you it is harder than you think. Penguin Revolution revolves around the whole idea of friendship and that type of love you have with family.


Yukari Fujimaru, age 16, can see wings on idols back, good cook, blunt, hardworking and works so she and her father can live happily. Fujimaru fell into an unfortunate situation because of her father, but really it was the greatest thing to happen to her because she gained true friendships. The whole idea of a 16 year old girl becoming a manager to a fellow youngster is very odd, but you see that she already has an adult mentality. Fujimaru works hard at everything she sets her eyes on, and i find her dedication to be beautiful. She is a great role model to look towards.

Ryou Katsuagi, age 17, Idol: Penguin Rank, tasked to dress as a girl at school, hot headed, dedicated, and has huge potential. Katsuagi is the idol Fujimaru has to be a manager for, and he is also one of the best friends she will ever have. Katsuagi like Fujimaru works hard at everything he does, and this is because no one takes him seriously when he is compared to Ayori.

Ayori Mashiba, Number 1 at PEACOCK, quiet, serious, shy, and a boy in need of help. Ayori is a very kind boy, who at school acts like a nerdy individual when he really is one of the best actors/ idols in the world. Ayori has a troubling past to which he keeps secret even from his friends, and it is Fujimaru and katsuagi who fight to save him from himself.

Bearer of good news, the manga is finished and i found it to have a good end. This is a brilliant find and i think if you enjoyed Ouran Host Club then this is a must read.


Otome Youkai Zakuro

If you enjoy an anime that has the western military team up with eastern youkai then this is the anime for you. Otome Youkai Zakuro is set in Edo Japan where youkai and humans coexist, but only barely as there are still some prejudices against the youkai kind. Because there was an upset between the youkai and humans the Ministry of Sprits was created, where human males and female yokai work together. Otome Youkai Zakuro’s plot centres around this Ministry of Sprits establishment, having the human and yokai individuals being forced to work with one another. The anime follows multiple individuals lives and the impact that this treaty has on them, the youkai females especially.  Zakuro is the main character alongside her partner Kei Agemaki, and it is with these two that i would say their paring are the funniest. Zakuro like her friends adorns fox ears showing her youkai blood, and this feature is apparent because she and the others are half yokai. Zakuro and Agemaki are the funniest because their ideals are completely different, she is totally against any wester views and he funnily is completely afraid of spirits. So in effect they both abhor one another, and this is hilarious. I would hate having to work with someone i strongly dislike, especially if they are dead afraid of my kind. This show is very supernatural and one of the things i love about it is the visuals, the art is so beautiful especially when they use their blossoms flower attacks. Blossom flowers are my favourite flower, and this how just makes them even more beautiful. Not only are the visual great but the songs as well, the opening is killer and is so catchy, and the song they sing before they attack is so cute. The greatest things about that is the song is innocent yet deadly, and that is art. Despite it having it’s romantic element, i find the action and adventures they have to be exciting. Just a heads up you are so going to ship all the girls with their partners, i swear you will squeal like i did whenever something romantic happened.

Zakuro, age 16, aggressive, impulsive, easily angered and a girl who deeply loves her kind and will do anything to protect them. Zakuro is the most aggressive and verbal at not liking the Ministry of Spirits idea. Her hate to westernisation is through the bad treatment it has given to Spirits, and how peoples attitudes quickly changed to how they see Youkai. I do like her blunt personality but even i find her mind to be closed off, she seems to not want to establish a good middle ground until she wants it to.

Kei Agemaki, age 18, scardy cat, clumsy, kind but deadly afraid of any Youkai that comes near him. Kei is is in the tip ranks of the army and so when he is deadly afraid of spirits our illusion of him is shattered making his character the funniest out of all of them. From zakuro appearing human he seems to be at ease with her, and so sticks to her like glue whenever a youkai appears making the whole scenario hilarious.

Susukihotaru, age 16, shy, intelligent, and very kind, she at first cannot look humans in the eye through sheer shyness and that only makes her cuter. Susukihotaru can feel peoples emotion by touching them, so her empathy and sympathy tank is always at full capacity. Susukihotaru is my favourite out of all the girls, not only does she seem to have a sold and open mind, but she grows as a character and i always find character development to be important. Despite her appearance she is not weak, rather she uses her strength to support Zakuro who mainly does the attacking in the group.

Riken Yoshinokazura, age 19, emotionless, tall, and a non talkative male. Riken is paired with Susukihotaru and thought they seem to be an odd match they are actually perfect for one another. Riken is the silent type who with a scary face has a big heart on the inside, he deeply cares for those he calls friends. He is even helpful to Kei as he knows about his fear of spirits, so all in all Riken is my favourite male character.


Bonbori  and Hozuki, age 15, twins, clingy, younger minds, they are not as open to people as they should and so getting them to like you is hard. Bonbori  and Hozuki are identical and are very hard to separate, but their partner Ganryu can tell them apart straight away. The thing about these two is that they are very vocal about their love to Ganryu and it actually quite refreshing.


Ganryu Hanakiri, age 16, very intelligent, childlike, and a bit arrogant, Ganryu is the smallest male and seemingly the loudest. Ganryu can instantly tell apart the twins and that alone shows some form of brilliance. The thing about him is that he prefers to be in the back seat, to not get into any violence which is completely fine for the girls.

Bearer of bad news the anime is only 12 episodes long, so you can binge watch it in one setting or set it aside to watch an episode a day. Personally i binge watched it because i couldn’t get enough of it, so i induce you to watch this as it is very freshening. If anything the art style should make you want to watch it.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

If you enjoy a strong female lead where she dedicates her life to healing those in trouble, then this is anime for you. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is fantasy anime that follows the life of a herbalist Shirayuki, who finds herself in the Clarines Palace. Shirayuki’s most notable feature is her red apple hair, a hair type that is extremely rare, which in turn only caused her problems making her hide her hair often. Originally she was a citizen of the tanbrun country but under some trouble concerning her hair, she had met Prince Zen of Clairnes and his two aides Mitsuhide and Kiki. Through meeting them she made it her desire to become a herbalist in the Clarines palace, making the start of her beautiful story. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime has a great plot and i believe they executed it well enough, or else i wouldn’t of watched it. It is a sweet romance that has connotations to Snow White, but a better feminist version, so if you like snow white, then this is a perfect anime for you.

Shirayuki, stubborn, clever, compassionate, she is a dedicated student of apocrypha. Despite her hair being a set back to her life, she takes everything in stride and still pursues her dreams. Through the anime Shirayuki has proved herself many times as a herbalist, her hair is not the only special thing about her. I really like her, she is not a helpless girl, sure she doesn’t know how to fight but she can save millions of lives by caring for them and making medicines.


Zen Wistalia, second prince of Clarines, easy going, trustworthy, and a very open boy. Zen at times dislikes his title as it makes people act differently around him, but he accepts that with this title he can help people. Zen has not only helped Shirayuki but his aides as well, he saves people from a dark place and it all because of his open mind. Zen is not too overbearing and actually lets Shirayuki be independent.



Mitsuhide Lowen, mother hen, loyal, very honest, he is the closet friend that Zen has. Mitsuhide is at first an easy going man, but you will find that he is very serious most of the time. And we see he actually has a lot of influence over Zen, because when he voices his opinions zen will take them into deep  consideration .

Kiki Seiran, stoic, expressionless, stubborn, she is one of the few female warriors seen in the series. Kiki is a strong women who can easily beat many men in sword fights, she can certainly hold her own. Kiki is a favourite because she doesn’t let men walk over her, instead she disregarded other peoples opinions and did what she wanted.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga which is a far bit ahead of the anime, so make sure you read it because it is just as amazing. I think it’s a great catch to watch, so i implore you to watch it or else you’re missing out.


Sukitte Ii na yo

If you enjoy watching a socially awkward teen who through a roundhouse kick gets a boyfriend, then this is the anime for you. Sukitte Ii na yo is an interesting anime that focuses on everyday problems in relationships, especially when one side of the relationship is anxious on how to express their feelings. Mei Tachibana has always believed that friends will always let you down, and so her lonely life at high school was a given. With a chance encounter, Yamato Kurosawa changed her life for the better with the two starting a relationship Mei is challenged not only with his feelings but her own as well. Sukitte Ii na yo is a lovely slice of life anime, it really sets the tone to what i love you means. And because of the anxiety Mei has during the relationship, i can relate a lot to the fears and doubts she has. If you want a sappy love story, then this is the perfect thing to watch, there is a lot of drama and it always keeps you on your toes.


Mei Tachibana, age 17, gloomy, lonely, observant, Mai is a girl who despite her quiet composure can act out to defend herself. Mai is shy about how she feels most of the time, but through her relationship she learns to truly express herself. One thing i love about her is that when she sees someone in a position she used to be in, she will give them advice so they don’t stoop to how she used to be. Mai is the best, she is blunt and will stick to what she believes in.


Yamato Kurosawa age 17, popular, jealous, forward and truly cares for those he loves. Yamato is a nice boy who truly cares for Mai, he is the person who brings her out of her shell. While he has good motives, the only problem i have with him is he is a sucker for a pity story. From the past to the present, Yamato has made it his duty to protect those in trouble.


Bearer of good news, there is a magna that far exceeds the anime and the story only gets better and better. I found the manga art to be brilliant as well, it’s just so alluring to the eye. It’s a brilliant story so i implore you to try and watch it, if anything it’s a nice easy watch so just relax and watch.


If you enjoy a weird time loop where a man has to revert back to being 10 years old in order to change the future, then this is the anime for you. Erased’s plot follows a man called Satoru Fujinuma who for unknown reasons can go back in time, in order to save a girl he has always regretted not protecting. He goes back in time in order to stop a serial killer murdering his close friends to create a different future, not only is he protecting those in the past but those in the future as well. Erased is a complicated yet heartwarming anime, that really lets you get into the show when it is in a child’s perspective. Because of this ability to go back into the past, Satoru still keeps his older mentality despite him being 10. And having an older mentality he notices more things, he even impacts other peoples lives more, and not spoiling anything but i personally thought Satoru got the short end of the straw at the ending. This is a great mystery anime because who doesn’t love a time travelling anime, but also because of the consistent switch between past and present time.


Satoru Fujinuma, age 29 (age 10), rash, emotional, he regrets not doing anything to save his dead classmates. Satoru gains this ability to go back in time, and he dedicated this used time to save those he lost, he makes it his duty to find the serial killer that got away in the future. And so detective Satoru is on the case. I found him to get the worst ending, so i pity him alot.

Kayo Hinazuki, age 10, a victim to the serial killer, quiet, sad, she keeps to herself and is one of Satoru’s many regrets. She had a miserable past, but thanks to Satoru she has the potential to be saved and live a happy life.

Sachiko Fujinuma, mother of Satoru, sharp, loving, tough, she is one of the best if not only mums who actually do something. Sachiko is a lovely women who deeply cares for her child, she is a dedicated women who protected her child’s innocence during the serial murders.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga that the anime was was adapted from, so you can read it and watch the anime. I pressure you to watch this lovely anime, it is a good catch and you will enjoy the whole show.

Usotsuki Lily

If you enjoy a manga that involves a cross dressing boy who vomits blood every time a guy touches him, then this is the manga for you. Contrary to the image, Usotsuki Lily is not a Yuri manga rather the cross dressing individual is straight. Usotsuki Lily is a gender bender romance manga, where it follows a girlfriends journey in having a boyfriend thats cuter than she is. Originally when En Shinohara had asked out Hinata Saotome she was completely oblivious to his cross dressing tendencies, but she gets past her frustrations and falls in love with him easily. I love Usotsuki Lily because it gets rid of any gender stereotypes, but it also breaks all the conventions and just has two people who have fallen in love, making appearances not everything in a relationship. Passing the gender bender topic, Hinata Saotome and Hinata Saotome are the best couple, they are stupidly in love with one another, making enough drama for you to roll over in laughter. One of the greatest things this manga does, is that it does not follow one couple but multiple. This variety adds many new stories and a lot more humour, if anything it makes the plot better than it already is.

En Shinohara, cross dresser, confident, beautiful and a jealous individual when it comes to his girls friends attentions. En cross dresses as a hobby, because he absolutely loves women. But on a more serious note he does it because of his pure hatred towards men, if he sees even a reflection of himself he will punch it. En is a nice boy, but he makes me frustrated because he looks so damn good as a girl.

Hinata Saotome, kind, blunt, oblivious and a deep romantic but has a taste for good looking men which is why she instantly fell for En. She is a very open girl as she easily accepts en’s hobby and his reasons why. Hinata fights for what she wants, and she becomes the ‘ideal’ girl for En when he explains to other people his love for her. Hinata is very much into doing her own gags which makes the whole manga series way more interesting.

Bearer of good news, the manga is complete so there is an ending, which i can gladly say is fulfilling. Usotsuki Lily is one of the greater gender bender novels you can read, and even if you are unsure i say read it. The romance and slice of life style will only make you fall more in love with this manga.

Seven Deadly Sins

If you enjoy a fantasy based world that focuses on the seven deadly sins, then this is the anime for you. Seven Deadly Sins is a perfect show if you enjoy vibrant magic battles, where the backstory of the deadly sins is looked into more. The plot follows a group of Knights who each adorn a tattoo that explains their deadly sin. For various reasons they were disbanded after being accused of trying to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. The actual protagonist is a girl called Elizabeth who after 10 years decides to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to save the kingdom from the Holy Knights. Elizabeth is as cute as they come, and it is thanks to her that the seven deadly sins are brought together. Seven Deadly Sins is a great anime, not only is the visuals perfect but the actual story seems to be good. I enjoyed watching this because of the combat battles, but also because there is a sort of light hearted humour in most of the episodes.

Elizabeth, Princess of Lioness, timid, innocent, she is a girl who has lived with a silver spoon in her mouth. Despite her title, Elizabeth decided herself that she would go into a world she did not know, all for the sake of her kingdom. And i respect her so much for that. The only problem i have with Elizabeth, is her tendency to not react properly when Meliodas is a pervert towards her.

Hawk, a talking pig, Captain of Scraps Disposal, Hawk is a lovely character. Hawk is one of my favourite characters, his blunt attitude is what i feel like sometimes. And im just saying, he is a true hero.

Meliodas, Sin of Wrath, for someone who seems to have a sin of anger he is unusually calm in many situations. Meliodas is a caring individual who doesn’t not seem to boast his power. His confident personality only makes you groan, especially when he is not ashamed when groping Elizabeth anywhere.

Dianne, Sin of Envy, a giant, kind, girly, temper-mental, she is a jealous women. Dianne is in love with meliodas and she vocalises this every chance she gets, which gives us a front view to her jealous nature. One thing i love about Dianne is she is strong and confident in her abilities, she is one of the many women in this show that don’t cry when they get hit, rather she keeps fighting.

King, Sing of sloth, lazy as hell, he wont do something unless it is to make Dianne happy. King is a fairy, and someone who is in love with Dianne, despite this he still wont lift a finger unless it’s really important to him.

Ban, Sin of Greed, confident, violent, and very easy to read. Ban loots people and is not ashamed of it, he will take what he wants. Despite his greedy attitude, he does care for people and it only makes you love his character more and more.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season which is not complete as of yet, but to tickle you there is also a manga which is quite along. Definitely watch this if fantasy s your type of thing, and i guarantee you will enjoy this show.


Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

If you enjoy a slice of life story where the main protagonist looks suspiciously like Kyoya from Ouran host club, then this is the anime for you. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is only a 12 episode anime, but those 12 episodes are absolute perfection. The plot follows a boy called Sakamoto, who is the heartthrob for both girls and boys. He is the pure essence of COOL, and no matter what the situation Sakamoto fixes it in such a dramatic way that people only see it as brilliance. Most people just peg his brilliance as a ‘secret skill’. Every episode has a different problem, but as always Sakamoto saves the day through the weirdest of methods, be it through holding an umbrella elegantly despite it being turned inside out. He takes being the main character to a new level, so imagine yourself doing an activity to the best of your ability and over dramatizing it, that is a Sakamoto move.  He is smart, well dressed, serious and still people fawn over him. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is one of the best anime i have seen, it is so good that i catch myself humming his main theme tune and it makes me giggle all the time. One of the best things about this show is that Sakamoto does not fall in love with any characters, nor does he really have any sort of affection. It’s very refreshing to see. If this does not motivate you, then the opening song will get you hooked. Im not kidding, this anime is hilarious, and imaging he might be Kyoya from Ouran Host Club, only makes the whole thing more hilarious.

Sakamoto, Cool, Coolest, serious, perfect, he is the best student a teacher could ask for, and not only this but he is good looking as well. Sakamoto is at first a boy who is oblivious to many peoples feelings, but once he catches on that a person is sad he will try his best to fix their unhappiness. Sakamoto has many methods to get around, for instance in one episode he was kicking a stone, and when you thought it was over he defied gravity and kicked the stone along a steep river bank.

Yoshinobu Kubota, quiet, cute, low self esteem, Kubota is Sakamotos best friend, which came about from him being bullied. Kubota is a nice side character, he unlike many of the students does not see Sakamoto in a love way but a friendship way. 

Bearer of bad news, there are only 12 episodes and for me the ending wasn’t as satisfying but it did make me smile. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is a must see, you will be loosing out if you don’t watch it. The main thing about this anime, is it tries to make you laugh by over exaggerating every situation, and i say they do a great job.

Whisper of the Heart

If you enjoy two young children who inspire one another to pursue their future careers then this is the film for you. Whisper of the Heart is a cute drama filled romance, where it follows two young children pursuing their passions. The plot follows Shizuku Tsukishima who often goes to the library and it is through sheer coincidence that every book she takes out was checked out before by a boy called Seiji Amasawa. Her adventures starts here as one day her curiosity gets the best of her when she follows a big white cat, because he was riding the train like a human would. She soon finds Seiji Amasawa who she learns wants to be a luthier (a violin maker), with his push Shizuku decided she was finally going to write. And she uses an antique cat called The Baron as the main protagonist to her story. The most famous part of this movie is the famed bike ride, and i have to say it is so cute, adorable and beautiful. Which is expected of a Studio Ghibli film, the art is just amazing, and the music is captivating. What i am about to tell you, will certainly make you watch this film with more eagerness than before. Whisper of the Heart is an early Studio Ghibli film, and in actuality is a sort of prequel to The Cat Returns. Throughout the whole film there are many allusions to The Cat Returns, for instance the fat white cat riding the train, or the antique cat called The Baron, which you do learn has a female companion, so this film adds a few extra elements to his story. The actual novella that Shizuku writes, which is the most obvious piece is the very early prequel to The Cat Returns, she writes a very similar plot and it will get you excited. So if you enjoy any Studio Ghibli film or The Cat Returns then you have to watch this film, it is an original and you will  feel your heart flutter once more.

Shizuku Tsukishima, age 14, book lover, quick temper, good singer, unsure about the future. Shizuku is a kind girl who does not have a lot of confidence in her own abilities, and so she easily feels overwhelmed when Seiji knows what he wants to do with his life. I like her alot, Shizuku has made it evident that she does not want to be a burden but rather make her own way in the world. And i can aspire to her feelings.


Seiji Amasawa, age 14, confident, good head on his shoulders, teases people, very persistent. Seiji knows what he wants to be and he has never faltered in his ambition once. Despite his care for his family and friends he will put everything on the line so he can be the best violin maker in the world. And i have to give him credit for his devotion.

Bearer of good news, as i said The Cat Returns is like a sequel to this so you can watch see the end of Shizuku’s novel if you watch the film. Studio Ghibli films are great, they make brilliant films and their music is the best so no matter what film they make it is perfect. Whisper of the Heart is one of the best out there, so i have to push you to watch it if you already haven’t.


Double Arts

If you enjoy a martial arts styled manga where both protagonists have to hold hands for eternity, then this is the manga for you. Double Art’s is in a world where a disease called troy is spreading over, and when one is infected they literally disappear. Troy is spread through skin to skin contact. There are people called sisters, who are trying to find the cure for this disease, but in the mean time they absorb the harmfull disease from those infected. Sisters use the ‘healing arts’ in order to absorb the disease, and while they have a high resistance to the Troy disease they will eventually die. The sisters main mission is to find the person who is wholly immune to the troy disease. The main sister we follow is Elraine who starts to contract the symptoms of the troy disease, and on the verge of death a young man called Kiri holds her hand. It is here she find that she no longer feels pain, because Kiri Luchile is the chosen man they are looking for. The whole point is that they can not let go of one another hands because Elraine will die. This manga is a perfect piece to read, it is filled with romance, adventure and a unique fighting ability called Double Art’s. This is a rare find, and it’s not that well known, but you should definitely give it a try, it has a great art style as well. And the outfits they were are so pretty, i would so want to wear them.

Elraine Figarette, age 16a sister, a healer, kind and deeply cares for those around her. Elraine has been a sister since she was 8, and by the time she became 16 she had healed more people than any in the sisterhood. She is a kind girl who wants to push people she cares about away, especially when she contracts the disease. Elraine is a great character, she definitely knows how to fight and she wont let her disease get the best of her, since she would die for the sake of the world. And that means getting Kiri to the head church so they can make the whole world immune. 

Kiri Luchile, age 16, a painter, calm, rash, and a happy go lucky boy. Kiri is a great boy to become friends with. From having immune blood he has a ‘power’ called flare, which lets him to see his strength and speed that he can gain with the number of people he touches. Kiri is a very lucky boy, even more so to have meet Elraine.

Bearer of bad news, there is only a manga, so there is no anime adaption to watch. But the best thing to know is that it is a complete manga, and the ending is not bad but not good either. The only qualm i have is that the journey is not that complete, but overall i find that the plot was good and i was happy with the end result.