Double Arts

If you enjoy a martial arts styled manga where both protagonists have to hold hands for eternity, then this is the manga for you. Double Art’s is in a world where a disease called troy is spreading over, and when one is infected they literally disappear. Troy is spread through skin to skin contact. There are people called sisters, who are trying to find the cure for this disease, but in the mean time they absorb the harmfull disease from those infected. Sisters use the ‘healing arts’ in order to absorb the disease, and while they have a high resistance to the Troy disease they will eventually die. The sisters main mission is to find the person who is wholly immune to the troy disease. The main sister we follow is Elraine who starts to contract the symptoms of the troy disease, and on the verge of death a young man called Kiri holds her hand. It is here she find that she no longer feels pain, because Kiri Luchile is the chosen man they are looking for. The whole point is that they can not let go of one another hands because Elraine will die. This manga is a perfect piece to read, it is filled with romance, adventure and a unique fighting ability called Double Art’s. This is a rare find, and it’s not that well known, but you should definitely give it a try, it has a great art style as well. And the outfits they were are so pretty, i would so want to wear them.

Elraine Figarette, age 16a sister, a healer, kind and deeply cares for those around her. Elraine has been a sister since she was 8, and by the time she became 16 she had healed more people than any in the sisterhood. She is a kind girl who wants to push people she cares about away, especially when she contracts the disease. Elraine is a great character, she definitely knows how to fight and she wont let her disease get the best of her, since she would die for the sake of the world. And that means getting Kiri to the head church so they can make the whole world immune. 

Kiri Luchile, age 16, a painter, calm, rash, and a happy go lucky boy. Kiri is a great boy to become friends with. From having immune blood he has a ‘power’ called flare, which lets him to see his strength and speed that he can gain with the number of people he touches. Kiri is a very lucky boy, even more so to have meet Elraine.

Bearer of bad news, there is only a manga, so there is no anime adaption to watch. But the best thing to know is that it is a complete manga, and the ending is not bad but not good either. The only qualm i have is that the journey is not that complete, but overall i find that the plot was good and i was happy with the end result.


Black Lagoon

If you enjoy badass female lead characters who despite having a dark past can beat everyone in her path, then this is the anime for you. Black Lagoon follows a group of pirate mercenaries who smuggle goods in and out of South Asia. The Black Lagoon companies base is on Roanapur in Thailand, an island dedicated to harbour the worst criminals in the world. Despite the show following a man called Okajima Rock, the show really focuses on the female fighters and how they are so badass. Black Lagoon is a dark anime, there are no happy instances so keep in mind that is a lot of dark humour involved. There are a lot of dark themes, so don’t watch this if you do not enjoy twisted plots with children, vulnerable women and just plain assassination. But don’t let this dissuade you from watching it. I’m telling you, if you want to watch a show with great empowering female characters, then this is the show you should watch.

Rock, age 25, well mannered, humble, but he has a touch of darkness in him. Rock has a luck of an angel, he has managed to survive many hostages situations and somehow can live in Roanapur. Rock can be interpreted as our mind set in a world full of criminals. We are supposed to sympathise with him, but at the same time we see that he is crazy inside as well.

Balalaika, age 31, tall, Russian, military front, and very dark in how she handles situations. Balalaika is one of the many women who you do not want to mess with in this anime. She is a women who made a company called Hotel Moscow, and she used her past comrades in the army to make the group. They are scary. Balalaika being the main boss she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she has done so multiple times throughout the anime.

Revvy, age 25, Chinease/American, sarcastic, foul tempered, battle crazy and very blunt. She is nicknames two hands as she wields two guns every time she enters a battle field, and she is good with them. Revvy every time she is in a fight she has to go into a dark place, a place which makes her empty. Revvy may be young but she sure is a girl you would not want to even bump into, because she will not be afraid to shoot you there and then.

Edith Blackwater, age 24, nun, ill tempered, smoker, drinker and very trigger happy. She is part of the Church who monitors the international criminal activity in Roanapur AKA, the Rip Off Church. Eda is very similar to Revvy, which can explain why they seem to get along/hate one another. She is the complete opposite to a nun and this only makes the hole idea of her even more humorous.

Bearer of good news, there is a series 2 and a manga so you have a good range to read and watch. Black Lagoon is a must see anime, it is something that should be on the bucket list so i urge you to watch her.

Psychic Detective Yakumo

If you enjoy a detective who instead of finding missing children finds ghosts, then this is the anime for you. Psychic Detective Yakumo is a great anime that twists normal detective shows. We follow Yakumo who through having one red eye, can see ghosts, and though he often seems to hate working he is the most caring detective you will come across. Not only do we get to guess who killed the ghost, but we see the torment they go through adding a new sense of sympathy for them. Because no matter who is asking for Yakumo’s help, there is a guarantee that someone has died. For once in this anime, the police aren’t made to be useless, so it adds a nicer quality to the whole show. And to make a cherry on top of the cake, the opening song is so good. I personally like psychic detective Yakumo, as it’s refreshing, this show tells us that to see dead people one has to be messed up in the head. And that’s a good idea. One has to be crazy, to see crazy. If i haven’t already perked your interest, i will push more so for you to watch this. As not only is there thriller, but romance as well.

Yakumo Saitou, age 20, lazy, stoic, blunt, sarcastic, he is anything from nice at the beginning. The thing that we learn about him is that he lives in his collages old Film club room. This only adds to the mystery of Yakumo. But once we learn of his ghostly nature, we see him in a new light. He is kind, caring, and passionate about helping those in need. Yakumo though tormented himself, will stake his own life to free those who are stuck in his world.

Haruka Ozawa age 20, kind, normal, but honest, Haruka is one of the few people who have stared into Yakumo’s eye and called it pretty. Haruka is the second protagonist, and she is the one who gets Yakumo to open up and be his true self. Though she does tend to fall into damsel in distress scenarios, she is great because of her persistence to be Yakumo’s friend.

Kazutoshi Gotou, police man, rough, kind, and a sort of father figure to Yakumo. Gotou is a very active police man, who for a change actually does some good work. I find him to be a favourite because funnily he ships Haruka and Yakumo, so he is like a fangirl inside the anime.

Bearer of good news there is a manga that extends more cases than the actual anime so make sure to give it a read. Definitely watch this, especially if you enjoy Detective Conan and so on.


If you enjoy a dream state world where you can imagine anything and it will come true, then this is the film for you. Paprika is one of the most well known films there are in the industry. It is very much so inception styled, so if you liked the film then you have to watch this film. Paprikas plot follows the idea that technology has advanced so much, that little implants make it possible to go into dreams. In these dreams the therapist can see and understand why a certain disposition is aggravating the patient. The plot mainly follows the life of Chiba Atsuko, who takes on a different persona every time she travels into dreams. She changes her whole appearance to become paprika, effectively showing her own insecurities. Paprika is brilliant, not only is the plot great but it is colourful and vivid. The mix of the dreams and reality is brilliant, and because it is anime the concept of dreams becomes endless. I would push you to watch this if you haven’t already, it’s a guaranteed favourite.

Chiba Atsuko, serious, doctor and grounded, Chiba is the main character. She at first is someone who doesn’t have a great personality, but we see kindness when she cares for Tokia. Chibas alter ego is paprika, they are complete opposites so it is hard at first to understand how they are the same character. But we can see they both hold kindness and bravery, they just have different faces at the end of the day.

Paprika, funny, carefree and the character who spans most of her time in the dream world. She is Chibas alter ego, a completely different women. Paprika is a brave women who fearlessly faces what ever dream she has to enter into, in effect she is the protector to Chiba.

Tokita Kosaku, huge, kind, a NEET, and the most cutest character you will ever meet. Tokita, is in love with Chiba and it is through his love of her that he would risk his own life. He is literally the cutest.

Bearer of bad news, there is not any other anime series that attribute to this. The best you have is the actual film inception to quell the thirst, but don’t be sad you’ll like being able to watch the film any time you want. Paprika is a must watch if our haven’t seen it.

Jubei-chan: The ninja girl

If you enjoy a mysterious eye patch turning a girl into a master of swords, then this is the anime for you. Jubei-chan is a good sword fighting anime, so if you enjoy swords then this is a perfect find. The plot goes as such, that 300 years before the current time, a man called Yagyu Jubei had defeated Ryujoji. Jubei then tasks his servent called Koinosuke to bestow the lovely eye patch to his rightful successor. And finding its way to Jiyu Nanohana, she as a consequence has to fight her processors enemies. And get this, they lived for 300 years through sheer determination of defeating the successor. This anime takes dedication to a whole new level, i know i could never do that. Funnily this anime can be considered a magic girl anime, as the eye patch literally changes Jiyus whole body structure, so that can she withstand the power of the sword techniques. Though it might not have the fluffy fighting style of a normal magic girl show. This show is great for watching battles, and the sound track is on point whenever a battle is happening.

Jiyu Nanohana, age 14, eccentric, honest and very reluctant to wear the lovely eye patch. Jiyu is the main protagonist who through using the eyepatch becomes a somewhat fully grown women, who can use the hidden techniques of Yagu Jubei. She may be young, but she is fully aware that she is coming into something way beyond her power. She becomes the tool to freeing 300 years worth of hatred towards Jubei.

koinosuke Odago, age over 300, servant to Jubei and a comedic character through the series. He is the first one to find Jiyu and bestow her with the lovely eyepatch, and Jubei’s sword. He can be seen as a cheesy uncle to her.

Ayunosuke Odago, age over 300, loyal, good hearted, Ayunosuke is merely a child who is follow his fathers beliefs. This child is a guide for Jiyo as well as a younger sibling figure for Jiyo to want to protect. Just looking into Ayunosuke’s eyes would make you want to go all maternal on him.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season The Counter Attack of Siberian Yagyu which involves more characters and has more sword fights. Jubei-chan is a good anime, i would definitely recommend watching this if you do enjoy ninja’s amd samurai’s.

Bio-Meat Nectar

Manga edition time. If you enjoy horror survival manga where genetically modified BM meat turns the tables and starts to eat humans then this is the anime for you. Bio-Meat Nectar is very mature and the plot is very gruesome, but is worth the read. This manga follows Maaya Kan and his friends, who after an Earthquake in Japan are on the run from the carnivorous BM creatures. The BM creatures look like a carved animal, but it has loads of teeth, the creature was created because there were food shortages in the world. These creatures eat any recycled materials helping the environment, even better humans consume them as a new type of meat. Bio-Meat Nectar is basically a post apocalyptic manga, where instead of zombies there are BM creatures taking over the world. And trust me, you would not want to be near them, they will easily tear you apart. The best thing about this manga is that it follows four small children, and continues to follow them through adulthood. To make it even more spicy, there is a nice touch of romance right to the end. I would recommend reading this, it’s a brilliant apocalyptic piece and it is one of a kind.

Kan Maaya, country kid, brash, and the main character to the manga, he is one of the children who survive from the many BM outbreaks. Maaya is a boy who is not the brightest bulb, but he certainly is clever military wise, this boy has great survival instinct. Maaya adds nice humour to this dark dark manga, and with this we can easily feel like he is our friend as well.

Yuu banba, big, angry and actually a very soft boy on the inside, he is bullied mainly because he is big. Banba becomes the brawn of the group, rather than relying on others he uses brute force to survive.

Marino Kanomiya, quiet, lonely, and bullied by everyone even her parents. Kanomiya is a girl who is a natural in combat, and she grows to become a strong female character. She resents the fact that she was forced to be strong, she would much prefer to be girly and enjoy her life as a normal female girl. She is a great character, she for me develops the most and i can somewhat relate to her.

Shingo Tojo, stoic, clever and the son of the man who created the BM meat. Shingo is a boy who never got close to anyone, he found friendships to be superficial but later learned they last for a life time. He has the most complicated life, he hates his father but is too soft to kill him despite him destroying the whole world.

Bearer of bad news, there is not anime. But the manga is very long and you can read the whole life of these children, making you feel as if you are part of their group. Definitely read this, it’s just a great manga, you will be missing out if you didn’t at least read the first volume.

Deadman Wonderland

If you enjoy people in a world where blood can be used a weapon to survive in prison, then this is the anime for you. This horror anime focuses on a special prison where ‘deadmen’ are pitted against one another in order to live the next day. The plot follows Ganta Igarashi, who is falsely accused of massacring his entire class, he is sent to wonderland prison. It is here where he finds out he is a ‘deadman’, a person who can manipulate his blood, and this prison makes certain to use his power. The main point is there are hunger game fights to the death everyday and if you loose, a wheel is spun to decide what is taken off you. And i mean, anything is taken off, from a liver to a persons eye, this anime has gore to the fullest. I personally don’t mind gore, so this anime is fine for me, if anything it made the plot way more intense. Deadman wonderland not only has a great mysterious plot, but the opening song is awesome. It’s so catchy. Oh and just as a tip you can watch this uncensored or censored, i wouldn’t say there is much that is shown but if you don’t like gore watch the censored version.

Ganta Igarashi, age 14, deadman name Woodpecker, innocent, naive and the most sane. Ganta was framed by a mysterious being and placed in deadman wonderland. He becomes part of the G-ward and has to fight for his life, and it is here he finds a girl called Shiro. He is slightly annoying at first but you feel his pain, as you understand he is not supposed to be there.

Shiro age 15, albino, very cute, innocent, and she is not a prisoner. Shiro is a mysterious character, she wears a bodysuit and has a happy go lucky personality. I personally like shiro, and despite her initial character introduction she is very powerful. You don’t live in a prison without being powerful.

Kiyomasa Senji, age 26, Deadman name Crow, violent, quickly tempered and very awkward around women. He used to be a police officer and despite his insanity has morals which makes Ganta and him become good friends. Senji is my favourite, not only because he is good looking, but because he is the only one who seems to accept the world as it is.

Bearer of bad news, this is only a short 12 episode anime, and thought it ends on a cliffhanger it is not the end. There is a manga that develops the story way better, it even finishes the story perfectly. I would definitely recommend reading the it, you will be missing out if you don’t and there is such a huge plot twist that will get you excited.


Macross Frontier

If you enjoy intergalactic spacecrafts fighting aliens, and music being the thing to save the whole world then this is the anime for you. This idol anime focuses on the macross fleet who fights the Vajra to save the human race. But the catch is that music is a way to distract and counter attack against these aliens, and i have to say the music is brilliant. This is only one of the many seasons to the macross world, but i would say this is the best macross along side macross delta. Though it is an action anime, it does not shy away from the romantic side, as the main protagonist has the two idols pinning for his affections. Macross frontier is perfect is you just enjoy Japanese music, the tracks they sing are top notch. The visuals of the show are amazing, and when the girls have concerts they sound incredible as well as look incredible. The best thing about this anime is the complication of music, it mixes both of the idols songs together in the battle finale and it gets you pumped. This anime is worth watching, and you will regret not seeing it once in your life time, i guarantee you will be listening to their songs all the time.

Alto Saotome, age 17, arrogant, rash and very angry when people think he is a women. Alto is the main male character, and he is the man that both Ranka lee and Sheryl Nome love. He is not my favourite male character as he seems to be ambiguous to who he likes more, and leads both of them on. Despite this, he is a great pilot and is is through him that he inspires the girls to save the galaxy.

Sheryl Nome, age 17, called the Galactic Fairy, she has a more mature sining voice. She for me has the better voice, and she looks pretty as well. Sheryl seems to be the more confident of the two idols, she is the one person who actually helped Ranka become an idol. Though she seems to have more experience with love, she is still innocent and it becomes refreshing when she tries to get Alto to notice her.

Ranka Lee, age 16, is called Super- Dimension Cinderella, she looks young, but she is lively and ready for anything. Ranka’s spirit is the most appealing and her songs are more relatable than Sheryl’s. Ranka is called cinderella because she came from nowhere in the world to a super star, and she seems to be the dreams of many young girls. Ranka like Sheryl tries to gains Alto’s affections but he does not seem to give anything away. Defiantly pay close attention to her, she has a major plot twist. You’ll enjoy it.

Bearer of good news, there are films The False Songstress and The Wings of Tsubasa both brilliant movies. They as i said have a complication of the songs that’ll you love, they even added in more songs for you’re enjoyment, so make sure to watch them. Also good news, there is an ova Macross FB7 Galaxy Flow Soul: Listen to my song! which has Sheryl and rank sing alongside the Macross 7 team. This is a brilliant anime and you will be missing out if you don’t at least listen to the singers songs.

Michiko and Hatchin

If you enjoy an action packed female protagonist kidnapping her own daughter then this is the anime for you. Michiko and Hatchin is an action anime which follows two strong females evading the police, as Michiko is a runaway criminal. This anime is vivid and it does not disappoint, there are no stereotypes of the female here, it is solely focused on the power of female on the good and the bad side. Now this is the perfect anime to watch if you enjoy female empowerment. The plot goes that Hana Morenos an ‘orphan’ is living with her abusive foster family, that is until her mother Michiko Morenos kidnaps her and they stat to live with one another while on the the run. The best part is Michiko is trying to find the father of Hana, and while the purpose of the journey is to find a man, the story develops the characters and you grow attached to both girls. You will be missing out if you don’t watch this, the action alone is great and it’s a rare thing for a crime anime to stand out considering there are so many.

Hana “Hatchin” Morenos, age 9, shy, clever and a stubborn girl, she is essentially the cinderella to this anime, she works and cleans for her foster family all because they want the child support money. Hachin is at first unsure of how to act around her mother, but by time she develops a big bond and hates to be apart from her only family member. Hachin is definitely a cutie, her innocent nature makes you want to protect her.

Michiko Morenos, age 20s, she is loud, arrogant, confident and a loving mother, Michiko is a women who truly inspires you. Though she is a criminal her hardy nature makes you like her even more, it is rare to have a female who is strong but also beautiful so much so that she is comfortable in her skin, and can reveal herself without care. Michiko for me is one of my favourite female characters.

Hiroshi Morenos, age unknown, the mysterious father of Hachin and lover of Michiko, we all want to know who or where he is. While he is the main goal of this anime, he is often forgotten about as we mainly focus on the events surrounding the girls. This is really refreshing as it is usually female characters that are the ‘goal’ or damsels.

Bearer of bad news there are only 22 episodes, and while it may seem short i have to say the ending was very good. I don’t think there would be any other way it could of ended and it definitely kept to a realist idea, so for this i say watch and find out what happens. So if you’re struggling for strong females in anime, then take a shot at this show, you wont be dissatisfied.



If you enjoy a post apocalyptic japan, where supernatural beings are hunted then this is the anime for you. This action/ comedy anime is set after world war 3, where a crater called the black spot is home to outcasts of the world. Now it is from the radiation of this black spot that people get ‘fragments’ and are known to be needless, each fragment is special and contains some form of supernatural power. This anime is known for it’s immense fan service, so be aware of this when watching. The best thing about this anime is the comedy that comes about, while the whole situation is serious the characters find every gag they can see and use it to even win their battles. So if you enjoy a light hearted action, with super cool powers and super cool animation, this is a great find for you.

Cruz Shield, age 12, shy, smart and a coward, is the first person we see in the anime and who is the most ordinary so far. Cruz is a peculiar character as he is a boy travelling around the black spot in order to save his sister. Cruz is the centre of most of the gags in the anime, he is also the fourth wall breaker in the sense he points out all the flaws and obvious holes in the other characters. The most notable aspect of Cruz is that all the characters call him Yamada, this is because on some misunderstanding they can’t be bothered to call him his real name.

Adam Blade, age 20, egotistical, stupid and a pervert he funnily is a priest. Despite his priest garb this man is anything but religious, making Blade in effect one of the funniest characters. Now his fragment is zero, meaning he can copy another fragments power and use it whenever he needs. Blade in his pervert and silly manner, is the strongest character in the whole series.

Eve Neuschwanstein, age 20, forgetful and full of her self she is the partner to Blade. For her the funniest thing is her ability to not remember peoples names, it goes so far that she called Cruz yamada, and this is what he is now known as. Her fragment is Doppelgänger, basically a shapeshifter making her a very powerful needless. Don’t be fooled by her hard serious persona, as deep down as we find later she is a lovely, shy and kind girl.

Bearer of bad news the anime is only 24 episodes long, and it seems it made it all it’s time to the fan service than the plot. But, don’t be upset there is a manga that expands on the plot line and actually makes the whole thing more interesting. I’d say definitely read the manga, especially if you found the anime good, they developed the story way better than you could imagine. It’s a long read, but it is definitely worth it for the plot twists.

Fun tip, there are ovas that are like a one shot of the manga series after episode 24. So make sure you watch them.