Seven Deadly Sins

If you enjoy a fantasy based world that focuses on the seven deadly sins, then this is the anime for you. Seven Deadly Sins is a perfect show if you enjoy vibrant magic battles, where the backstory of the deadly sins is looked into more. The plot follows a group of Knights who each adorn a tattoo that explains their deadly sin. For various reasons they were disbanded after being accused of trying to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. The actual protagonist is a girl called Elizabeth who after 10 years decides to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to save the kingdom from the Holy Knights. Elizabeth is as cute as they come, and it is thanks to her that the seven deadly sins are brought together. Seven Deadly Sins is a great anime, not only is the visuals perfect but the actual story seems to be good. I enjoyed watching this because of the combat battles, but also because there is a sort of light hearted humour in most of the episodes.

Elizabeth, Princess of Lioness, timid, innocent, she is a girl who has lived with a silver spoon in her mouth. Despite her title, Elizabeth decided herself that she would go into a world she did not know, all for the sake of her kingdom. And i respect her so much for that. The only problem i have with Elizabeth, is her tendency to not react properly when Meliodas is a pervert towards her.

Hawk, a talking pig, Captain of Scraps Disposal, Hawk is a lovely character. Hawk is one of my favourite characters, his blunt attitude is what i feel like sometimes. And im just saying, he is a true hero.

Meliodas, Sin of Wrath, for someone who seems to have a sin of anger he is unusually calm in many situations. Meliodas is a caring individual who doesn’t not seem to boast his power. His confident personality only makes you groan, especially when he is not ashamed when groping Elizabeth anywhere.

Dianne, Sin of Envy, a giant, kind, girly, temper-mental, she is a jealous women. Dianne is in love with meliodas and she vocalises this every chance she gets, which gives us a front view to her jealous nature. One thing i love about Dianne is she is strong and confident in her abilities, she is one of the many women in this show that don’t cry when they get hit, rather she keeps fighting.

King, Sing of sloth, lazy as hell, he wont do something unless it is to make Dianne happy. King is a fairy, and someone who is in love with Dianne, despite this he still wont lift a finger unless it’s really important to him.

Ban, Sin of Greed, confident, violent, and very easy to read. Ban loots people and is not ashamed of it, he will take what he wants. Despite his greedy attitude, he does care for people and it only makes you love his character more and more.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season which is not complete as of yet, but to tickle you there is also a manga which is quite along. Definitely watch this if fantasy s your type of thing, and i guarantee you will enjoy this show.



Double Arts

If you enjoy a martial arts styled manga where both protagonists have to hold hands for eternity, then this is the manga for you. Double Art’s is in a world where a disease called troy is spreading over, and when one is infected they literally disappear. Troy is spread through skin to skin contact. There are people called sisters, who are trying to find the cure for this disease, but in the mean time they absorb the harmfull disease from those infected. Sisters use the ‘healing arts’ in order to absorb the disease, and while they have a high resistance to the Troy disease they will eventually die. The sisters main mission is to find the person who is wholly immune to the troy disease. The main sister we follow is Elraine who starts to contract the symptoms of the troy disease, and on the verge of death a young man called Kiri holds her hand. It is here she find that she no longer feels pain, because Kiri Luchile is the chosen man they are looking for. The whole point is that they can not let go of one another hands because Elraine will die. This manga is a perfect piece to read, it is filled with romance, adventure and a unique fighting ability called Double Art’s. This is a rare find, and it’s not that well known, but you should definitely give it a try, it has a great art style as well. And the outfits they were are so pretty, i would so want to wear them.

Elraine Figarette, age 16a sister, a healer, kind and deeply cares for those around her. Elraine has been a sister since she was 8, and by the time she became 16 she had healed more people than any in the sisterhood. She is a kind girl who wants to push people she cares about away, especially when she contracts the disease. Elraine is a great character, she definitely knows how to fight and she wont let her disease get the best of her, since she would die for the sake of the world. And that means getting Kiri to the head church so they can make the whole world immune. 

Kiri Luchile, age 16, a painter, calm, rash, and a happy go lucky boy. Kiri is a great boy to become friends with. From having immune blood he has a ‘power’ called flare, which lets him to see his strength and speed that he can gain with the number of people he touches. Kiri is a very lucky boy, even more so to have meet Elraine.

Bearer of bad news, there is only a manga, so there is no anime adaption to watch. But the best thing to know is that it is a complete manga, and the ending is not bad but not good either. The only qualm i have is that the journey is not that complete, but overall i find that the plot was good and i was happy with the end result.

7 seeds

If you enjoy post apocalyptic books then this is the manga for you. The plot is about a selective group of individuals that were picked to live in an apocalyptic world. Unknown to them all, they all woke and found the world they knew no longer exists. There are five groups all named after a season, Summer A, Summer B, Spring Team, Fall Team and Winter Team. They have to cooperate with one another in order to survive. The manga specifically follows the groups, so all the characters are given time to develop. But the manga mainly focuses on Summer Team B, especially a young introverted girl called Natsu.  She like many others is bewildered at why she was chosen. And in a sicking realisation she finds that every other group has some sort of athletic ability while the Summer B group doesn’t, rather they are the backup group. The people who choose the groups, chose young individuals with some sort of survival ability. But the Summer B group has no such ability, instead they were chosen because they were unpredictable, because they were not special. But I like the Summer B group. They do not flaunt their abilities, rather they use methods that can be risky but it’s worth it. 7 seeds is a powerful manga, it is literally the under dogs trying to live. And best of all, the other groups do not know about one another. So a lot of drama and plot twists happen.

Team Summer B

Nastu Iwashimizu, age 16, painfully shy, introverted, was bullied and has trouble speaking out. She at first is a heroine who does not believe in her own abilities, but as we see she is a keen observer and that is what has kept the Summer B team alive. Funnily her name means Summer, so it’s sort of inevitable that she would be in the group. I really like Natsu, she grows into her true self, and she finds all the courage she never had.

Arashi Aota, age 17, hard headed, rash, whiney and most of all the boyfriend to Springs teams Hana. Arashi is very compassionate which is shown when he protects natsu, especially in her introverted days. The funny thing about him, is that throughout the manga he is searching for Hana, and he doesn’t even know if she is alive. For me this was very annoying, i mean sure it’s nice to have a goal, but i don’t need him whining about his girlfriend when the group is starving.

Seimimaru Asai, age 18, arrogant, rebellious, and loves to pick on Natsu. He is a typical case of play ground bullying, he secretly loves natsu which was obvious. He is a great person at cheering people up, if anything that is his superpower.

Matsuri Tendou, age 16, hyper, funny, nice and a girl who can make anything smile. She somehow has kept her cheery personality, but thats a good quality to boost the morale. She is my second favourite.

Chimaki Tamori age 19, creative, and obsessed with art. His personality somewhat creeps the others out, he finds anything in the world to paint with. He is usualy stoic and can be seen as rather lazy.

Hotaru Kusakuri, age 12, one of the youngest, clever and a psychic. Hotaru is kind and for some reason she can always predict the weather, it is plainly described as due to her strong intuition.

Kaname Mozunoto, age 37-8, he is the most skilled out of the group. He is the helper to teaching the others life saving tactics. Pay close attention to this mysterious man, he has more knowledge than what he is letting on.

Botan Saotome, was a police officer, she is sort of a tour guide for the group. Though Botan’s comments may seem harsh, she is really just looking out for everyone. She is sort of the mother figure.

Bearer of mutual news, the manga is not complete, but there is a good 100 chapters to read. Because some of the chapters change between groups, it’s good to take it bit by bit. As there is a lot of information that can be thrown at you, but don’t be dissuaded. It’s a great read and you will be like me happily waiting for the next chapter to come out.


If you enjoy a dream state world where you can imagine anything and it will come true, then this is the film for you. Paprika is one of the most well known films there are in the industry. It is very much so inception styled, so if you liked the film then you have to watch this film. Paprikas plot follows the idea that technology has advanced so much, that little implants make it possible to go into dreams. In these dreams the therapist can see and understand why a certain disposition is aggravating the patient. The plot mainly follows the life of Chiba Atsuko, who takes on a different persona every time she travels into dreams. She changes her whole appearance to become paprika, effectively showing her own insecurities. Paprika is brilliant, not only is the plot great but it is colourful and vivid. The mix of the dreams and reality is brilliant, and because it is anime the concept of dreams becomes endless. I would push you to watch this if you haven’t already, it’s a guaranteed favourite.

Chiba Atsuko, serious, doctor and grounded, Chiba is the main character. She at first is someone who doesn’t have a great personality, but we see kindness when she cares for Tokia. Chibas alter ego is paprika, they are complete opposites so it is hard at first to understand how they are the same character. But we can see they both hold kindness and bravery, they just have different faces at the end of the day.

Paprika, funny, carefree and the character who spans most of her time in the dream world. She is Chibas alter ego, a completely different women. Paprika is a brave women who fearlessly faces what ever dream she has to enter into, in effect she is the protector to Chiba.

Tokita Kosaku, huge, kind, a NEET, and the most cutest character you will ever meet. Tokita, is in love with Chiba and it is through his love of her that he would risk his own life. He is literally the cutest.

Bearer of bad news, there is not any other anime series that attribute to this. The best you have is the actual film inception to quell the thirst, but don’t be sad you’ll like being able to watch the film any time you want. Paprika is a must watch if our haven’t seen it.

Tengan Toppa Gurren lagann

If you enjoy huge robots and massive battles that span into the galaxy then this is the anime for you. Gurren Lagann is one of the best mecha anime there are, its fight scenes are fantastic. The plot goes as such that Earth is being ruled by the spiral king, and it is him that forces humans to live underground. It has been this way for a for a few centuries, and is through this that the protagonists have never seen the sun before.  Kamia and Simon are both diggers, who are secretly digging for a way out. And it just so happens that they find a drill key that leads to a mecha; gunman. This is where the story intensities and it’s only the first episode. And it is here that the two boys go to the surface and join Yoko in creating Team Gurren. This anime does not lack in any genre, of course there are robots, but there is also the element of romance in the story. Gurren Lagann is the best anime, that will make you cry at least 3 times. And if it doesn’t, then you’re lying to yourself.

Kamia, age 17, eccentric, hotheaded and an inspiration to young simon. Despite his looks, kamia is a very caring person, he would literally move the stars for simon. Kamia is very intellectual, especially in the battle field, as he does not mind taking risks at all. He is a nice older brother character who will make you feel so many emotions in the episodes. The first being his encouragement to little simon, that the little boy has potential. Something that no one else saw. That’s true bromance.

Simon, age 14, young, short, shy, he is a very underrated character at the beginning. Simon is the main person who makes Kamia’s dreams come true, he is the main force to push kamia. Simon is very humble and so at first didn’t understand that he was a very inspiring person to Kamia. Simon was often bullied by others, so he always thought he could do no more. But mid season came, and well. He got a puberty update. Safe to say, he grew into his confidence nicely. Simon is easily my top favourite character in the whole series, his feelings literally pierce you like a drill.

Yoko age 14, rash, mature, caring, but most of all a great gunsman. The most notable thing about her, is that she is developed in many areas. At first it might shock you that she and simon are the same age, but puberty does hit some people a bit faster than others. But yoko is a great character, she adds alot of humour to the anime. And she also adds a lot of love triangles to the mix.

Bearer of good news, there are movies Gurren Lagann the movie: Childhoods end, and Gurren Lagann the movie: The lights in the Sky are stars Trust me you’re going to want to watch them after the series. Because honestly, the ending is cry worthy. If you haven’t had a good ending in a long time, just watch this and you will get it.  Mecha anime is always great so i would so recommend watching this if you like them, all in all it’s such a great find.

Jubei-chan: The ninja girl

If you enjoy a mysterious eye patch turning a girl into a master of swords, then this is the anime for you. Jubei-chan is a good sword fighting anime, so if you enjoy swords then this is a perfect find. The plot goes as such, that 300 years before the current time, a man called Yagyu Jubei had defeated Ryujoji. Jubei then tasks his servent called Koinosuke to bestow the lovely eye patch to his rightful successor. And finding its way to Jiyu Nanohana, she as a consequence has to fight her processors enemies. And get this, they lived for 300 years through sheer determination of defeating the successor. This anime takes dedication to a whole new level, i know i could never do that. Funnily this anime can be considered a magic girl anime, as the eye patch literally changes Jiyus whole body structure, so that can she withstand the power of the sword techniques. Though it might not have the fluffy fighting style of a normal magic girl show. This show is great for watching battles, and the sound track is on point whenever a battle is happening.

Jiyu Nanohana, age 14, eccentric, honest and very reluctant to wear the lovely eye patch. Jiyu is the main protagonist who through using the eyepatch becomes a somewhat fully grown women, who can use the hidden techniques of Yagu Jubei. She may be young, but she is fully aware that she is coming into something way beyond her power. She becomes the tool to freeing 300 years worth of hatred towards Jubei.

koinosuke Odago, age over 300, servant to Jubei and a comedic character through the series. He is the first one to find Jiyu and bestow her with the lovely eyepatch, and Jubei’s sword. He can be seen as a cheesy uncle to her.

Ayunosuke Odago, age over 300, loyal, good hearted, Ayunosuke is merely a child who is follow his fathers beliefs. This child is a guide for Jiyo as well as a younger sibling figure for Jiyo to want to protect. Just looking into Ayunosuke’s eyes would make you want to go all maternal on him.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season The Counter Attack of Siberian Yagyu which involves more characters and has more sword fights. Jubei-chan is a good anime, i would definitely recommend watching this if you do enjoy ninja’s amd samurai’s.

Detective Conan

If you enjoy a world full of detectives who solve crimes like Sherlock Holmes then this is the anime for you. Detective Conan is a mystery based anime, that is very much so themed around the Sherlock Holmes puzzle solving etiquette. This plot follows a young detective Kudo Shinichi who through a sticky situation regresses physically to a childs body.  And so to protect his friends he uses a pseudonym, Edogawa Conan. The whole anime revolves around Conan and how he solves various crimes, it’s a great show to watch if you like solving puzzles. Detective Conan does have a deeper theme concerning the black organisation, this group are a dark and dangerous assassins who will keep you on your toes. I would defiantly watch this is you absolutely love Sherlock Holmes, this is a great long anime that you can watch with ease. While the episodes are seemingly one shot episodes, the anime does have a plot. The best thing about this anime is that in every episode we gather clues alongside the characters. Even during the flashback’s of the victims memory, the criminals are covered in black with only a piercing glare for eyes. It’s a very interesting way of getting the viewer to be involved with the crime solving.

Kudo Shinichi, age 17 (age 6), arrogant, brilliant and kind, Kudo is a well known detective from youth. However when he meddles with the black organisation he becomes a child, Edogawa Conan. Conan in a panic started to live with Ran, his childhood friend who he secretly loves. The funniest part of this anime is the constant fact that Ran is unaware of Conan’s true identify and consistently treats him as a child.

Ran Mouri, age 17, kind, a bit ditzy and a world wide champion of Martial arts, she is an inspiring women. Ran is the main protagonist to this anime, she is a girl who loves Kudo and becomes the most favourite female character in the while show. Ran is a great character as her unknown title of campion in martial arts always catches the villains by surprise.

Bearer of good news, there are at least 800 episodes but don’t let the sheer number frighten you. As i said they seem more like one shot episodes, so you can watch them at a slow pace. Also there are 20 films which are all brilliant, and they have a good amount of action. You defiantly wont regret watching this anime, it’s a great show and you will be missing out if you at least didn’t watch a few episodes.

Toshokan Sensou (Library War’s)

If you enjoy an a entire defence force fully dedicated to protecting books from censorship, then this is the anime for you. Toshokan Sensou’s plot revolves around a law being made that censors books, so burning books, banning and closing libraries are legal. The library Defence Force are the people who protects books, and they will use artillery if needed. What makes this anime special is Iku Kasahara, she is the only female in the defence force. Kasahara is inspirational, because not only is she protecting books but she strives higher than her male colleagues. One of the main reasons i went to this anime, is because i absolutely love books and it would break my heart if they were censored. I instantly felt like Kasahara, because i wold join the Defence force to protect the books. There’s no way i would let someone tell me i cannot read something because it is considered silly. If you’re a book lover, first read the manga. And second, don’t miss this show at all, you’ll fall in love with it and feel as if you become part of the defence team.

Iku Kasahara, age 23, tall, recless but strong, she is the only women to have ever made it on the Library Defence force. The best thing about Kasahara is her consistent arguing to her superiors, especially Dojo who is a good head shorter than she is. She originally joined the force because a man had saved her favourite book from being taken, and it is a comical thing that she tries to find her prince charming. Despite him being right next to her most of the time.

Atsushi Dojo, age 26, short, mean and someone who everyone trusts deeply. Dojo is Kasahara’s commanding officer, and it is with her that he constantly bickers with. Dojo is a very cherished character as while he seems to only be harsh to Kasahara, it is only because he doesn’t want her to fall in battle. Trust me, you’ll love him at the end.

Bearer of good news, Toshokan Sensou is a manga, so there are more events that happen. Also there are live actions movies which follow the manga, they are called library wars, Library wars: book of memory and lastly Library wars: The last mission, watch them in that order. There is also an anime movie called library war the wings of revolution. They all have different elements so it is worth watching them all. All in all, this is a brilliant anime/manga, as while the plot is serious there is a nice slice of romance in it. If you’re a book lover, definitely watch/read this.


If you enjoy a harem full of boys who are trying to help a heroine regain her memories then this is the anime for you. This anime’s plot goes like this, the heroine has lost her memories and for some reason she finds her self teleported into different worlds, where she lives different lives. Apart from the fickle heroine, the men who surrounds her have drastically different personalities, so you have a good choice to pick from. If you thought this anime was normal, then think again, as there is a mysterious spirit called Orion who tries to help the heroine regain her lost memories. Peculiar i know, but he is basically the mother hen to the protagonist and we easily fall in love with his character. Apart from Orion, the most interesting thing is the idea of card suits, each character has an allocated suit and it becomes part of their identity. It adds a nice flavour to the show. One thing to note, don’t be fooled by any of the male characters, though they may look pretty, they all have some tragic background. So be prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster ride. I would say if you liked Ouran host club then this is a good recommendation to watch.

Heroine, age 19, an amnesiac who really does not develop a personality until the end of the show. Understandably she is confused and it is through her that we get to fall in love with the men surrounding her. Because she is unnamed, it adds a game element to the anime, therefore making it seem as if you are actually in the anime.

Orion, age 14, a mysterious spirt, who for some reason only the heroine can see, and it is through this boy that she is kept safe. Orion can be considered as the other protagonist as he is one who helps the heroine the most often. For me i see orion as a cute little brother, he is definitely someone you would want to protect.

Shin, age 18, childhood friend and aggressive, he is classified as the bad boy out of the group. Shin is the boy who seems to have a deep connection with the heroine and through some misunderstanding they seems to gain the best relationship out of all the other boys. His ending is one of the happier ones.

Ikki, age 22, a playboy, and seems to be a victim to his own fan club, Ikki despite his arrogant nature is a child on the inside. As a child he wished to be popular and his wish was granted, only the catch is he cannot keep a girlfriend for more than three months. But secretly it is his fan club who have made a pact, and told the girlfriends they cannot be his girlfriend for more than three months. And the consequence is bullying, as the heroine later finds out.

Toma, age 20, another childhood friend, he is kind and very very overprotective. For me he was the creepiest of the boys, trust me you’ll know when he turns creepy.

kent, age, 25, the intellectual boy who is emotionless, he is one of the only males who actually knows that she has orion guiding her. He is a favourite of mine, since he actually wants to understand the heroine rather then make her fall in love with him

Ukyo, age 24, is a mysterious character who appears to be the same in all the dimensions the heroine is transported to. The most significant thing about him is his split personalty, and you will find out why, it will break your heart. Ukyo seems to be the most compassionate of the group, he in the game actually has 6 bad endings. So just know, his story is a tragic one.

Bearer of good news, there are games called Amnesia memories, Amnesia later and Amnesia Crowd you can play that have the same plot as the anime and even has more characters to fall in love with. One of the good things about this anime is that the ending is ambiguous, so you can decide what ending she has, or rather who she ends up with. One thing for me was that the opening was so catchy, and visually i loved it.

Michiko and Hatchin

If you enjoy an action packed female protagonist kidnapping her own daughter then this is the anime for you. Michiko and Hatchin is an action anime which follows two strong females evading the police, as Michiko is a runaway criminal. This anime is vivid and it does not disappoint, there are no stereotypes of the female here, it is solely focused on the power of female on the good and the bad side. Now this is the perfect anime to watch if you enjoy female empowerment. The plot goes that Hana Morenos an ‘orphan’ is living with her abusive foster family, that is until her mother Michiko Morenos kidnaps her and they stat to live with one another while on the the run. The best part is Michiko is trying to find the father of Hana, and while the purpose of the journey is to find a man, the story develops the characters and you grow attached to both girls. You will be missing out if you don’t watch this, the action alone is great and it’s a rare thing for a crime anime to stand out considering there are so many.

Hana “Hatchin” Morenos, age 9, shy, clever and a stubborn girl, she is essentially the cinderella to this anime, she works and cleans for her foster family all because they want the child support money. Hachin is at first unsure of how to act around her mother, but by time she develops a big bond and hates to be apart from her only family member. Hachin is definitely a cutie, her innocent nature makes you want to protect her.

Michiko Morenos, age 20s, she is loud, arrogant, confident and a loving mother, Michiko is a women who truly inspires you. Though she is a criminal her hardy nature makes you like her even more, it is rare to have a female who is strong but also beautiful so much so that she is comfortable in her skin, and can reveal herself without care. Michiko for me is one of my favourite female characters.

Hiroshi Morenos, age unknown, the mysterious father of Hachin and lover of Michiko, we all want to know who or where he is. While he is the main goal of this anime, he is often forgotten about as we mainly focus on the events surrounding the girls. This is really refreshing as it is usually female characters that are the ‘goal’ or damsels.

Bearer of bad news there are only 22 episodes, and while it may seem short i have to say the ending was very good. I don’t think there would be any other way it could of ended and it definitely kept to a realist idea, so for this i say watch and find out what happens. So if you’re struggling for strong females in anime, then take a shot at this show, you wont be dissatisfied.