Black Lagoon

If you enjoy badass female lead characters who despite having a dark past can beat everyone in her path, then this is the anime for you. Black Lagoon follows a group of pirate mercenaries who smuggle goods in and out of South Asia. The Black Lagoon companies base is on Roanapur in Thailand, an island dedicated to harbour the worst criminals in the world. Despite the show following a man called Okajima Rock, the show really focuses on the female fighters and how they are so badass. Black Lagoon is a dark anime, there are no happy instances so keep in mind that is a lot of dark humour involved. There are a lot of dark themes, so don’t watch this if you do not enjoy twisted plots with children, vulnerable women and just plain assassination. But don’t let this dissuade you from watching it. I’m telling you, if you want to watch a show with great empowering female characters, then this is the show you should watch.

Rock, age 25, well mannered, humble, but he has a touch of darkness in him. Rock has a luck of an angel, he has managed to survive many hostages situations and somehow can live in Roanapur. Rock can be interpreted as our mind set in a world full of criminals. We are supposed to sympathise with him, but at the same time we see that he is crazy inside as well.

Balalaika, age 31, tall, Russian, military front, and very dark in how she handles situations. Balalaika is one of the many women who you do not want to mess with in this anime. She is a women who made a company called Hotel Moscow, and she used her past comrades in the army to make the group. They are scary. Balalaika being the main boss she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she has done so multiple times throughout the anime.

Revvy, age 25, Chinease/American, sarcastic, foul tempered, battle crazy and very blunt. She is nicknames two hands as she wields two guns every time she enters a battle field, and she is good with them. Revvy every time she is in a fight she has to go into a dark place, a place which makes her empty. Revvy may be young but she sure is a girl you would not want to even bump into, because she will not be afraid to shoot you there and then.

Edith Blackwater, age 24, nun, ill tempered, smoker, drinker and very trigger happy. She is part of the Church who monitors the international criminal activity in Roanapur AKA, the Rip Off Church. Eda is very similar to Revvy, which can explain why they seem to get along/hate one another. She is the complete opposite to a nun and this only makes the hole idea of her even more humorous.

Bearer of good news, there is a series 2 and a manga so you have a good range to read and watch. Black Lagoon is a must see anime, it is something that should be on the bucket list so i urge you to watch her.


The Earl and Fairy

If you enjoy fairies, the victorian era and anything fantasy based, then this is anime for you. The Earl and Fairy follows a fairy doctor called Lydia Carlton, who has the power to see fairies. And they are adorable tiny little fairies. She lives on an isolated island but is scouted by a man called Edgar J C Ashenbert. And through meeting him, she takes a voyage to discover a treasured sword, that was supposed to be handed down by her contractors family. This anime is short, but i find they packed just enough in for the whole series to be satisfying. Earl and Fairy is comedic but it also has a great soundtrack, i could easily sit down and just listen to the opening tune alone.

Lydia Carlton, age 17, independent, clever and insecure about her own appearance. She is a fairy doctor, something that is rare and impressive. She despite what she assumes about herself, seems to draw men in like flies. Lydia is the kindest girl you will ever meet, she will for fairy or human put herself in danger. All because she is a fairy doctor.

Edgar J C Ashenbert, age 20’s, prince like, mysterious and a player. He does not hold back on the charm, and personally for me i found him to be annoying. He always seemed to make Lydia a damsel in distress, despite her being able to take care of herself.

Raven, age 18, servant, has a sprite inside of him, and a powerful ally. Raven is the coolest and most active in the series, he is definitely a friend you would want to have on your side. Raven generally has a kind relation with most of the characters, and he easily becomes the most likeable in the whole series.

Nico, a spirit residing in a cat, he is Lydia’s partner in crime. Nico is certainly a gentleman and it is shown when he has a preference with teas and fashion choices. Nico despite being a great fairy, is a coward. He runs away whenever danger is coming to the group.

Kelpie, water horse, arrogant and helplessly in love with Lydia. Kelpie is hilarious. He is the best character in the whole series. He truly loves Lydia for who she is, but she clearly doesn’t love him back. I found this quite sad, but her disinterest only makes his advances more and more hilarious.

Bearer of bad news, there are only 12 episodes but i found the ending to be decent enough. There is a light Novel that you can read for more adventures, so read it if you enjoyed the anime.

Black Blood Brother’s

If you enjoy vampire anime with loads of sword fights then this is the anime for you. Black blood brothers is a nice slow paced vampire show of 12 episodes, and though the ending seemed incomplete, it is a nice thing to watch. Black Blood Brother’s follows the life of Mimiko Katsuragi a human compromiser who mediates humans and vampires. She is the ticket for Jiro and Kotaro to get into the Special Zone. The Special Zone is the only place where vampires and humans can live in peace with one another. This show is not that serious, it is more on the comedy side than anything. The humour is thanks to Mimiko who is a head strong girl not afraid to threaten vampires. One of the best things she did was constantly throw holy water on Jiro every time he annoyed her.

Mimiko Katsuagi, easily angered, rash, and a very independent girl. Mimiko is the main female character, she by pure compassion lets her clients Jiro and Kotaro stay with her till they find proper homes. She is very kind, but she can certainly dig her own heels in, but never less Mimiko is a very aspiring girl to be.

Jiro Mochizuki, a very old vampire, cranky, powerful and can be a pushover when it comes to Kotaro. Jiro is an old blood vampire, he is specifically weak against the sunlight and water which is evident when he smokes even under an umbrella. Jiro is a kind man when it comes to people he loves, and he will put his own life on the line.

Kotaro Mochizuki, age 10, the youngest old vampire, naive, has a high pain tolerance. At first appearance he seems to not be a vampire but human, and we are surprised he is Jiro’s little brother. He may be cute, but he was annoying.

Bearer of bad news, this anime is only 12 episodes long so there is no movie for it. And more bearer of bad news the ending seemed like it could have another season, and sadly there is not one. But i can gladly say you should watch it, it’s comedy is perfect and there are some great action scenes.

Ghost Hunt

If you enjoy listening to Ghost stories and watching people with latent abilities then this is the anime for you. Ghost hunt is one of the best occult detective shows you can see, it is a must see if you partially enjoys film like paranormal activity. I mean it’s more like Detective Conan but ghost wise. Ghost Hunt’s plot follows a company called Shibuya Psychic Research who investigate occult occurrences in Japan. The show focuses not only on the victims of the occult, but on the employees of Shibuya Psychic Research. Mai Taniyama is the main protagonist who has the latent ability to find information in her dreams. Mai is a very head strong girl, who definitely has the right reactions when someone creepy happens in the house. Mai becomes my spirit animal in this anime. This anime is not only spooky but heart breaking as well, it takes you a moment to realise that with every case someone has died. And when the story of how they died comes to show, a tear or two may come to your eye. Ghost hunt is the perfect show to watch for the occult, so i definitely recommend it.

Mai Taniyama, 16, hot headed, young and a great developing detective. Mai accidentally breaks one of the Shibuya Psychic Research cameras and injuries Lin by accident so she repays her debt by working for them. It is in her adventures with ghost hunting that she learns of her latent abilities, also known as clairvoyance and she also posses astral projection.  Mai at first is seen to be weak and just a little child, but she embodies humanity, she is the emotional support of the group and that is a hard task to keep.

Kazuya Shibuya, age 17, cold, narcissistic, but also very protective of those he cares about. From the start you see that Shibuya is hiding something dark, and it is not till later in the series that we fully understand the truth.

John Brown, age 19, a priest, Australian and the funniest good natured character you will meet in this show. His accent is on point in the Dub, it is brilliant. Because of his occupation he is very kind and empathetic so he is more understanding when a ghost is haunting a place.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga so there is more character development for you to read. I will push you to watch Ghost hunt, it’s not scary, just the occult things that happen seem so life like.



Mamotte! Lollipop

If you enjoy magical boys and romantic comedies then this is the anime for you. Mamotte! Lollipop is a fantasy based anime that has a wide amount of magical battles, and it also doesn’t fall short on the romantic side either. The plot follows a young girl called Nina Yamada, who accidentally ate the crystal peal. The crystal pearl is an object that is used for the sorcery exam, which goes on for half a year. The exam goes on that whoever has the pearl at the end of 6 months is the person/group to pass the exam. However because Nina ate the pearl she is now targeted, and many of the participants do not value her life, she is expendable. But Zero and Ichii decided that they needed to protect Nina, mainly for the pearl. Apart from the obvious killing intent, many of the other characters are fabulous. They all have their own individual quirks and that’s what makes this anime special. It’s rare to have so many side characters in a short anime and actually expand on their backgrounds. Mamotte! Lollipop is a very cute light hearted anime that though has a damsel in distress situation, it still makes you go all gooey at the romantic tension involved. It is not only romance that is included but comedy, as there are many love triangles that make you cringe and laugh at the same time. Definitely watch this if you like magic girl anime, just this time it will be magic boys.

Nina Yamada, age 12, violent and a crybaby, Nina is a girl who is a dreamer which causes her to accidentally eat the pearl. She is the stereotypical damsel in distress character, and sometimes she is annoying but most of the time she seems to gain a back bone and fights for what she wants. There is a large sense of sympathy for her as she can die, not everyone is as kind as Zero and Ichii, she has more death flags than any other character.

Ichii, age 15, kind, logical, calm he is the thinker of his group and because he is older he has a sense of paternal feeling for his friends. Zero is a nice character but he seems a bit plain for my liking, he is the popular guy so he’s not as appealing as the other characters.

Zero, age 13, quick tempered, rash, but very kind. Zero is an exact representation of a kid his age, he is unsure how to treat Nina but he wants to win so his decisions can be somewhat harmful to her. Zero adds a very comedic element, as he and Nina are constantly fighting, he does not see her as a girl at all and that irritates Nina.

Bearer bad news, the anime is only 13 episodes long and it only covers half the story. However there is a manga that follows the first season and another called Mamotte!Mamotte! Lollipop that adds more adventures. So if you want to continue and find out how everything ends, then read the manga.

Terror in Resonance

If you enjoy a thriller anime that focuses on the villains, and makes the good guys bad then this is the anime for you. Terror in Resonance is placed in a world where japan is under a terror threat. The only clue the police have are videos of two men who call themselves Sphinx, who take claim to the attacks. The two identities of the villain’s are hidden behind some power ranger mask. This anime is very dark, and you can unknowingly become attached to people you shouldn’t. The criminals have a reason to why they are attacking the city, and you will find it to be worse than you thought. Terror in Resonance goes over many themes, and not giving too much away i can rightly say you will be hit with a feeling bullet, you will cry so much. I find the ending to be just perfect. This is a must see anime.

Lisa Mishima, age 16, quiet, bullied and a girl who is immensely involved with Sphinx. She stumbles into a terror attack and through various reasons she joins them. It is mainly due to them pitying her life. She at first is very annoying, but it is not until the end that she finally gains confidence. Only at a huge cost.

Nine, age 17, cold, stern and exceptionally good at computing. Nine is one of the members of Sphinx, he for worse had to destroy any emotions in order to complete his duty. Despite his harsh look, he is a kind boy. He would risk his life for someone innocent.

Twelve, age 17, aloof, happy go lucky and bipolar. This is the boy you have to worry about, his personality changes all the time. He is clever, very clever especially in action scenes. While Nine is more indoors, Twelve is outdoors, he is more open to having people being involved.

Bearer of bad news there is not a season 2, but i believe the ending was more than enough closure. Terror in Resonance is a must see, even if you do not enjoy this genre, i would say watch it.

7 seeds

If you enjoy post apocalyptic books then this is the manga for you. The plot is about a selective group of individuals that were picked to live in an apocalyptic world. Unknown to them all, they all woke and found the world they knew no longer exists. There are five groups all named after a season, Summer A, Summer B, Spring Team, Fall Team and Winter Team. They have to cooperate with one another in order to survive. The manga specifically follows the groups, so all the characters are given time to develop. But the manga mainly focuses on Summer Team B, especially a young introverted girl called Natsu.  She like many others is bewildered at why she was chosen. And in a sicking realisation she finds that every other group has some sort of athletic ability while the Summer B group doesn’t, rather they are the backup group. The people who choose the groups, chose young individuals with some sort of survival ability. But the Summer B group has no such ability, instead they were chosen because they were unpredictable, because they were not special. But I like the Summer B group. They do not flaunt their abilities, rather they use methods that can be risky but it’s worth it. 7 seeds is a powerful manga, it is literally the under dogs trying to live. And best of all, the other groups do not know about one another. So a lot of drama and plot twists happen.

Team Summer B

Nastu Iwashimizu, age 16, painfully shy, introverted, was bullied and has trouble speaking out. She at first is a heroine who does not believe in her own abilities, but as we see she is a keen observer and that is what has kept the Summer B team alive. Funnily her name means Summer, so it’s sort of inevitable that she would be in the group. I really like Natsu, she grows into her true self, and she finds all the courage she never had.

Arashi Aota, age 17, hard headed, rash, whiney and most of all the boyfriend to Springs teams Hana. Arashi is very compassionate which is shown when he protects natsu, especially in her introverted days. The funny thing about him, is that throughout the manga he is searching for Hana, and he doesn’t even know if she is alive. For me this was very annoying, i mean sure it’s nice to have a goal, but i don’t need him whining about his girlfriend when the group is starving.

Seimimaru Asai, age 18, arrogant, rebellious, and loves to pick on Natsu. He is a typical case of play ground bullying, he secretly loves natsu which was obvious. He is a great person at cheering people up, if anything that is his superpower.

Matsuri Tendou, age 16, hyper, funny, nice and a girl who can make anything smile. She somehow has kept her cheery personality, but thats a good quality to boost the morale. She is my second favourite.

Chimaki Tamori age 19, creative, and obsessed with art. His personality somewhat creeps the others out, he finds anything in the world to paint with. He is usualy stoic and can be seen as rather lazy.

Hotaru Kusakuri, age 12, one of the youngest, clever and a psychic. Hotaru is kind and for some reason she can always predict the weather, it is plainly described as due to her strong intuition.

Kaname Mozunoto, age 37-8, he is the most skilled out of the group. He is the helper to teaching the others life saving tactics. Pay close attention to this mysterious man, he has more knowledge than what he is letting on.

Botan Saotome, was a police officer, she is sort of a tour guide for the group. Though Botan’s comments may seem harsh, she is really just looking out for everyone. She is sort of the mother figure.

Bearer of mutual news, the manga is not complete, but there is a good 100 chapters to read. Because some of the chapters change between groups, it’s good to take it bit by bit. As there is a lot of information that can be thrown at you, but don’t be dissuaded. It’s a great read and you will be like me happily waiting for the next chapter to come out.

Tengan Toppa Gurren lagann

If you enjoy huge robots and massive battles that span into the galaxy then this is the anime for you. Gurren Lagann is one of the best mecha anime there are, its fight scenes are fantastic. The plot goes as such that Earth is being ruled by the spiral king, and it is him that forces humans to live underground. It has been this way for a for a few centuries, and is through this that the protagonists have never seen the sun before.  Kamia and Simon are both diggers, who are secretly digging for a way out. And it just so happens that they find a drill key that leads to a mecha; gunman. This is where the story intensities and it’s only the first episode. And it is here that the two boys go to the surface and join Yoko in creating Team Gurren. This anime does not lack in any genre, of course there are robots, but there is also the element of romance in the story. Gurren Lagann is the best anime, that will make you cry at least 3 times. And if it doesn’t, then you’re lying to yourself.

Kamia, age 17, eccentric, hotheaded and an inspiration to young simon. Despite his looks, kamia is a very caring person, he would literally move the stars for simon. Kamia is very intellectual, especially in the battle field, as he does not mind taking risks at all. He is a nice older brother character who will make you feel so many emotions in the episodes. The first being his encouragement to little simon, that the little boy has potential. Something that no one else saw. That’s true bromance.

Simon, age 14, young, short, shy, he is a very underrated character at the beginning. Simon is the main person who makes Kamia’s dreams come true, he is the main force to push kamia. Simon is very humble and so at first didn’t understand that he was a very inspiring person to Kamia. Simon was often bullied by others, so he always thought he could do no more. But mid season came, and well. He got a puberty update. Safe to say, he grew into his confidence nicely. Simon is easily my top favourite character in the whole series, his feelings literally pierce you like a drill.

Yoko age 14, rash, mature, caring, but most of all a great gunsman. The most notable thing about her, is that she is developed in many areas. At first it might shock you that she and simon are the same age, but puberty does hit some people a bit faster than others. But yoko is a great character, she adds alot of humour to the anime. And she also adds a lot of love triangles to the mix.

Bearer of good news, there are movies Gurren Lagann the movie: Childhoods end, and Gurren Lagann the movie: The lights in the Sky are stars Trust me you’re going to want to watch them after the series. Because honestly, the ending is cry worthy. If you haven’t had a good ending in a long time, just watch this and you will get it.  Mecha anime is always great so i would so recommend watching this if you like them, all in all it’s such a great find.

Jubei-chan: The ninja girl

If you enjoy a mysterious eye patch turning a girl into a master of swords, then this is the anime for you. Jubei-chan is a good sword fighting anime, so if you enjoy swords then this is a perfect find. The plot goes as such, that 300 years before the current time, a man called Yagyu Jubei had defeated Ryujoji. Jubei then tasks his servent called Koinosuke to bestow the lovely eye patch to his rightful successor. And finding its way to Jiyu Nanohana, she as a consequence has to fight her processors enemies. And get this, they lived for 300 years through sheer determination of defeating the successor. This anime takes dedication to a whole new level, i know i could never do that. Funnily this anime can be considered a magic girl anime, as the eye patch literally changes Jiyus whole body structure, so that can she withstand the power of the sword techniques. Though it might not have the fluffy fighting style of a normal magic girl show. This show is great for watching battles, and the sound track is on point whenever a battle is happening.

Jiyu Nanohana, age 14, eccentric, honest and very reluctant to wear the lovely eye patch. Jiyu is the main protagonist who through using the eyepatch becomes a somewhat fully grown women, who can use the hidden techniques of Yagu Jubei. She may be young, but she is fully aware that she is coming into something way beyond her power. She becomes the tool to freeing 300 years worth of hatred towards Jubei.

koinosuke Odago, age over 300, servant to Jubei and a comedic character through the series. He is the first one to find Jiyu and bestow her with the lovely eyepatch, and Jubei’s sword. He can be seen as a cheesy uncle to her.

Ayunosuke Odago, age over 300, loyal, good hearted, Ayunosuke is merely a child who is follow his fathers beliefs. This child is a guide for Jiyo as well as a younger sibling figure for Jiyo to want to protect. Just looking into Ayunosuke’s eyes would make you want to go all maternal on him.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season The Counter Attack of Siberian Yagyu which involves more characters and has more sword fights. Jubei-chan is a good anime, i would definitely recommend watching this if you do enjoy ninja’s amd samurai’s.

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

If you enjoy watching people waste time in school, then this is the anime for you. Tonari no Seiki-kun is a comedy anime, and it is essentially about two kids in school not paying attention in class. The plot follows Toshinari Seki, who for the love of all things holy cannot pay attention in class. In each episode he is crafting new projects to waste his time, and the best thing is, is that he does a pretty decent job. His seat mate, Rumi Yokoi despite her attempts cannot concentrate with Sekis inventions beside her. She adds a good amount of comedy from her reactions alone, and best of all when she tries to save her seat mate from their teacher she is caught instead. With each episode the antics of Seki grows, he seriously has a good skill to make anything from nothing, so the humour only gets greater. Each episode is really short, so it’s an easy going show that you could easily finish in one day. The greatest thing about this anime for me, was the opening and ending song. More specifically the ending song is catchy, in English and if anything will make you hum the tune when you’re bored.

Rumi Yokoi, quiet, shy but the main protagonist who easily gets pulled into her seat mates antics. Rumi is a hilarious character, not only because she reacts the correct way to seki’s inventions. But because she is so relatable, especially when she tries to save Seki from getting in trouble, only for her to get in trouble instead.

Toshinari Seki, mysterious, inventive and a master at wasting time. Seki uses what ever he has to make a mini volcano for instance, and it is absolutely brilliant. He can be considered a genius, but this is quickly disregarded as you realise he is actually not paying attention in class, at all. Seki unknowingly is the cause for Rumi getting into trouble all the time.

Bearer of bad news each episode are only 7 minutes long, so it really is a short anime. The good thing about this, is that you can easily watch it in one go. If anything i would suggest you to watch it, and if that does not persuade you, just watch the ending song, it captures the essence of the whole anime perfectly.