Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

If you enjoy a strong female lead where she dedicates her life to healing those in trouble, then this is anime for you. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is fantasy anime that follows the life of a herbalist Shirayuki, who finds herself in the Clarines Palace. Shirayuki’s most notable feature is her red apple hair, a hair type that is extremely rare, which in turn only caused her problems making her hide her hair often. Originally she was a citizen of the tanbrun country but under some trouble concerning her hair, she had met Prince Zen of Clairnes and his two aides Mitsuhide and Kiki. Through meeting them she made it her desire to become a herbalist in the Clarines palace, making the start of her beautiful story. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime has a great plot and i believe they executed it well enough, or else i wouldn’t of watched it. It is a sweet romance that has connotations to Snow White, but a better feminist version, so if you like snow white, then this is a perfect anime for you.

Shirayuki, stubborn, clever, compassionate, she is a dedicated student of apocrypha. Despite her hair being a set back to her life, she takes everything in stride and still pursues her dreams. Through the anime Shirayuki has proved herself many times as a herbalist, her hair is not the only special thing about her. I really like her, she is not a helpless girl, sure she doesn’t know how to fight but she can save millions of lives by caring for them and making medicines.


Zen Wistalia, second prince of Clarines, easy going, trustworthy, and a very open boy. Zen at times dislikes his title as it makes people act differently around him, but he accepts that with this title he can help people. Zen has not only helped Shirayuki but his aides as well, he saves people from a dark place and it all because of his open mind. Zen is not too overbearing and actually lets Shirayuki be independent.



Mitsuhide Lowen, mother hen, loyal, very honest, he is the closet friend that Zen has. Mitsuhide is at first an easy going man, but you will find that he is very serious most of the time. And we see he actually has a lot of influence over Zen, because when he voices his opinions zen will take them into deep  consideration .

Kiki Seiran, stoic, expressionless, stubborn, she is one of the few female warriors seen in the series. Kiki is a strong women who can easily beat many men in sword fights, she can certainly hold her own. Kiki is a favourite because she doesn’t let men walk over her, instead she disregarded other peoples opinions and did what she wanted.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga which is a far bit ahead of the anime, so make sure you read it because it is just as amazing. I think it’s a great catch to watch, so i implore you to watch it or else you’re missing out.



Seven Deadly Sins

If you enjoy a fantasy based world that focuses on the seven deadly sins, then this is the anime for you. Seven Deadly Sins is a perfect show if you enjoy vibrant magic battles, where the backstory of the deadly sins is looked into more. The plot follows a group of Knights who each adorn a tattoo that explains their deadly sin. For various reasons they were disbanded after being accused of trying to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. The actual protagonist is a girl called Elizabeth who after 10 years decides to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to save the kingdom from the Holy Knights. Elizabeth is as cute as they come, and it is thanks to her that the seven deadly sins are brought together. Seven Deadly Sins is a great anime, not only is the visuals perfect but the actual story seems to be good. I enjoyed watching this because of the combat battles, but also because there is a sort of light hearted humour in most of the episodes.

Elizabeth, Princess of Lioness, timid, innocent, she is a girl who has lived with a silver spoon in her mouth. Despite her title, Elizabeth decided herself that she would go into a world she did not know, all for the sake of her kingdom. And i respect her so much for that. The only problem i have with Elizabeth, is her tendency to not react properly when Meliodas is a pervert towards her.

Hawk, a talking pig, Captain of Scraps Disposal, Hawk is a lovely character. Hawk is one of my favourite characters, his blunt attitude is what i feel like sometimes. And im just saying, he is a true hero.

Meliodas, Sin of Wrath, for someone who seems to have a sin of anger he is unusually calm in many situations. Meliodas is a caring individual who doesn’t not seem to boast his power. His confident personality only makes you groan, especially when he is not ashamed when groping Elizabeth anywhere.

Dianne, Sin of Envy, a giant, kind, girly, temper-mental, she is a jealous women. Dianne is in love with meliodas and she vocalises this every chance she gets, which gives us a front view to her jealous nature. One thing i love about Dianne is she is strong and confident in her abilities, she is one of the many women in this show that don’t cry when they get hit, rather she keeps fighting.

King, Sing of sloth, lazy as hell, he wont do something unless it is to make Dianne happy. King is a fairy, and someone who is in love with Dianne, despite this he still wont lift a finger unless it’s really important to him.

Ban, Sin of Greed, confident, violent, and very easy to read. Ban loots people and is not ashamed of it, he will take what he wants. Despite his greedy attitude, he does care for people and it only makes you love his character more and more.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season which is not complete as of yet, but to tickle you there is also a manga which is quite along. Definitely watch this if fantasy s your type of thing, and i guarantee you will enjoy this show.


Double Arts

If you enjoy a martial arts styled manga where both protagonists have to hold hands for eternity, then this is the manga for you. Double Art’s is in a world where a disease called troy is spreading over, and when one is infected they literally disappear. Troy is spread through skin to skin contact. There are people called sisters, who are trying to find the cure for this disease, but in the mean time they absorb the harmfull disease from those infected. Sisters use the ‘healing arts’ in order to absorb the disease, and while they have a high resistance to the Troy disease they will eventually die. The sisters main mission is to find the person who is wholly immune to the troy disease. The main sister we follow is Elraine who starts to contract the symptoms of the troy disease, and on the verge of death a young man called Kiri holds her hand. It is here she find that she no longer feels pain, because Kiri Luchile is the chosen man they are looking for. The whole point is that they can not let go of one another hands because Elraine will die. This manga is a perfect piece to read, it is filled with romance, adventure and a unique fighting ability called Double Art’s. This is a rare find, and it’s not that well known, but you should definitely give it a try, it has a great art style as well. And the outfits they were are so pretty, i would so want to wear them.

Elraine Figarette, age 16a sister, a healer, kind and deeply cares for those around her. Elraine has been a sister since she was 8, and by the time she became 16 she had healed more people than any in the sisterhood. She is a kind girl who wants to push people she cares about away, especially when she contracts the disease. Elraine is a great character, she definitely knows how to fight and she wont let her disease get the best of her, since she would die for the sake of the world. And that means getting Kiri to the head church so they can make the whole world immune. 

Kiri Luchile, age 16, a painter, calm, rash, and a happy go lucky boy. Kiri is a great boy to become friends with. From having immune blood he has a ‘power’ called flare, which lets him to see his strength and speed that he can gain with the number of people he touches. Kiri is a very lucky boy, even more so to have meet Elraine.

Bearer of bad news, there is only a manga, so there is no anime adaption to watch. But the best thing to know is that it is a complete manga, and the ending is not bad but not good either. The only qualm i have is that the journey is not that complete, but overall i find that the plot was good and i was happy with the end result.

The Earl and Fairy

If you enjoy fairies, the victorian era and anything fantasy based, then this is anime for you. The Earl and Fairy follows a fairy doctor called Lydia Carlton, who has the power to see fairies. And they are adorable tiny little fairies. She lives on an isolated island but is scouted by a man called Edgar J C Ashenbert. And through meeting him, she takes a voyage to discover a treasured sword, that was supposed to be handed down by her contractors family. This anime is short, but i find they packed just enough in for the whole series to be satisfying. Earl and Fairy is comedic but it also has a great soundtrack, i could easily sit down and just listen to the opening tune alone.

Lydia Carlton, age 17, independent, clever and insecure about her own appearance. She is a fairy doctor, something that is rare and impressive. She despite what she assumes about herself, seems to draw men in like flies. Lydia is the kindest girl you will ever meet, she will for fairy or human put herself in danger. All because she is a fairy doctor.

Edgar J C Ashenbert, age 20’s, prince like, mysterious and a player. He does not hold back on the charm, and personally for me i found him to be annoying. He always seemed to make Lydia a damsel in distress, despite her being able to take care of herself.

Raven, age 18, servant, has a sprite inside of him, and a powerful ally. Raven is the coolest and most active in the series, he is definitely a friend you would want to have on your side. Raven generally has a kind relation with most of the characters, and he easily becomes the most likeable in the whole series.

Nico, a spirit residing in a cat, he is Lydia’s partner in crime. Nico is certainly a gentleman and it is shown when he has a preference with teas and fashion choices. Nico despite being a great fairy, is a coward. He runs away whenever danger is coming to the group.

Kelpie, water horse, arrogant and helplessly in love with Lydia. Kelpie is hilarious. He is the best character in the whole series. He truly loves Lydia for who she is, but she clearly doesn’t love him back. I found this quite sad, but her disinterest only makes his advances more and more hilarious.

Bearer of bad news, there are only 12 episodes but i found the ending to be decent enough. There is a light Novel that you can read for more adventures, so read it if you enjoyed the anime.

Mamotte! Lollipop

If you enjoy magical boys and romantic comedies then this is the anime for you. Mamotte! Lollipop is a fantasy based anime that has a wide amount of magical battles, and it also doesn’t fall short on the romantic side either. The plot follows a young girl called Nina Yamada, who accidentally ate the crystal peal. The crystal pearl is an object that is used for the sorcery exam, which goes on for half a year. The exam goes on that whoever has the pearl at the end of 6 months is the person/group to pass the exam. However because Nina ate the pearl she is now targeted, and many of the participants do not value her life, she is expendable. But Zero and Ichii decided that they needed to protect Nina, mainly for the pearl. Apart from the obvious killing intent, many of the other characters are fabulous. They all have their own individual quirks and that’s what makes this anime special. It’s rare to have so many side characters in a short anime and actually expand on their backgrounds. Mamotte! Lollipop is a very cute light hearted anime that though has a damsel in distress situation, it still makes you go all gooey at the romantic tension involved. It is not only romance that is included but comedy, as there are many love triangles that make you cringe and laugh at the same time. Definitely watch this if you like magic girl anime, just this time it will be magic boys.

Nina Yamada, age 12, violent and a crybaby, Nina is a girl who is a dreamer which causes her to accidentally eat the pearl. She is the stereotypical damsel in distress character, and sometimes she is annoying but most of the time she seems to gain a back bone and fights for what she wants. There is a large sense of sympathy for her as she can die, not everyone is as kind as Zero and Ichii, she has more death flags than any other character.

Ichii, age 15, kind, logical, calm he is the thinker of his group and because he is older he has a sense of paternal feeling for his friends. Zero is a nice character but he seems a bit plain for my liking, he is the popular guy so he’s not as appealing as the other characters.

Zero, age 13, quick tempered, rash, but very kind. Zero is an exact representation of a kid his age, he is unsure how to treat Nina but he wants to win so his decisions can be somewhat harmful to her. Zero adds a very comedic element, as he and Nina are constantly fighting, he does not see her as a girl at all and that irritates Nina.

Bearer bad news, the anime is only 13 episodes long and it only covers half the story. However there is a manga that follows the first season and another called Mamotte!Mamotte! Lollipop that adds more adventures. So if you want to continue and find out how everything ends, then read the manga.


If you enjoy spirits and talking stuffed animals then this is the anime for you. Kobato is a cute romance anime that finds something each episode to make you smile, be it through the naivety of the characters or the humour of stuffed toys. This is a CLAMP anime so the design is very similar to xxxholic, Tsubasa Chronicles and so on, it even goes so far to have a crossover episode with Tsubasa Chronicles. Kobato follows Kobato Honato who under certain circumstances has to fill a bottle with peoples healed hearts, and she must do so before the contract finishes. This show is very lighthearted, and the main characters innocence only makes all the ‘adult’ situations she falls into more humorous. To help guide her, she has a stuffed toy called Ioryogi, who can move about because he has a spirit inside him. Ioryogi is sort of like an older brother, and though he seems serious he is very humorous making the whole show better. Even better, the sound track is amazing. The ost’s hit all the feelings just right, for instance in the first episode she has to sing and it is amazing. She sounds so in sync. Kobato is a very easy going anime, but you learn about the darker themes in the last couple of episodes, and it is a tear jerker. They pulled so much into the last episode that i was worried it was going to end awfully, but they had made it perfect.

Kobato Hanato, age 14, naive, childlike but a very kind girl. Kobato has a contract and she tries so hard at everything she does in order to complete it. Despite her personality, she is a very capable person of making others laugh or smile. She is someone you would definitely want to be friends with.

Ioryogi, stuffed blue dog, bad tempered but a very kind person who is only there to help Kobato. he is a very mysterious person, not much is said about him in the anime, rather he is only seen to be the guard for Kobato. But in the last episode you see just how much he really cares for Kobato.

Kiyokazu Fujimoto, age 14, bitter, stoic, but once he categorizes you as someone close he will fight to the ends of the Earth for you. He is Kobato’s love interest and he is a hard cookie, it takes him forever to really tell her what he truly feels.

Bearer of bad news, the anime only touches on the basic plot so while it good on it’s own it does not have the amount of information the manga has. I say if you really want to understand Kobato’s past/contract and Ioryogi’s real past then you have to read the manga. The manga is deeper and much more informative so make sure you read. Just a tip, the plot may be different to the anime but it still has the same path.



If you enjoy floating islands and a single girl being the saviour to an alternative world, then this is the anime for you. Munto is a fantasy/romantic anime that revolves around a power called Akuto, Akuto is human spirit, feelings, wishes etc made into physical power. The plot goes as such, a young girl has been prophesied to save the heavens, the parallel world to earth. The heavens was created as a sort of place that floated above the Earth, but while they coexist they are in different dimensions. It’s confusing at first but you’ll get it. A girl called Yumemi for an unknown reason can see these floating islands, and it is through her human spirit that she can restore the heavens. She is sort of a vessel of unlimited Akuto. Munto the prince of Heavens makes it his task to sought out this girl, and save his falling home land. For me, i love this anime, the art, the music and most of all the romance was breathtaking. Just the image of the clouds and the blowing winds made me fall in love with this anime more and more. Trust me it’s so visually beautiful. Munto is one of a kind, and it delves a lot into the romantic side, which i am such a sport for.  It’s very short, only 9 episodes so you can watch it in one go, i defiantly recommend it.

Yumemi Hidaka, shy, quiet and the vessel to unlimited Akuto. Yumemi is the main protagonist who through many struggles saves an entire race. Yumemi is very difficult to like at first, her character is sad and she seems to be a pushover. But she learns to be confident, and finds how to harness her own power, something i give her a lot of marks for.

Munto, prince to heaven, arrogant, kind and a leader. Munto is one of the many people who get Yumemi to come out of her shell, he would defiantly be a prince you would follow to the end of the world for. Just like Yumemi, munto grows on you and you see his kind charm about halfway through the first episode.

Bearer of bad news, there is only 9 episodes (2 ova’s if watching in Dub), and i was sorry to see there was not more done to this anime. Despite this, i do find it to be one of my favourites, so don’t feel put off.



Hoozuki no reitetsu

If you enjoy the idea of hell being a place full of fun, then this is the anime for you. Hoozuki no reitetsu is a supernatural anime which mainly focuses on hell in japan, and it follows a man called Hoozuki who works for king Enma. This show makes anything violent hilarious and fun, you’ll want to work in hell just for the kick of it.The plot is following the second in command Hoozuki, he not only teaches the employers at his office but the viewer as well and we start to see him as a great leader. The best thing about this anime is that it is not shy about refereeing to other anime, the funniest for me was the allusion to Lum Invader. Gags are a major part of this anime, and trust me when i say its worth the watch, to entice you more, it has a super duper cute animal part of hell. They are adorable.

Hoozuki, slender, handsome, emotionless, yet at the same emotional. He is a demon and effectively the backbone to hell, and despite his disciplinary attitude Hoozuki has charisma. He takes great pleasure in using violence as he values him job, Hoozuki is one of the funniest characters in the show. For me personally i like him, not only for his looks but his personality as well.

King Enma, kind, a deadly being, he is the most well known person in hell. He is a calm and a man who Hoozuki is not afraid to be harsh to. He’s like a kind uncle.Despite being well, the person to condemn people to hell.

Nasubi, an airhead, and one of the cutest employers in hell, he is defiantly my second favourite to Hoozuki. This child is a helper in child hell, and contrary to his clumsy work he is a great painter. He equality brings a lot of humour to the show.

Hoozuki no reitetsu is a great find, so don’t hesitate to watch it. You will be just like me and not skip the opening once, the happy go lucky theme is a perfect setting to how the whole anime is. Though it is short, you will enjoy everyone moment they give you, and by the end of it all. You might find going to hell not so bad. That is if you are a demon.



If you enjoy the combination of mafiosa, normal robbers and immortal beings, then this is the anime for you. Baccano! is a very complicated anime, this supernatural/ crime fiction anime is constantly played out in different characters points of view, but that is what makes this anime special. The formation is around the 1930s and the plot is centred around a train; the Flying pussy. I know, i know, hilarious. The train at the beginning has all the main characters trying to rob it, by throwing us instantly into the plot we do not understand what is happening. However, the show organises itself by going back a couple years and explains in each episode about a different part of the characters lives and how they got onto the train. Trust me. You will have to pay attention, or else you will no longer understand the sudden jumps in the plot. But when you do understand and watch to the end, you won’t be disappointed, as there is a lovely story behind all the characters lives.

Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, easy going, kind, outlaws, are a thief duo who are very successful. This lover duo are one of the funniest characters you will encounter, they have a special charm that make many of the other characters want to be friends with them. Without fail these two do not falter in their charisma and in the end they bring the nicer characters together. To me personally, they are my favourites. Nothing can top their personalities.

Jacuzzi Splot, shy, a crybaby and is the leader to a gang in Chicago. This child is a huge crybaby, he states he cries for his men but that doesn’t stop him from being slightly annoying. Although he has his faults, he is a loyal comrade and a very kind leader. If you were in a gang, you’d want him for a leader.

Ladd Russo, violent, rude and crazy, he is a hitman of the Russo family. His violent nature comes from his obsession with killing people who think they are safe. He is one of scariest men to work for, you certainty wouldn’t want to temper him as he would shoot you dead till you’re covered in blood.

Bearer of good news there is a manga called baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad. Just a tip for you all, i wouldn’t watch this as a passing show, watch this with full attention as i said before you will get lost. While there is an infinite amount of characters to look at and listen to, it only makes this anime shine out even more. So don’t let the immense amount of information thrown at you turn you away, this should definitely be in your watch list.