Seven Deadly Sins

If you enjoy a fantasy based world that focuses on the seven deadly sins, then this is the anime for you. Seven Deadly Sins is a perfect show if you enjoy vibrant magic battles, where the backstory of the deadly sins is looked into more. The plot follows a group of Knights who each adorn a tattoo that explains their deadly sin. For various reasons they were disbanded after being accused of trying to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. The actual protagonist is a girl called Elizabeth who after 10 years decides to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to save the kingdom from the Holy Knights. Elizabeth is as cute as they come, and it is thanks to her that the seven deadly sins are brought together. Seven Deadly Sins is a great anime, not only is the visuals perfect but the actual story seems to be good. I enjoyed watching this because of the combat battles, but also because there is a sort of light hearted humour in most of the episodes.

Elizabeth, Princess of Lioness, timid, innocent, she is a girl who has lived with a silver spoon in her mouth. Despite her title, Elizabeth decided herself that she would go into a world she did not know, all for the sake of her kingdom. And i respect her so much for that. The only problem i have with Elizabeth, is her tendency to not react properly when Meliodas is a pervert towards her.

Hawk, a talking pig, Captain of Scraps Disposal, Hawk is a lovely character. Hawk is one of my favourite characters, his blunt attitude is what i feel like sometimes. And im just saying, he is a true hero.

Meliodas, Sin of Wrath, for someone who seems to have a sin of anger he is unusually calm in many situations. Meliodas is a caring individual who doesn’t not seem to boast his power. His confident personality only makes you groan, especially when he is not ashamed when groping Elizabeth anywhere.

Dianne, Sin of Envy, a giant, kind, girly, temper-mental, she is a jealous women. Dianne is in love with meliodas and she vocalises this every chance she gets, which gives us a front view to her jealous nature. One thing i love about Dianne is she is strong and confident in her abilities, she is one of the many women in this show that don’t cry when they get hit, rather she keeps fighting.

King, Sing of sloth, lazy as hell, he wont do something unless it is to make Dianne happy. King is a fairy, and someone who is in love with Dianne, despite this he still wont lift a finger unless it’s really important to him.

Ban, Sin of Greed, confident, violent, and very easy to read. Ban loots people and is not ashamed of it, he will take what he wants. Despite his greedy attitude, he does care for people and it only makes you love his character more and more.

Bearer of good news, there is a second season which is not complete as of yet, but to tickle you there is also a manga which is quite along. Definitely watch this if fantasy s your type of thing, and i guarantee you will enjoy this show.