Michiko and Hatchin

If you enjoy an action packed female protagonist kidnapping her own daughter then this is the anime for you. Michiko and Hatchin is an action anime which follows two strong females evading the police, as Michiko is a runaway criminal. This anime is vivid and it does not disappoint, there are no stereotypes of the female here, it is solely focused on the power of female on the good and the bad side. Now this is the perfect anime to watch if you enjoy female empowerment. The plot goes that Hana Morenos an ‘orphan’ is living with her abusive foster family, that is until her mother Michiko Morenos kidnaps her and they stat to live with one another while on the the run. The best part is Michiko is trying to find the father of Hana, and while the purpose of the journey is to find a man, the story develops the characters and you grow attached to both girls. You will be missing out if you don’t watch this, the action alone is great and it’s a rare thing for a crime anime to stand out considering there are so many.

Hana “Hatchin” Morenos, age 9, shy, clever and a stubborn girl, she is essentially the cinderella to this anime, she works and cleans for her foster family all because they want the child support money. Hachin is at first unsure of how to act around her mother, but by time she develops a big bond and hates to be apart from her only family member. Hachin is definitely a cutie, her innocent nature makes you want to protect her.

Michiko Morenos, age 20s, she is loud, arrogant, confident and a loving mother, Michiko is a women who truly inspires you. Though she is a criminal her hardy nature makes you like her even more, it is rare to have a female who is strong but also beautiful so much so that she is comfortable in her skin, and can reveal herself without care. Michiko for me is one of my favourite female characters.

Hiroshi Morenos, age unknown, the mysterious father of Hachin and lover of Michiko, we all want to know who or where he is. While he is the main goal of this anime, he is often forgotten about as we mainly focus on the events surrounding the girls. This is really refreshing as it is usually female characters that are the ‘goal’ or damsels.

Bearer of bad news there are only 22 episodes, and while it may seem short i have to say the ending was very good. I don’t think there would be any other way it could of ended and it definitely kept to a realist idea, so for this i say watch and find out what happens. So if you’re struggling for strong females in anime, then take a shot at this show, you wont be dissatisfied.