If you enjoy a weird time loop where a man has to revert back to being 10 years old in order to change the future, then this is the anime for you. Erased’s plot follows a man called Satoru Fujinuma who for unknown reasons can go back in time, in order to save a girl he has always regretted not protecting. He goes back in time in order to stop a serial killer murdering his close friends to create a different future, not only is he protecting those in the past but those in the future as well. Erased is a complicated yet heartwarming anime, that really lets you get into the show when it is in a child’s perspective. Because of this ability to go back into the past, Satoru still keeps his older mentality despite him being 10. And having an older mentality he notices more things, he even impacts other peoples lives more, and not spoiling anything but i personally thought Satoru got the short end of the straw at the ending. This is a great mystery anime because who doesn’t love a time travelling anime, but also because of the consistent switch between past and present time.


Satoru Fujinuma, age 29 (age 10), rash, emotional, he regrets not doing anything to save his dead classmates. Satoru gains this ability to go back in time, and he dedicated this used time to save those he lost, he makes it his duty to find the serial killer that got away in the future. And so detective Satoru is on the case. I found him to get the worst ending, so i pity him alot.

Kayo Hinazuki, age 10, a victim to the serial killer, quiet, sad, she keeps to herself and is one of Satoru’s many regrets. She had a miserable past, but thanks to Satoru she has the potential to be saved and live a happy life.

Sachiko Fujinuma, mother of Satoru, sharp, loving, tough, she is one of the best if not only mums who actually do something. Sachiko is a lovely women who deeply cares for her child, she is a dedicated women who protected her child’s innocence during the serial murders.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga that the anime was was adapted from, so you can read it and watch the anime. I pressure you to watch this lovely anime, it is a good catch and you will enjoy the whole show.


Black Blood Brother’s

If you enjoy vampire anime with loads of sword fights then this is the anime for you. Black blood brothers is a nice slow paced vampire show of 12 episodes, and though the ending seemed incomplete, it is a nice thing to watch. Black Blood Brother’s follows the life of Mimiko Katsuragi a human compromiser who mediates humans and vampires. She is the ticket for Jiro and Kotaro to get into the Special Zone. The Special Zone is the only place where vampires and humans can live in peace with one another. This show is not that serious, it is more on the comedy side than anything. The humour is thanks to Mimiko who is a head strong girl not afraid to threaten vampires. One of the best things she did was constantly throw holy water on Jiro every time he annoyed her.

Mimiko Katsuagi, easily angered, rash, and a very independent girl. Mimiko is the main female character, she by pure compassion lets her clients Jiro and Kotaro stay with her till they find proper homes. She is very kind, but she can certainly dig her own heels in, but never less Mimiko is a very aspiring girl to be.

Jiro Mochizuki, a very old vampire, cranky, powerful and can be a pushover when it comes to Kotaro. Jiro is an old blood vampire, he is specifically weak against the sunlight and water which is evident when he smokes even under an umbrella. Jiro is a kind man when it comes to people he loves, and he will put his own life on the line.

Kotaro Mochizuki, age 10, the youngest old vampire, naive, has a high pain tolerance. At first appearance he seems to not be a vampire but human, and we are surprised he is Jiro’s little brother. He may be cute, but he was annoying.

Bearer of bad news, this anime is only 12 episodes long so there is no movie for it. And more bearer of bad news the ending seemed like it could have another season, and sadly there is not one. But i can gladly say you should watch it, it’s comedy is perfect and there are some great action scenes.

Ghost Hunt

If you enjoy listening to Ghost stories and watching people with latent abilities then this is the anime for you. Ghost hunt is one of the best occult detective shows you can see, it is a must see if you partially enjoys film like paranormal activity. I mean it’s more like Detective Conan but ghost wise. Ghost Hunt’s plot follows a company called Shibuya Psychic Research who investigate occult occurrences in Japan. The show focuses not only on the victims of the occult, but on the employees of Shibuya Psychic Research. Mai Taniyama is the main protagonist who has the latent ability to find information in her dreams. Mai is a very head strong girl, who definitely has the right reactions when someone creepy happens in the house. Mai becomes my spirit animal in this anime. This anime is not only spooky but heart breaking as well, it takes you a moment to realise that with every case someone has died. And when the story of how they died comes to show, a tear or two may come to your eye. Ghost hunt is the perfect show to watch for the occult, so i definitely recommend it.

Mai Taniyama, 16, hot headed, young and a great developing detective. Mai accidentally breaks one of the Shibuya Psychic Research cameras and injuries Lin by accident so she repays her debt by working for them. It is in her adventures with ghost hunting that she learns of her latent abilities, also known as clairvoyance and she also posses astral projection.  Mai at first is seen to be weak and just a little child, but she embodies humanity, she is the emotional support of the group and that is a hard task to keep.

Kazuya Shibuya, age 17, cold, narcissistic, but also very protective of those he cares about. From the start you see that Shibuya is hiding something dark, and it is not till later in the series that we fully understand the truth.

John Brown, age 19, a priest, Australian and the funniest good natured character you will meet in this show. His accent is on point in the Dub, it is brilliant. Because of his occupation he is very kind and empathetic so he is more understanding when a ghost is haunting a place.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga so there is more character development for you to read. I will push you to watch Ghost hunt, it’s not scary, just the occult things that happen seem so life like.



Psychic Detective Yakumo

If you enjoy a detective who instead of finding missing children finds ghosts, then this is the anime for you. Psychic Detective Yakumo is a great anime that twists normal detective shows. We follow Yakumo who through having one red eye, can see ghosts, and though he often seems to hate working he is the most caring detective you will come across. Not only do we get to guess who killed the ghost, but we see the torment they go through adding a new sense of sympathy for them. Because no matter who is asking for Yakumo’s help, there is a guarantee that someone has died. For once in this anime, the police aren’t made to be useless, so it adds a nicer quality to the whole show. And to make a cherry on top of the cake, the opening song is so good. I personally like psychic detective Yakumo, as it’s refreshing, this show tells us that to see dead people one has to be messed up in the head. And that’s a good idea. One has to be crazy, to see crazy. If i haven’t already perked your interest, i will push more so for you to watch this. As not only is there thriller, but romance as well.

Yakumo Saitou, age 20, lazy, stoic, blunt, sarcastic, he is anything from nice at the beginning. The thing that we learn about him is that he lives in his collages old Film club room. This only adds to the mystery of Yakumo. But once we learn of his ghostly nature, we see him in a new light. He is kind, caring, and passionate about helping those in need. Yakumo though tormented himself, will stake his own life to free those who are stuck in his world.

Haruka Ozawa age 20, kind, normal, but honest, Haruka is one of the few people who have stared into Yakumo’s eye and called it pretty. Haruka is the second protagonist, and she is the one who gets Yakumo to open up and be his true self. Though she does tend to fall into damsel in distress scenarios, she is great because of her persistence to be Yakumo’s friend.

Kazutoshi Gotou, police man, rough, kind, and a sort of father figure to Yakumo. Gotou is a very active police man, who for a change actually does some good work. I find him to be a favourite because funnily he ships Haruka and Yakumo, so he is like a fangirl inside the anime.

Bearer of good news there is a manga that extends more cases than the actual anime so make sure to give it a read. Definitely watch this, especially if you enjoy Detective Conan and so on.

Detective Conan

If you enjoy a world full of detectives who solve crimes like Sherlock Holmes then this is the anime for you. Detective Conan is a mystery based anime, that is very much so themed around the Sherlock Holmes puzzle solving etiquette. This plot follows a young detective Kudo Shinichi who through a sticky situation regresses physically to a childs body.  And so to protect his friends he uses a pseudonym, Edogawa Conan. The whole anime revolves around Conan and how he solves various crimes, it’s a great show to watch if you like solving puzzles. Detective Conan does have a deeper theme concerning the black organisation, this group are a dark and dangerous assassins who will keep you on your toes. I would defiantly watch this is you absolutely love Sherlock Holmes, this is a great long anime that you can watch with ease. While the episodes are seemingly one shot episodes, the anime does have a plot. The best thing about this anime is that in every episode we gather clues alongside the characters. Even during the flashback’s of the victims memory, the criminals are covered in black with only a piercing glare for eyes. It’s a very interesting way of getting the viewer to be involved with the crime solving.

Kudo Shinichi, age 17 (age 6), arrogant, brilliant and kind, Kudo is a well known detective from youth. However when he meddles with the black organisation he becomes a child, Edogawa Conan. Conan in a panic started to live with Ran, his childhood friend who he secretly loves. The funniest part of this anime is the constant fact that Ran is unaware of Conan’s true identify and consistently treats him as a child.

Ran Mouri, age 17, kind, a bit ditzy and a world wide champion of Martial arts, she is an inspiring women. Ran is the main protagonist to this anime, she is a girl who loves Kudo and becomes the most favourite female character in the while show. Ran is a great character as her unknown title of campion in martial arts always catches the villains by surprise.

Bearer of good news, there are at least 800 episodes but don’t let the sheer number frighten you. As i said they seem more like one shot episodes, so you can watch them at a slow pace. Also there are 20 films which are all brilliant, and they have a good amount of action. You defiantly wont regret watching this anime, it’s a great show and you will be missing out if you at least didn’t watch a few episodes.

Yu Yu hakusho

If you enjoy shinigami’s, demons and a young boy who dies and becomes a spirit detective, then this is the anime for you. This supernatural anime creates a whole new world, filled with demons and tournaments, Yu Yu hakusho is a great catch if you enjoy action and adventure. The plot goes as such, Yusuke Urameshi dies and because he died too early, he is brought back to life to become a spirit detective. A spirit detective is a human who protects the human world from the demon world, he is sort of the supernatural police. I absolutely love this anime, it has action and it has a great plot, and because i’m such a romance buff i especially enjoy the romantic side. The best thing they have in this is the great sagas, i especially liked when they have a tournament saga, so there are plenty of fight scenes to enjoy.

Yusuke Urameshi, age 14, a delinquent, seems to be tough but really is a softy on the inside. At the beginning all we see is a boy who skips school and does not care for anyone, yet this is instantly thrown away as he dies to save a child. He becomes the spirit detective and essentially the leader to the group of friends he makes. Yusuke is a hard working boy who through trials and desperation defeats his opponents. And what i like about him even more is his comedic personality, he finds a joke in everything to lighten the mood. And i find that’s a nice quality to have.

Kazuma Kuwabara, age 14, clumsy, easily falls in love and the most underrated character in the whole series. Kuwabara comes from a family that’s attuned to spirits, so he easily joins yusuke on his escapades. He is the butt of many gags, even the series makes fun of him as he usually messes up in one way or another.

Kurama, age 14 (demon age unknown), fox spirit, he is devilish, handsome and a gentleman. Yoko is the spirit that has taken over another persons body, and so his human name is Shinichi. He uses flowers as his weapon and with his looks, he is a dangerous opponent. He is easily the favourite of the group.

Hiei, age unknown, demon, harsh, cold and very much so a tiny emo child. Hiei is the most mysterious characters but he alongside Yusuke has the most character development. Hiei has a sad past and you feel empathy for him despite his rude attitude. But don’t let his size fool you, he is a tough opponent and will kill you. I would definitely say he will be your favourite by the end.

Botan, grim reaper, she is the guardian of Yusuke, a sort of guide to how his job works. Botan is the most notable female character, she is quirky and adds a good amount humour to the whole show. Botan is not afraid of jumping into a fight she most likely cannot win, but the sentiments there.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga and a movie Yu Yu hakusho: Poltergeist report. And don’t be dissuaded by the amount of episodes there are, i would say you would want more by the end of it. Definitely watch this if you’re in for light humoured adventure anime, and watch it at a slow pace. You will love it.

Fun tips, there are small omakes you can watch, though their short they will make you laugh loads.